Friday, December 17, 2010

Almost the end

The games in FB are really hogging my time on the net.

Am in the process of my end-year project which is sewing school uniforms for my school-going cousins. For Jade, two sets of pinafore; for Leonora, also two sets of pinafore and also two sets of kurungs; for Amber, two sets of primary school pinafore. Joanne's mum have also decided to have two sets of pinafore for her. I'm not a regular seamstress so it took a while to get the hang of sewing again. Backbreaking work I must say. All the bending down, the alternate rests in between sewing and checking my FB games.. LOL..

I lose track of time when i'm in my sewing mood. What day is it today?

Haih.. a few more weeks and it's back to school. Tough year ahead of me. This new responsibility which I was given during the staff meet will test my capabilities as a leader. Humble I must be, to ensure I don't step on too many sensitive toes..and hopefully be able to accomplish all that will be planned.

Others go for cuti-cuti Malaysia..I'll be going for cuti-cuti Sabah only lah.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Nary a worry please

Lemme see..
attended Kem's profesionalisme course and perlantikan watikah... i'm offically a trainer there (at least that's what the paper says).. met up old friends and new.. was one of the dancers for joget-zapin for one of the performance that night.. I danced ok.. took off my glasses for the dance and was nearly blind as a bat.. but that helped me a lot, i could just smile and smile and not see whether anyone was smiling back, or staring at me..*giggle*.. had a mini migraine that day..rested the whole day (minta excuse from attending the ceramahs).. found out Tn. Sabanoor was good at hair pulling..'sintak' we call it.. twisting small strands of hair and jerking it up to release pent up 'air'..

Last night was annual dinner for my school..theme 'black and white'.. not bad.. enjoyed the food.. got kulintangan presentation from Beaufort.. nearly did not get the lucky draw present.. this other person stood up to get my gift even though it was my number which was called..and the mc just called out his name..the people handling the hadiah didn't even check for the ticket.. I malas want to bising2..nasib I got a hadiah from the ticket that he had, and had given to me after realising he had mistakenly gone up to take My hadiah.. hmmph..

holiday's coming up...
gotta plan for it..

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Swimming and climbing

umm...yea...printing error there...

SARS' usual chalets for R.Os

huff and puff descent..

warming up the bod... the water from the shower is pleasantly warm as opposed to the cold water from the pool braces.. ;)

freestylinng for 300m

underwater rescue

pictures courtesy of 9w6EDY

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Climbathon 2010

The swimming thingy was two weeks ago. Last weekend I was lucky enough to included in R.O(radio operator) duty during this international mountain climbing competition. The first day (saturday 23rd) was the women and veteran category). I wasn't able to come for this since I was involved in another program which I couldn't not come. If I were able to forgo this unavoidable program, surely I would already be in National Park at the SARS base by Friday night.
I drove up on Saturday around 5pm. The drive was easy and fine. After texting a friend who was already at N.Park to ask where he was, I got a call from another friend who minta tolong to buy some PallMall. Since I was already halway up I told him I'd stop by at Nabalu to buy some for him. It was already around 6.30 when I reached Nabalu but alack I could already see that most of the shops had already closed. I parked and went over to some shops to ask for some smokes. Too bad, none of them sold any! Oh well... On to N.Park. Stopped by some roadside stalls which sold some veges and bought some cabbages and beans. Bought rm10 worth of veges and the inan threw in a head of lettuce for free. Cool...

MBO (the friend who requested the smokes) was already waiting when I drove into the parking area at the usual chalet reserved for the R.Os. *giggle* I had some L.As and I handed them to him to 'quench' his thirst.

My was it cold that night. I could only imagine what the other R.Os who were up at Laban Rata. I had my Colombia jacket on and that helped quite a lot. It was also good seeing old friends, listening to their jokes and friendly banters.
I did not have any particular checkpoint and I mentioned to MBO that I was okay whichever checkpoint they put me..though I had a feeling that I was going to get Mempening. So it was quite a jolt to me when I was assigned to go up Mempening for the Sunday race. Hmm.. curious eh.
3.5km from Timpohon.. it would be snap if this was a flat land route. I got ready. took my new Deuter backpack and packed a change of clothes, my Mars bars, my gatorade, my handy and antenna, a pen and notebook, two face towels and my headlight. It was around 11pm when I hit the sack..only to be woken up at a few minutes past 2am by Uncle Gideon (head of SARS). He gently shook me awake and told me to wake up, have some meal and to get ready for the early walk. Ok. Got down from the top bunk and went out.
My partner was Matius. He was still snoring, enveloped in his sleeping back, lying in a row of sleeping R.Os in the living room.
Never mind. He knows what to do. So I had my nasi goreng, prepared by Uncle Didimus' wife and crew. Had my hot milo. Did my morning business, and got ready. Matius had already woken up and gotten ready also.
We drove to Timpohon with my car. We started the ascend at 3.3o am. Only when I saw Matius take out his gloves did I realize my folly. Dang..Shoulda bought the gloves which i had ALREADY fingered in Wawasan Plaza. So, I went up with none.
5oom, Kandis, Ubah, Lowii and finally Mempening. Gosh.. i started out feeling cold. As we progressed higher and higher, I could hear my heartbeat lub-dubbing inside my ears. It was not a fast paced climb. Matius was ever encouraging. Saying that we didn't have to race up and that we had a lot more time left. It was ok at first but as we neared the given checkpoint, I stopped more often to catch my breath and he'd be saying, sikiiiit lagi, sikiiit lagi..just enough to irritate me.
It was pitch dark when we started. The air cold but without the dreaded gusts of cold wind. The intermitent wooden supports helped the trip up the rocky path. And finally at 5.31 am.. we reached Mempening. Hurrah! Glad my partner was a patient feller.

My clothes were damp with sweat so I went into the toilet to change into dry clothes. I'm glad I brought along a change of bra too. sejuk gila!

So, over an hour wait before the race started at 7pm. It was cold, cold, cold! I had on long tights underneath my cargo pants. I had on a singlet, a t-shirt, my jacket. Matius had lent me half a pair of woollen glove and I wore it on my left hand. (the other half..gone.) It was still cold. I grumbled to myself for not bringing the extra sweater i had brought along for the trip and was left hanging by the bedpost in the chalet. Suddenly I remembered that I had folded in my windbreaker inside the backpack. I wore it over the jacket i had on and fortunately, it kept my warm!

6.15am. The mountain rangers arrived. So there was more company. Soon it was nearing 7am. We got pens and paper ready to jot down the tag numbers for participants. my fingers were numb from the cold and I had trouble telling my fingers to move. Matius kindly lent me his other glove to wear on my right hand while he tucked his naked hands into his jacket pocket. Yay...
We could hear the crack of the pistol over the radio, signalling the start of the race. And we could hear the progress of the runners as the favorites sprinted up the rocks like mountain goats. 001 from last year's winner was definitely the first to break away from the pack. I found that he was given the privilege to wear the number to indicate his position in the previous year's race. It took me 2 hours to reach Mempening. It took him only 28minutes!
On and on the participants came and passed our station. After more than 1 hour, 001 reached the peak. When he ran down our way, he was a mere blur of a shape, bounding expertly over the uneven steps, like the champion skyrunner he was.

Opps..will continue later on..

Bronzed not at all

I'm still wondering why it is dubbed Bronze Medal Lifesaving certificate. No silver? nor gold?
Two tiring swimming days. Let's see... among the tests were 300m swim under 9minutes(coudn't manage to sneak a peak at my timing and I forgot to time my swim myself), chin-towing a victim, chest-towing a victim, towing a victim with a length of rope, 25m across underwater swim with one breath( did it!), 50m dash swim (under 50sec), rescuing a victim underwater and bring to the side + breathing rescuscitation + drag victim onto land and place under recovery position, and a few more.

The pool was cold, cold, cold with the roofing. They should've made the roof using transparent materials. Then swimmers would be shielded from rain but still be warmed under sun.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Swarzenbach is me

Busy, busy, busy. Filling up that void with this, that and then some.
Finger still swollen and it's slightly crooked. Sigh. slight discomfort on the particular swollen digit when I try to to spread my fingers wide.

Went swimming a few times this week. I am trying to learn how to do the side stroke. With the help of my swim board, I managed to do the scissor kicks but when I let go of the board and coordinate the swim with the hand movements, down I went. Malu la mau tanya the lifeguards.. it's not as if they're there to lend a word of advice, eh?

Later this noon, I'm going to Pacific Sutra. Makan-makan there with family to celebrate Gareth's 15th birthday. It was Mum's suggestion to go and eat out..and for me to foot the bill. I don't mind. Can afford it juga. Ada itu credit card nestled snugly inside my purse. Mum has always been big on eating out on birthdays. I remember my younger days being treated to Hyatt food. I think she thinks that's one of THE finest way to celebrate anything.

Later lagi this afternoon, am going to Kem to register for the Lifesaving Course. So, tomorrow I'll be at the Likas Pool again. I don't know if I'll pass the tests that are going to be made but I'm sort of glad I was chosen for this course. I've even gone and bought a pair of pants and body swimming suit to wear over my normal swimsuit. Swarzenbach Tong's has only a few choices of color. I wanted the black colored suit with a splash of red but there were no sizes. So, I bought the black long pants with the matching long sleeve top. Why the need to buy these? Oh well, to be modest and to cover up the aurat (but it's for the sake of the other participants more like it). It's fine by me. Besides, the extra suit helps me conserve heat. The pool is daaaaammnn cold!

Monday, October 04, 2010

Solo Camp

Just came back from Solo Camp. Tired but it's ok. :)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Off to Outdoor duty

Will go off to Kem later today for trainer duty. I'll see if I can catch some pictures.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Offending finger

There they are. Pictures of my swollen middle finger, taken on Sunday.
Only a week after the incident have I started wearing elastic bandage to contain the swelling. And I've since endured curious questions from those who have seen my fingers. I didn't feel like explaining much to those who don't know of my trolley/Padas trip, so I just said I tripped and jammed my finger.
Still slightly swollen. Can't close my fist properly, and still a bit painful.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cobbler cobbler mend my shoes..

It's been a week since Padas. A week since the finger is dislocated. X-ray showed no fractures. It's still swollen. It's still painful, especially if I accidentally bang the particular digit on a surface and I am being such a clutz these days. Oh the pain that shoots into the heart when these unexpected accidents happen. Mau pengsan, nampak bintang. I use elastic bandage to limit movements but somehow when I take off the bandage - for washing and stuff - mesti terlanggar apa-apa.
I went jog-walking at Likas yesterday and I could only look at the Wall with a sigh. I think this finger will take a long time to get back to normal.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Crooked finger

It has been some while since I last logged onto this blog. Thanks Bong for the heads up. ;) yeaa... gots to help myself..

Well, I've gone wall-climbing. There's this place near my school which offers this fun activity to people of all ages (Those who are willing to defy their terror for heights or those who simply love to see how far up they can climb). I didn't think i'd be able to climb up the 30feet wall with just teeny holds for fingers and toes. Thank goodness for beginner level walls. At least i didn't feel like a total sandbag.

I've finally also gone to Padas for white-water rafting - yesterdat. I actually was in a state of nervousness a few days before going. I kept on reminding myself that it was going to be ok and that if Fadhil's 11 year old son (Fadhil's a former colleague who's now a lecturer at UPSI) could do it, why can't I? Still, I was in apprehensive. I set my alarm at 6.30am yesterday. I came into awareness around 6am and felt a quickening of hearbeat. Gosh.

Anyways, can't type much now. My left middle finger is quite swollen. A souvenir from the trolley ride down the Pangi station. The train at Tenom doesn't and didn't run according to schedule. So, all of us went on board this homemade trolley which was the transport mode from Tenom town to the rafting starting point. The trolley ride was quite exciting, right up to the second where I heard a ping! and saw a flicker of something metal hitting the rail track. A few seconds later the trolley did an unexpected halt which flung me and my friend onto the railway track in front. I landed with a thud and a grunt. My face was turned to my left, not touching the track, and I saw the second phalange of my left middle finger askewed awkwardly to the left. The first thing that instantly went through my head was dismay at not being able to go rafting. I was practically there at the starting point. What came out of my mouth was," tangan sia patah, tangan sia patah." Which was not even true because it wasn't my tangan, it was just a finger. And I felt the angle with my right hand and didn't feel any fractures. My good friend pulled me up, whilst my other friend was coming up behind me asking me if I was alright. My crooked finger was pulled into position. I didn't feel a thing. I guess I was in shock. Well, I was ok. Never mind the bruises and the scratches on my shin, knees and left wrist. What happened? The ping I heard was the bearing of one of the rollers breaking. That led to the failure of one of the four rollers and that made the trolley go into emergency brake - and hurled me and my friend to the rocky ground. Kind of funny come to think of it. Yea... painful and eventful.. but funny in a way.
Went ahead with the rafting expedition. I couldn't grip so much on my left hand on account of the dislocated and relocated finger. So I sat on the right side of the raft so that I was gripping the T-bar of the raft paddle and the power of paddling would be borne by my right hand. Good enough. Aitelyu.... waves so high your heart was on your throat. Fell overboard at this rapid nicknamed Washing Machine (on account of the way the waves were churning and turning on each other) and drank so much water I burped many times on the raft afterwards. Of course I was 'resqued' and pulled into the raft again. Other rapid names I can recall are Headhunter point, the Lambada, and the Scooby Doo. Wah... would I go again? yes. Definitely.

Anyway..see I said I wasn't able to type much, type juga banyak2. Went to the hospital this morning for an x-ray to see whether I had fractured any bones on the finger. None. So, I'll be having a swollen finger for a few days as a reminder of the trolley incident.

School starts tomorrow. Can't wait for the next holiday!

Saturday, September 04, 2010

a whole month went by
life sucks at the moment
or has been for a while
keeping your head above all swirling mass of mess ain't easy
there is no light at the end of that tunnel
if there is
it probably is a train waiting to run you over.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Another pet project of mine accomplished!
The school level marching competition held yesterday had its faults but it's over, it's done. I chose form sixers as my AJK since they were more pliable, more open to suggestions... and would give them some practice in handling events. The principal showed his support by being there, giving a short speech and staying on till the end.
The participants were trully commendable, at such short notice, they could perform relatively well. Of course there some hilarious foul ups (only to be expected) but it was all in good fun.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Have food, be happy

Brapa senang hati kalu cukup makan? hari tu p ruma toing, p cari timadang. tidak basar tu saiz buah, jadi sia ambil 3 biji 4. tu pun angkol yang tulung ambil dan juluk. pas tu sendiri la pigi kupas kulit baldu di blakang dapur. kira mau ambil banyak-banyak..tapi dalam hati mau masak tuk sendiri ja. potong 3 biji, kasi tinggal yang 1 biji tu abis cam buruk suda one side. Gave some sama ninak kasi campur masak sup ayam. yang len sia bawak pulang.
kamarin sia masak sup timadang. ai tel u.. to me, it's the best soup in the world. dadi's cooking style. nasi panas + sup timadang. buli akid banyak kali ni.. tambah gumuk la ni.. suda la teda braces suda.. teda lagi exercise..

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Lamas sofa's actually Lorenzo sofa.. couldn't help but put Lamas for Lorenzo Lamas..the 80's tv series hunk. forgot the title.
A friend from Sandakan called me up last night, asking for help. He had seen this add for Lorenzo sofa selling rm3250 in and wanted to buy it. He had called up the owner, did a bargain, got the bargain..but since his brother who's normally here in west coast isn't around, asked moi to help. ok nopo..since it's just at Yakim Jaya. Just a stone's throw from my working place.
So, went to Yakim Jaya just now. Got lost (kici ba yakim jaya, lost juga)looking at house numbers that weren't put up front for easy identification, for a while. Very old money house. Premier property.
Finally I found it. Went down from my car and rang the gate. A white lady came out. Very amiable lady. She and the husband had been in Malaysia for about 9 years now. Used to stay in west malaysia. Moved here a few years ago. Husband works as an English teacher in EIC. British council before that. When I saw the 3 + 2 + 1 sofa set, I was captured. So comfy! Lime green in color. Well maintained lime green and in extremely good condition, considering they have been with them for a number of years. I can see that the sofas are her prized possession. Apparently they were just given to them as gifts from a rich friend. So selling them is just a bonus...(hmm...if i were a friend to them, I might be the one on the receiving end kan?...uuuh...perasan). She lovingly described how she cleaned them, took care of them, how she and hubby very carefully wrapped them in all the duvets and mattress protectors they had and cling-wrapped them when they moved from west to here..just to protect the leather. We chit-chatted a while more. She has two daughters, one of them already married. The daughters will still be living here for quite a bit. One bought a house in Bandar Sierra and the other somewhere in Telipok. Only the lady and the husband will move back to Australia.
We talked about the price on and off. It was an original piece, you see. She even showed the underside of one of sofa to show the Lorenzo logo in the fabric. An original western assembled sofa that would cost somewhere along the price of 14K. And she had set RM3250. My friend bargained and had actually got RM3100. I put on a smiley charity face and got RM3000. I wish I was taking the set!!
Paid 2k first. Tomorrow I'll return to wrap the sofas. If all goes well, the sofa will be on its way to Sandakan tomorrow afternoon. :)

Oh, this is Lulu. A mix-pedigree cat. She is a fixed cat. She used to have kittens but the neighbours dogs got to them. Leanne (the Ozzie lady) says Lulu might have to be put to sleep when they finally move to Australia in September. No.... I hope I can find somebody to take Lulu and care for her.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

'Tis done, 'tis over
my own, outdoor language camp
relief..can smile now.

Not much of a Haiku eh?

The English language camp is over. Years of talk of actually doing one finally came to fruition on Friday. The committee helped make this camp a reality. But kudos really go to Kala for doing the paper chase. Sending the letters, doing follow ups, rounding up the participants..
I do realise that having connection with the Kem helped. Since I was so much familiar with the workings in the Kem, I had no trouble at all organizing the outdoor activities. Being a friend of the caterer was a double bonus. Food was commendable, not at complaint at all from the participants as well as the teachers. Compliments are due to the cooks, and the boss was very generous with the portions too. Ah...bliss..
Small bumps and grinds along the way were easily rectified...(if it weren't pun, kasi boleh saja!)
Out of the 50 selected participants, we finally set off to camp at 2.30pm with just 43. It was slightly drizzling during the drive up to Kiulu. Dyah called me on my cell asking me were I was and prepared me on the possibility of the students setting up tents under the canopy. But I had a good feeling, after sending a quiet prayer for a good weekend, that the weekend would be ours to keep.
About one hour later, the bus and van carrying all participants and some teachers reached Kem. I drove, bringing with me some equipments/stationery and two upper six girls as urusetia. Another school was still in the main hall, not finished yet with their program. Not to worry.. I instructed the students to take all their belongings and go to the rest huts which were along the fences.
The drizzle had cleared up by then. The students of the other school had proceeded to the main field for the flag down ceremony. So I had my students move into the hall. I also formally introduced myself as the Camp Commandant. As I was giving the camp briefing, the drizzle resumed. Poor SMK Tun Said students got showered. Thank goodness it wasn't a downpour. My boys and girls were given their color coded name tags (name and group name printed) and based on their tags, they swiftly moved into their own group.
Next was the Craft Camp. Sites were allocated, tents were handed out and participants worked together to put up their tents. Jafora was there to hand out the tents. I handled the camp craft. I guess the students enjoyed themselves.
Too many details to write here and not enough time..
They regrouped in the main hall after tents were pitched. Each were handed a file which contained a log book, a few pieces of foolscap papers and a pen. I emphasised each of the rules mentioned.
Anyways...a few highlights..
There was Night Walk on the first night. Language activity was about descriptive writing, finding words to describe what they would feel, see, hear during the walk. There was also focus on the element of prediction here. I also briefed them about some safety precautions..mentioning especially the spiritual aspect of it. Better be safe than sorry.
The walk was of course supervised by some trainers in Kem. Without them, this walk would not have been possible. Most of the students had never done this kind of walk at night and I bet the walk through the villages, being growled and barked at by sentry dogs, walking on suspension bridges, through muddy paddy fields, walking pass dark orchards, to name a few, will be a walk to remember. About one hour later, they returned to the campsite tired but being teens, still talkative.
The next day, I also handled the Flying Fox. Did I feel nervous giving the briefing? I guess not. I only hoped I had covered enough necessary information. My other fellow trainers had decided to just let me do the briefing since it was to be done fully in English. So, while they were stationed on the tower and as brakers, I was on the ground level, doing the safety briefings, giving demos on proper gears and putting the lanyard + tandems for participants before going up the tower. Students were mostly excited. A few cried out of fear but all, including later some teachers, went down. I was the last to go down, but I brought along with me a passenger. Bethany, Florah's 10 year old daughter, had gotten a case of the fright just before take-off and adamantly refused to go down. When I reached the top, I casually told her I'd bring her along so that we could go down together. That made her so happy she agreed. So, we were strapped together when we descended the cable. Hurrah..
After this activity ended, I could then breathe a bit. My share of acvities were more of outdoor type. I had left the other language activities for my other colleagues.
Let's see, there was Haiku, HAM Radio, Cooperative games and the managing of the English Night.
I felt relatively well until after lunch. My back started to hurt more than usual. I had pulled a back muscle two weeks ago during a course in Kem. It had hurt a bit when I did certain movements like bending down and I guess (on looking back) did not make time for it to heal. I was so in pain that I decided to go for a lie down at the office sofa. I had taken some panadols a few minutes earlier and I immediately fell asleep seconds after lying down on the sofa. Gosh! I'd never done this before.
I managed to get some rest, felt a bit better, and later rejoined my colleagues and the participants in their activities. I'm glad they were there to conduct the activities.
I enjoyed the students' performances immensely. I laughed so much at their antiques. I was quite amused at how they poked fun at whatever activities that they had gone through and made them into short sketches. I was more amused when I heard a lot of myself incorporated into their dialogues. It showed that at least they were paying attention.
The closing ceremony was done this morning. I think it was the briefest of ceremony ever conducted. The speeches was short and not long-winded. Our VIP? Only among ourselves, the Ketua Bidang only. Wah.. I think it was only about half an hour! Full protocol, speech from students' rep, certs give-away, officiating of closing ceremony, giving of token of appreciation, and that's it. camp, my style.
And then there was group photo. As I sat on the chair with the hullabaloo of boys and girls around, it occured to me..this was my camp. My brain-child, coming to a close. It was all so surreal.
After lunch, the participants went to put away their belongings inside the bus. Before going off, they were allowed a short visit to see the river and play with the water for a while. Water activities was a no-no for them since we had direct orders from the school admin not to do any water activities.
By 1pm everybody had gone back. As I brought my car out from the compound of Kem, up the slope and turned into the main road back to home, I finally allowed myself to laugh and whoop in relief. It is over. It's done. Time to go home.

And it didn't rain...not a-tall. ( showered..but not enough to do any dent in the activities).

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

English out in the open..

Yea... hurdles after hurdles..finally got the okay to go ahead with the camping at the end of this week. Will be at Malangang. the herr commandant.. I'm kind of excited for the students..but apprehensive at the same time. I did a briefing session with the other members of the committee this afternoon regarding the activities and job allocation during the camp. Not exactly an excited bunch of people this group. I get the feeling that only a select few among us who're really willing to do this camp. I had left some slots empty you see, the simple slot of being the teacher-in-charge for the day..a simple duty of assembling the kids, getting them to come on time, reminding what needs to be reminded.. and I had to wait for the crickets to chirp till one volunteered. That was the slot for Saturday. The same thing happened when I asked about Sunday. Matai la...
And I as the Camp Commandant already volunteered to do most of the activity on Friday.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Of Apples and chewing gums

Yeah. Ate my dream apples after the debanding. Bought them at Yong Fruit Shop, KK. It's at the same row as TongHing KK. Trully juicy. South African mari. Took the smaller ones at rm1.20 per apple. I had planned to have a quiet sit at home and take slow languorous bites of the apple. Apa tunggu, on the way home driving, I bit into one apple. Kkkruunchhh!!... Dang it felt so good. My teeth felt a bit sore biting into the apple but... dang it tasted good.

The apple.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Donkey's Grin

This entry should be in the other blog but what the hey. It's news.

By 8am today I was already at the clinic. Didn't have time to have breakfast. Parked my ride at Heritage, singgah at the kedai runcit for a kotak of Yeo's soya milk (that was the only palatable drink i could see inside the fridge) and Daily Express newspaper, and walked across the street to the already crowded clinic. Made my way to the number counter to get my nombor giliran. After getting the little strip of nombor giliran, walked up the stairs to the dental section and gave my number to the nurse there. ( yada yada yada.. my typical procedure..done this hundreds of times already)
I wasn't quite sure how/what I was feeling as I sat down, waiting for my number to be called by the automatic, pre-recorded, disembodied, female voice. I wasn't that excited. I think I kept my emotions checked. It ain't over till it's over sort of thing. I continued slurping my Soya milk, unconsciously working my lips and mouth over the metal brackets that were lining my teeth. Meanwhile, my eyes were scanning the pages of the Daily Express for interesting snippets of information. The front page showed the news of the bitch(the exact term for the gender of the dog, mind you) which had its head stuck inside the plastic canister, being tended by Dr. Sen and Dr. Mark. I already knew the story yesterday, a relative of Dr. Sen had told me the story. Poor dog. Kind of heartening to know SPCA is getting its voice heard over the news.
Anyways, after a while my number was called and the digits were also displayed on the electronic board hanging down the ceiling in front of the waiting hall. So I cleared my things and went into room 44. The doctors (doctors?) and nurses were going about their duties. When they saw me at the door, they motioned for me to sit down on the dentist's chair. I still hadn't felt anything much this time except for a little bit of anticipation. I had read some other blog entries the previous nights about other people's debanding experience and some said it was pain-free, some otherwise. So, there I was, reclining on the chair, just waiting for what will happen.
Doc Fatimah siddled over on her roller chair and said her greetings, asking me how I was doing, was I satisfied with the condition of my braced teeth or not. Yeah? Giving me doubts now? (not going to happen, take them off silvousplait). I replied short affirmative replies..hmmm-ed and yes-ed and said I was ok with the occlusion of teeth, just not ok with the numbness that was still happening at the left chin region. Doc said that will take some time. I said ok. In my mind I begged to differ. On with the procedure. She was holding an equipment in her right hand. It looked like a cutter of sorts and began explaining the procedure not to me, but to another doctor, on how to go about detaching the brackets from the teeth. She started to detach the top bands starting from the front tooth. I could feel a mild pressure as she applied pressure while squeezing the handle of the cutter to the base of the bracket, separating the bracket from the hardened glue base. I could hear the click of the separation. Click, click, click. No heart-stopping sensation there. But a stronger pressure was felt when she unloosened the bands encircling the molars. That hurt a bit. I remember telling myself to be calm and relaxed my grip on my own hands. After the upper left and right bands of the molars were released, she gently eased them off and away from my mouth. Wah, halfway there now.
She did the same thing on the lower bands. No tightening sensation on the four front teeth, but a tolerable pressure on the back molars. Snip, snip and they're off! Freedom!
Next, Doc Fatimah started explaining to the other doc what to do next. Which was to grind away the glue residue on the surface of the teeth. I guess she needed to attend to other patients and left the rest of the cleaning job to this other doc. Doc Fatimah got up and went to the other adjoining room and this other doc took over. I managed a sigh of relief before she started with the grinding work. I was wearing googles which was a normal procedure during such procedure. The grinding of the teeth was such that my face and neck was soon covered with a fine mist of water spray. Things were going well until she reached my lower left back molar. When she touched the tip of the grinder to that particular tooth, I was buzzed with such a pain that I jolted from my seat. Aahh...the doc said, ada lubang ni.. ngilu ka? You think??! She asked me to gargle. So I sat up, turned to the paper cup that was perched next to the small basin for that gargling purposes, took a swig of water and gargled. I felt this pain shoot up from the tooth and automatically my left hand came up to massage the left side of my face. Owww! The pain left when I spat the water out.
She was about to continue with the scaling but I wanted to be excused for a while. I needed to go to the loo. So up I sat, stood up and went out to find the washroom. On the way to the loo, finally I allowed myself a smile as my tongue automatically felt around the teeth. No more braces. Looked at the reflection in the washroom mirror and saw a strange sight of just teeth with no braces. Surreal.
Well, some scaling was done. A mould of my new set of teeth were taken for the retainers to be made which I later came back for in the afternoon. Apples, here I come.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

buhbye braces

The much awaited day is at hand.
plenty of memories ..
the good, the bad and the ugly.

'tis coming out soon.
out with the old.
in with the new.

Friday, May 21, 2010

An apple, for a bite, for bliss..

I have Bell's Palsy. Just a partial palsy. I have been trying to console myself that I'm much better off than those who are in a lot worse medical condition. You know...the ever positive encouragement most Malaysian have of saying 'nasib baik you are like this...kalau tidak..?' or 'nasib baik bukan begitu...kalau tidak..?'. Yea...on some days when I feel ok, I feel ok. On some days when I'm particularly having a crappy day..the palsy gets to me. Admitting to having Bell's Palsy isn't easy. I guess admitting to having a defect, disfigurement that you can't quite downplay with humor... is never easy. But I'll get there...someday.
On another note, my days of wearing these braces are numbered. I'll have them off on the 24th next month to be exact. After that it's on to the next step which is wearing retainers. I've been wearing these braces for far too long. My gnashers are yellowed, I can see the unsightly tartars or carries draped along the feet of the front teeth, I'm almost sick of brushing/picking on my teeth after every meal. Every meal mean every meal, be it a simple kuih or main meal. This compulsory cleaning regime is one reason i've managed to keep my weight relatively steady for the past 4 years. How to eat in between meals if berus gigi ja kerja? Cari washroom lagi, cari mirror lagi...
All the same, this debanding (term used to describe taking off of braces) is bittersweet. I finally have nice looking teeth that will enable me to bite well but.. with Bell's Palsy as a life-long companion. I read somewhere that it's non-permanent, but i doubt it. So, que sera sera...
Anyway, I promised myself that I'll have a juicy, crunchy red apple when I finally deband. And I'm going to get one.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Teacher's Pets

Just less than a couple of months from now will be my 10th working with students, with young pliable minds, with a multitude of characters and attitudes. 10th?...oh i say... has it been that long? Seems like it was only yesterday I was still wandering around Central Market in KL..during the weekends away from classes..
But I am not regretting or missing the past. But I digress, as usual.
I have met students of all sorts. The good ones, the shy ones, the funny ones, the emotional ones, the angsty ones, the laser-mouthed ones, the grateful ones, the thoughtful ones...all with stories of their own.
I am sure not how mindful students are of how hard some teachers work to give them the best. I know that I appreciate the teachers that I have had all these years. I only wish the best for all of them. It's a tough world out there. and I wish the best also for all the ones who have decided to come into the teaching profession.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Woke up past 9 in the morning today. It has been a while since i've slept in on a saturday. Had my plate removal surgery more than two weeks ago. Wish I didn't have to.
First day of the month. The start of the Kaamatan Month. Keningau must be a hot spot today. Grand opening of the Harvest month.
So dern hot is the weather.
I need to upgrade my wardrobe..somehow. I have altogether been too negligent in that department. Some of my baju kurungs/ bajus are ages old. Not to highlight the fact that I can still fit into them.. I just had other things that I thought needed attention like eating. I do so like to eat a variety of foodstuff.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm tired. More tired than usual. Some days my thoughts stray towards Kiulu and Tuan HHB ..and then I feel a pang of loss. I'm tired.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Haris Hj Baba

The last time I spoke to him was about 2 weeks ago when I dropped by Kem to enquire about the visit from the Singapore outdoor team. He was looking a bit down, now that I recall, but still trying to project this cheerful spirit of happiness. He's well known for his infectious laughter, see. We talked a bit about the Fitness test conducted just a few weeks earlier. He said that there was no swimming pool for him in his younger days. It was just the sea and the swimming back and forth from his house by the sea to the other side of the bay with a knife between the teeth to get some ..gosh i can't recall what it was he had cut down on the other side... and towing it back..while swimming. A fisherman's son, he was. Oh..he liked to tell us stories about his childhood. And so, he used to be a strong and competent swimmer then..compared to now.
As a mentor, he's the best. A skilled multi-tasker too. And very quick in decision making. There's never a dead end for him. There was always a plan B and a plan C or a plan D. All was done with a chuckle and a tremendously positive encouragement.
I am always compelled to give a helping hand to him, as I know, being his underling will definitely result in a wealth of experience and knowledge..everytime.
A joker with a soft poke at everyone else. My nickname as Gigi Besi- which is now my moniker at Kem..was given to me by him. I bear him no malice, none at all. And surely nobody else does either...(kalau ada pun...dihalalkan suda kan?)
It has been a privilege knowing him and working with him. His service to the community is appreciated and is trully priceless. Tuan Haris Haji will always be remembered, loved and surely missed by all. May your soul rest in peace.

Monday, April 05, 2010

SAC 2010d

It has been a full and tiring weekend. Being an RO in the SAC 2010 isn't as physically demanding as i'd anticipated it to be. It was strangely tiring being stationary. Mona and I were posted as timekeeper/helper in the starting and finishing and boy was that a blow.
The only highlights of being in the finishing line was being able to see how the medics handle some cases that needed their attention. For example watching how they stitched up some wounds of two of the participants who fell/ skidded on the gravel cycling down a steep incline. Mona wouldn't watch, said she may be able to slaughter ducks and chickens with ease but able to stomach the sight of wounds and blood and needle and thread being poked and pulled from gaping wounds. Me? Find it fascinating.
ANyways.. great to see the many different strong men and women being in their elements in the outdoors.
We were promised 3 work shirts per person..but somehow that did not materialise. Got only 1. So I had to wash them everyday for the next day. Some people had the promised 3...(grumblegrumblegrumble)..
Didn't take much pics as I'm going to borrow a few from much better camera people later on.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


This group of Singaporean came to pay a visit to Kem today. And I was given the rare opportunity to play boss for a while. The top guns at Kem felt that their command of the Orang Puteh language was not to their satisfaction and since the briefing for the visitors was decided that it would be done in English, moi was called to the rescue. OK.

After being told that the visitors would arrive brunchtime, I arrived earlier at breakfast time. For the slideshow and note-making preparations, you understand. My hands alternated between icy cold and warm from the heart palpitations I got thinking of the possible folly that might occur during the presentation. Plenty of deep breaths did I take to calm my nerves. Hey? What's to be nervous about? Plenty!! I tend to stutter when my nerves are jangled. and there's this face palsy that's worrying me..

Anyway...we waited. And waited. And waited...first the news was that they had changed plans and instead of going water rafting as written in the travel itenerary, they were already at Kundasang enjoying the not-as-cold-as-before air AND that they were on their way down. 2 hours later they still hadn't come.

Then the sky opened and rain poured down. And the electricity bailed out on us. CURSES on SESB!! Big top gun decided that the waiting game and the outage should be reasons enough to call the thing off. She dialed a set of numbers and thrust the phone at me. Hah..couldn't she have explained the situation herself? So, I was left to explain - in English - the whole situation of it being raining cats and dogs and that the power outage meant powerpoint presentation was impossible..blabla... I was slightly puzzled why the person at the other end seemed to be fumbling with words and kept telling me to call the Pusatko even though I explained I was calling from there. I asked him where he was and he replied that he was at the airport. That puzzled me even more and asked when he was coming down to Kiulu. He hesitated and and later asked whether I could speak in Malay. SO, okay. I was a bit relieved that this Singaporean asked for Malay speech and asked him again what was the situation like, what time were they coming down.. and he said that there must be some mistake. I finally asked who was it on the line. When he replied, 'Wandi'. I took the mobile phone off my face and called the big gun and hooted with laughter. Wandi was the Kem driver. The big gun had dialled the wrong number and just gave the phone to me thinking that it was the Singaporean guy on the other end. And I thought the same. Mulau...
She later did a redial and got to the right contact. Too late to cancel..they were 5 minutes away from our doorstep.
Anyway..the visitors were clad in casual pants and t-shirts while we were all in our number 2 formals. I did the introduction, jittery and longing for a swig of a cold beer to calm the suddenly upset throat. All eyes were on me. I could feel my heartbeat banging on my eardrums. I knew I was nervous because I was twiddling with the cheap 2B pencil like I was the best twiddler in the universe. Soon however, as I saw nods and smiles coming from the audience, I slowly got hold of my nerves. Fuh..
I think I did okay. I got to shake hands with the Deputy Director of the Singapore Co-curriculum Sector and with the Deputy Director of the Singapore Outdoor Education Sector. And they get to know lil ole me. Those are rewards in a way, ya?
After a light snack, we gave them a tour of the Kem. They were quite impressed with how well-arranged and well-organized our Kem were. Hmm..maybe an exchange program will materialise one day?

Me n the pencil..greatest twiddler in the world.

Pictures courtesy of 9w6EDY
Yesterday, a hurdle overcome. Today yet another one. Mayhaps next week?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Yang Berhormat..

This morning was the AGM of the school's PTA meet. I knew things were going to be a bit heated up when this particular parent started questioning the proceeding of the meeting even before the previous minutes were ascertained. This very concerned client of the school..'client' was how he described himself, you see.. had questions to almost all points brought up in the agenda. It wasn't so much as the merit (or demerit) of his suggestions but more of the way the suggestions were voiced and worded that made them almost impossible to swallow. He did not mince words, no sir-ree.. sarcasm all the way. All smiles and ego to boot.
I would've sensed his quiet arsenal-preparation (he sat on the first row, the seat next to the standing microphone) had it not been for his pseudo(in retrospect)friendly smile. We do like to think the best of people, eh?
Barrage after barrage of comments and insinuations later, oh was it later? It felt like he had been forever yakking on the mike, that the counselor had to cool things down by taking the mike and beg for the consideration of others, that there were more important things to discuss apart from the unspoken disgrace on our side for not putting in the page numbers on the sheets on the minutes. The head warden also put in a few words, in the school's support.
He put all in the hall in an uncomfortable mood. Very bad for those with heart condition i must say.
The meeting came to a much awaited end 3 and a half hours later. With the loud-mouth braggart leaving the hall as the new deputy YDP. Go figure.


It's been almost 1 month now since I started my Korean language class. 3 nights a week, mondays, wednesdays and fridays. I get by ok in the first one hour or so. However, after the half hour dinner break, my mind struggles a bit and by the 3rd hour, uh..i'll be repeatedly looking at my wristwatch. It's only conversational Korean and I don't expect to spout strings of Korean sentences by the end of this course but I am glad to be taking this course. I can read basic Korean characters already! But as for the meaning...

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fitness Test D-Day

The test was yesterday. Did the push ups, the sit-ups (very badly to ever get washboard stomach with no sit-up discipline?)Did the run. Managed to run non-stop 1km before feeling the weight of my behind become too cumbersome to carry. After a half hour rest, we did the 200m swim which I thought was the only enjoyable test for me. I couldn't wear my normal one piece swimsuit on account of decency and the formality of the test..sigh. Had to resort to my full length tights and the Speedo top but with the one-piece swimsuit underneath. After doing all the previous battery of tests I could only manage a 6:48 mins for the 200m swim. My arms were already sore from the push-ups. Also, my movements felt restricted with the extra swimming clothings.
Woke up with some body soreness but otherwise ok. Glad the test is over. It wasn't that excellent, but it wasn't that bad either.

2.4km jog at Penampang Sports Complex. (picture courtesy of 9w6ATI)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ujian Kecergasan

Last year I around this time I was getting myself ready to go through the Ujian Kecergasan which I thought was going to be held for the trainers in Kem. That didn't happen - the test I mean. A whole lot of other ad-hoc camps suddenly materialised and effectively wiped out most of the pre-planned camps. ahh..not wiped out..postponed. One of the postponed activity was the Fitness Test.
Of course, not being the bonafide fitness buff that I would like myself to be, I had discontinued the training last year.
Come this Friday, the majority of the trainers in West Coast will converge in Penampang Sports Complex. Uh..I think it'll be more of a test of how much laughter one can contain in watching other friends huffing and puffing their way to the finishing line.
I'll be okay in swimming. I'll just have to muster my stamina for the 2.4km run around the track. 6 complete laps.. With the scorching weather nowadays I am crossing my fingers and toes for a cloudy day!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Buayan Hike

Yeah.. went on a second trip to Buayan with Mona last Saturday. It was 10.30 something and Mona texted me saying that they weren't moving just yet from Donggongon and asked me to sabar dulu aa... I didn't mind. There was a power outtage but I napped easily on the couch downstairs.
Sometime around 11.20am Mona called me telling me that I would have to wait for the transport at the kedai runcit at Goli since it would be a bit out of the way for the 4wheel to ride up the short hill to my residence.. Hmm... I packed could the 4wheel be? 10 minutes later I found out. The Nissan 4wheel was quite overflowing with passengers. When the 4wheeler stopped, the back passenger door on the left opened and ejected 3 children who scampered up into the packed rear open cabin. As I sat inside, I saw that there were already 3 ladies and a little boy within. Since there was still room, it was decided that another little passenger could benefit the space within the passenger seating. So, little Kevin was called in. Let's see, there was the driver, Mona sat in front with a little girl on her lap. There was me, little Kevin, the other two ladies, and a mother with her little boy. 8 front passengers, plus the horde of standing passengers at the back - 6 or 7 of them. Wow.
Seating settled, the vehicle roared on. Pass Kg. Sugud, on to Timpangoh Laut, pass the small rocky stream, up and up the bumpy orange colored earthen road (road?), going down similar trails until we reached Kuala Terian. I thought to myself, if there were any reasons to buy an offroad vehicle, traversing these kinds of road conditions would be IT. Bumped my head a few times, and having a super slim neighbour who was all muscle and sharp bones was an experience. I could feel her shoulder poking under my ribs.. was she that thin?
Anyway..the buck stopped there. That road trip took about an hour or so. On to hiking.
We had to cross this river. It wasn't as deep as I thought it would be. At shallowest point the water only reached my thigh so it was a revelation when Mona said on a normal non-dry season, the water can reach as high chest level. In which case, Mona would take another route- albeit longer - to pass through this river since crossing this river at that depth would be quite dangerous for her.
Which reminds me to wear a different outdoor sandals next time I need to cross rocky rivers. The Eiger sandals I wore didn't grip well. There was one point where I lost my balance and toppled forward! I quickly recovered and took out my camera and mobile phone (not that there was any phone line there) from the front pocket of the backpack. They were ok. One lesson for me. Much as I was confident that I was not going to slip on a shallow water, I should've put them in a waterproof bag. One of the Year 6 girls, Jeslinda, who was already nearing the bank on the opposite side, waded back and shyly offered to carry my backpack. Wah! How thoughtful! I handed it to her, along with the plastic bag containing my phone and camera. I didn't want to risk another embarrasing dip in the water. ;)

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Sabah Paintball League (1st leg)

So...this is paintball marshalling...
I spent the whole Saturday and Sunday last week baking under the sun for the 2010 Sabah Paintball League (1st leg). There were 4 of us newbie marshalls..not so fresh from marshall clinic held last year in Kem. I'm thankful for the generous and patient coachings given by Head Ref Sheila a.k.a Angel Bear, Andrew a.k.a Ahboon, Austen, Zach and Gracie.
By the end of the second day, I brought home with me some paintball souvenirs in the forms of bumps and bruises. No complaints from me in that pain(t), no gain...
I didn't take least ones as good these were. I borrowed these pics from photographer Timothy Boyou. He risked his camera, not to mention himself for these amazing shots..

Nice...the participants together with the marshalls..

The second leg of the SPL will be in June in Keningau. Anyone interested?

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Things have been happening. Some expected, some unexpected. One unexpected event has rendered my physically and emotionally weak. I feel like an old battered car in need of jumpstart each morning. Nay, I am also incapable of divulging this event. So it's almost pointless sharing it in the first place, isn't it?

Sunday, February 14, 2010


The Golden Tiger year has come. The fengshui reading says it'll be a good year for those born in the year of the rabbit (moi). yeah... we'll be the judge of that.

Monday, February 08, 2010

My deepest condolence to a dear companion for the passing of his father. Words are not enough to express the sorrow. Time will dull the pain, though it will not be gone.
Some long overdue happenings..

Apparently it wasn't my Astro decoder which solely the problem, the electrician said that the decoder was in working condition, it was just that I hadn't managed to make an update of the current setting. So, he helped me on that. And brought the decoder home.. plugged the cables on and... still no signal. However, I am partly to blame for the no signal outcome... cuz.. so ASHAMED (not embarrased) to admit this..I plugged the cables wrongly. Found this out after the Sierra technician came to test/check on the Astro..I had made another call to the company, see... ahem. So that's that.
Sigh..Now that the Astro's been fixed, I don't really turn the tv on to watch the channels anyway. I'm halfway hooked on tv series already. Let me see.. i've watched the entire first season of Glee and finding out i like it. Watched the 1st and 2nd season of Dirty, Sexy Money (very saucy i might say). And now i'm rationing my Ally Mcbeal 3rd season. All these are in DVD's. Ration...for I don't want to run out of series so soon.

It's been a few weeks now since my last real puff, ever since I recovered from the long bout of annoying and irritating cough. I tried one a week ago and i stubbed out the cig only after a few half-hearted puffs. *bleaaggh*

Borrowed my brother's fitness cardio cd and tried one session yesterday. Nearly pengsan-ed from the workout. I swear I could hear my heart beat as if it were amplified from a double speaker just next to my ear. Tomorrow i'm going to join my colleagues for some aerobic workout at three.

And oh.. i'm thinking of taking Korean language classes in AMC (since it's free). I'm actually interested in taking Japanese but most of the friends I know are taking the other foreign language due to the class schedule. So, there is benefit in numbers, they say.. easier for communication practice. Hope my the wheels in my brain is not too rusted for language learning..

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Overworked pegasus

zoo lok kawi...
shabu-shabu suria KK..
Times Bookstore..
Karamunsing computer stores...
Apple Donut stopover..
Ma'ang pickup..
home send-in..
Back to KK bank-ins...
Back at nest...
nursing a mildly throbbing head ache...
a nice end to January 2010..

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Last week, I was contacted through the mobile phone asking me whether I'd be interested in a friendly game of paintball against the Labuan p.ko team. I was so I said yes. Even though the match was set to be held at 1pm, I still agreed because I knew i'd be able to fix my timetable that day..which was supposed to be today.
Yesteday, I received a text message telling me that the match was to be pushed to 4pm. In view of that, I thought I then didn't have to do the re-scheduling of timetable since I'd have ample time to get ready and be at Kem by 3pm.
Today at 1.33pm, I received a call, which I coudn't answer due to my being in class, and later a text message saying that the match was to be at 2.30pm today because the opposing team was afraid the weather (it was hot as hell) might turn.
Bloody hell.
A while later friend called me up asking me whether I received the said news. I said if this is how they want to set the game up, then I'm not going to be in the game.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fish fingers

Yes, drove over to Grandmum's around 5 just now. She knows how much i love fish..of any kinds. My aunt had texted me a few days ago telling me that Ina's(Kadazan language for mother) preserved sea minnows are 'ripe' for eating and that she invites me to come over for some.
I reached the house in 10 minutes only to find only Grandad tottering around. He said Ina was atas bukit with Kiki. What for? Oh..Kiki is surveying the grounds. Ok. So up I climbed to see what they were up to.
Seems Kiki wants to build their family house on top of that semi-leveled bukit. So her first step is to have the hill properly leveled. ;)..good...good..
After a while we slowly made our way down.. Ina is over 80years old(i think0 but she was as sure-footed as a mountain goat going down that incline. Amazing.
Anyway, both Kiki and i requested for some Talapia fish to bring home. Ina gave some to both of us..after giving me a small portion of the preserved fish or locally known as noonsom sada' or bosou. She had preserved the fish in a plastic jar which previously contained some wrapped sweets. My small jar was formerly a peanut butter glass jar. Grandad was mildly indignant at Ina for giving me such a small container. Ina said that it was enough for me. Which it was. I was already salivating at the prospect of tasting the delicacy. The pungent smell, the fishy taste and the sourness of the fermenting rice...ahh.
And sure enough, we had our dinner there as well. My uncle, Kiki and I had each taken some rice to the table..with some catfish soup. And then I decided to fry a couple of Talapias. Kiki smiled and announced that she'll wait for the fish before having dinner.. Hahah...pandai aa..
So, after frying the fish, we had a simple dinner of catfish soup (catfish with some winter melon), the fried Talapia and the magnificent bosou with some fresh lada padi. Of course, what better way to pick on the fried fish than the fingers? Best food in the world...

Theatre of a local kind

Wah.. My town has a theatre group..
The opening show was yesterday night.. n tonight is their second.
I'd booked the tickets online via FB two weeks ago..with plans to bring my brother along.
Audience were advised to come one hour earlier. Gareth n I stopped over at a market to buy some titbits..even though I sort of felt that we weren't going to be allowed to bring in food n drinks into the hall.
Anyway, i'm too sleepy now. I just have to say that tonight was quite interesting. The young'uns really did their best. Budget venue, budget props n costumes, but their effort was commendable. My salute to these budding performers.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Finally, after waiting for eons.. the Astro technician came.
Long story short, my decoder's the problem...n that will be the bane of my existence till i get the new one..which i gather will take eons as well.

Been plonking myself in front of the laptop for want of an entertainment..n to while the time away...n to better practice my procrastination skill...

Finished the first draft of the working paper for tbe language camp. I'm lost when it comes to this kind of project..having never done one.(how pathetic can i be?) I'll hand in the stapled pieces of paper come Monday to the KP..with expected correction and amendments..I shall need all the help I can get.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Food is me

I am happy when I am eating good food. Good food to me means the food is tasty, came from a clean kitchen, served by polite waiters/waitresses, and served preferably within 10-15 minutes of order. A happy me will make a frequent visitor of that eatery. And i will not be forced to eat in any eatery that will not make me happy.
That's why i sneak out from work whenever possible to go find food that makes me happy. Hmm... sneak out is too slimy a phrase. Means to try to get away from a place unnoticed.. and i don't actually do that. I couldn't care less being caught.
Today I drove to Damai to have breakfast. There's this place which serves fish mee/mee hun which fits my morning happy meal just fine. My order today was Curry Mee Hun and iced Milo. Bliss.. Parking was not a problem, I was meant to come here today. A parking was waiting for me just behind the restaurant.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cough killer

It's been raining since yesterday. It rained the whole night last night and the early morning too. Have to do laundry today.

The dance group was asked to do another performance for the Farewell Party for the Education Director at Pan Pacific. Those of us staying in the KK vicinity were given only one day leave while those outside given two. So, dance we did..amidst disappointment over the internal squabble which happened prior to the dance. the selfish wants of one person can change the dynamic of a group and more important, how the other members of the group reconcile with this selfish tantrum(selfish tantrum..oxymoron eh?)in order to go ahead with the performance. Sigh..

Finally my cough has subsided. A few doses of the strong cough syrup type Mucosolvan, along with Clarinase for the flu and Panadol Actifast for the fever did the trick.

Next week the ball will roll for the School sports. I need my health.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

movie fever.

Two and three quarters of an hour of Cathay Cineplex Avatar. The Na'vis noses certainly made them look equine..very interesting.. n Ms.Sigourney Weaver being there was almost perfect..being the gran dame of Sci-fi movies.. no-nonsense air about her.. love the scene where she demands for her cig the moment she wakes up from her Avatar ventures.
Asked a few friends to come along but only the Guitarman prevailed. Thanks for the company, you.
It has been a while since I last saw a movie. I think it was with Rachel n kids I went out for a movie last. Can't remember the title. I feel like watching sherlock holmes.. no time yet. I think i'm going to look forward to more movies coming this February.. something about some teens and them being demigods.. offsprings of Poseidon and other Greek Gods.. interesting..

Movie aside,I am puzzled.. my cough has subsided... but the annoying cough has been swiftly replaced by this flu n fever... it comes and goes.. i shall try to muster the strength to banish them away..

Friday, January 08, 2010

Been having a tough time waking up early in the morning...
Back to school mode i am not..
My astro connection has gone haywire again..n the Office management hasn't managed to get in touch with the astro cable-guy..
My cough has been snail-slow in decreasing..
tough 1 week..

the only drama of the week was this blow up that happened during Kokum meet. so ridiculous it's unbelievably hilarious..
for a PK to lose his cool n suddenly be all juvy-like in tantrum.. this establishment is really .. uncool..

Saturday, January 02, 2010

pooffy hair

A new year.. A new hairdo...
I do plan to have my hair cut short, verrryy short..but not just yet.
SO, i've just had them shortened..n.. permed.. now my head is a semi-fluffy puff of semi-ringlets..

Friday, January 01, 2010


Just woke up. Came back late this morning from Aunt A's New Year celeb. Uncle Michael didn't disappoint. Shortly before the clock struck new year time, Alwyn lit the first of around 8 fireworks. Nice..
I wish all a good new year. Might not be a happy one to all but hope it will be a better one.