Friday, May 21, 2010

An apple, for a bite, for bliss..

I have Bell's Palsy. Just a partial palsy. I have been trying to console myself that I'm much better off than those who are in a lot worse medical condition. You know...the ever positive encouragement most Malaysian have of saying 'nasib baik you are like this...kalau tidak..?' or 'nasib baik bukan begitu...kalau tidak..?'. Yea...on some days when I feel ok, I feel ok. On some days when I'm particularly having a crappy day..the palsy gets to me. Admitting to having Bell's Palsy isn't easy. I guess admitting to having a defect, disfigurement that you can't quite downplay with humor... is never easy. But I'll get there...someday.
On another note, my days of wearing these braces are numbered. I'll have them off on the 24th next month to be exact. After that it's on to the next step which is wearing retainers. I've been wearing these braces for far too long. My gnashers are yellowed, I can see the unsightly tartars or carries draped along the feet of the front teeth, I'm almost sick of brushing/picking on my teeth after every meal. Every meal mean every meal, be it a simple kuih or main meal. This compulsory cleaning regime is one reason i've managed to keep my weight relatively steady for the past 4 years. How to eat in between meals if berus gigi ja kerja? Cari washroom lagi, cari mirror lagi...
All the same, this debanding (term used to describe taking off of braces) is bittersweet. I finally have nice looking teeth that will enable me to bite well but.. with Bell's Palsy as a life-long companion. I read somewhere that it's non-permanent, but i doubt it. So, que sera sera...
Anyway, I promised myself that I'll have a juicy, crunchy red apple when I finally deband. And I'm going to get one.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Teacher's Pets

Just less than a couple of months from now will be my 10th working with students, with young pliable minds, with a multitude of characters and attitudes. 10th?...oh i say... has it been that long? Seems like it was only yesterday I was still wandering around Central Market in KL..during the weekends away from classes..
But I am not regretting or missing the past. But I digress, as usual.
I have met students of all sorts. The good ones, the shy ones, the funny ones, the emotional ones, the angsty ones, the laser-mouthed ones, the grateful ones, the thoughtful ones...all with stories of their own.
I am sure not how mindful students are of how hard some teachers work to give them the best. I know that I appreciate the teachers that I have had all these years. I only wish the best for all of them. It's a tough world out there. and I wish the best also for all the ones who have decided to come into the teaching profession.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Woke up past 9 in the morning today. It has been a while since i've slept in on a saturday. Had my plate removal surgery more than two weeks ago. Wish I didn't have to.
First day of the month. The start of the Kaamatan Month. Keningau must be a hot spot today. Grand opening of the Harvest month.
So dern hot is the weather.
I need to upgrade my wardrobe..somehow. I have altogether been too negligent in that department. Some of my baju kurungs/ bajus are ages old. Not to highlight the fact that I can still fit into them.. I just had other things that I thought needed attention like eating. I do so like to eat a variety of foodstuff.