Wednesday, December 30, 2009

jalan-jalan cuci mata

I was contemplating on where to eat for breakfast today last night (talk about planning..)and was sorely tempted to find that TOmYam place again in Sinsuran. I thought about the jam and the difficulty in finding a parking space and what other sane reason to go to that neck of the woods other than just to sample the TomYam one more time.. and slept on it.
This morning I woke up nearly 8 and immediately thought of the TomYam. That's it, I thought! I had drifted off into sleep last night thinking of doing my credit card pay-ups today via on foot. How? Park at one spot and walk around KK!
Ok. So I drove off to KK.. around 9-ish I was already around the SInsuran blocks, doing my first round for parking search. I have this thing about parking and going to a particular place..if I'm meant to go and have a looksee at a place, parking would find me. If not, then i should go find at somewhere else. So, if i was meant to eat TomYam today, a car would vacate a parking spot for me. Which..on the 2nd try.. a car did. Great!
I had my Tomyam..and thought..the one in Beverly HIlls is spicier, had more ingredients in it..much bigger bowl.. but this one was just right.

Noted the 'Mongolian chicken' stall in the same kedai and made a mental note to get a tapau from there when I got back.
After breakfast, I walked. Walked past the Bank Negara. Walked across the streets to the Aussie Monument. Walked pass the Menumbok/Beaufort Bus Station. Walked across the streets again towards the DBKK building. Then walked the length of the blocks of building at Gaya St. and went to do my business with all the banks that my wallet is painfully attached to. And walked some more.. and finally finished my monthly errands at Standard Chartered.
And then scooted over to the new shopping centre. Suria. So not crowded I could rollerblade inside there and be the happy gilmore. I spotted this signboard that spelled out TIMES BOOKSTORE and my heart gave a leap! Oh yea... promising! and went over to the escalators. I could smell the glue and new books(really now..) from the moment i stepped off the moving stairs. The staff were uniformly in black Tee-s and pants. I was in black Tee-s too..hey..
So, i walked two steps into heaven, i mean, the store and paused and surveyed my surroundings. hmm... might recall that heaven bit for a while.. Ok laarr ( i opined)... and noticed this section next to the counter. I can't recall what the books there were housed under.. but I of course zeroed in on the ones within eye level. Lo and behold!... there..right there.. was the book i'd been looking for for so long. I'd already read it... but didn't buy it then for reasons i can't quite fathom.. There... Ken Follet's Pillars of the Earth. Such an epic of a novel it is. Reading it is comparable (at least to me) to having this sumptuous feast of all the delicacies that satisfy the five senses..and burping(oh i beg your pardon) with the gratitude of being sated afterwards. But of course I must have the book now. Called up Yus to ask if she managed to find the book 'cuz much as i love the book, having two would be most unacceptable. Bought it I did. Yess... And yea.. chatted with the boy ( i feel so ancient that i must call this boy a boy) who was manning the counter. Asked him where the local writer section was, perchance the other book i was looking for would be around. He was like this shy puppy hesitant to please the master as he pointed towards where I might find books by local writers. If i didn't gently ask for the balance money for the book i bought, he'd've ushered me to the said shelves. The book, in addition to the membership fee (Yes, i'm a store member now.. can get discounts next visit) cost RM43.63. So I gave the cute puppy RM53.60. All the while I was making small chitchats with him. He punched in the numbers and took out a few notes...which i noticed weren't supposed to be that much given back to me.. He looked a bit lost and was about to push back the slot when I interrupted his thoughts... 'just 10 ringgit'. He wavered a bit.. i smiled and counted the maths with him... i think he punched in the wrong numbers..and he gave an embarrassed smile and said 'sorry, bingung-bingung ni..'. aluuu...
After paying, he did show me the shelves where the supposed books of local writers can be had. Hmm... extensive not at all. oh well, got what i wanted. and went out of the bookstore and out of the building.
And walked across the street towards Wisma Sabah. Went into that tunnel-like corridor and walked on. Now I think i've passed through this corridor a few times before but i've never until then noticed this small shop where local traditional ethnic costumes were displayed and sold(apparently). This being a curious day, I followed my curiousity and walked in. I was greeted by this very friendly lady whom i later found out was named Lina Angkat. Very forthcoming with her conversation and information. Found out a lot of things today from her.
And so...(being long-winded today), I walked into Wisma Merdeka, went into this jewellry store, found out the girl behind the counter was a former student, got myself another hematite ring, bought some unripe slices of mangos and thought that was that.
I resumed my walk back to Sinsuran and back to my car. It was nearly 1pm. Just before going to my car, I returned to that restaurant where I had my TomYam breakfast and tapau-ed a chicken rice for lunch. Went to my car, and went home.
Interesting day today. I just might make this a monthly affair.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Project U

'U' being uniform. I have this cousin who's in primary six. Her mum asked me to sew Nyola's kain kurung 'cuz try as they might, they couldn't find a ready-made school uniform of baju kurung that could fit her healthy waistline.
No problemo..

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow..

As I was watching the 3rd CD of the Ally Mcbeal 1st season, i received this sms on my mobile. Of all the sms's i received wishing me happy birthday n merry christmas, this was one of the most poignant ones. Never mind that it's two days late, I still feel touched that this person remembered my birthday. It was from one of my favorite uncles. I think..he's one of the few uncles/ relatives I have who's in touch with his feelings. Unfairly said so...maybe because he uses music to express his feelings and i am sometimes partial to those who has music close to their hearts.
Merry Christmas Uncle. May you find happiness always.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Fish mee hun soup

been on the lookout for a good place to eat TOM YAM food around Kota Kinabalu or near KK. I can't quite say that a good Tom Yam should only come from the kitchen of a Thai...cuz you know..tepuk dada tanya selera. Let's see...there's this chinese restaurant at Sinsuran, this place at Bakut, this Kedai Janggut (so it's called) at Hilltop, and this kedai in Beverly Hills i recently revisited (used to eat it's managed by some other eatery). The tom yam there is quite eyes watered due to the spiciness of it but it was sedap! And today I had mix fish mee hun soup there... big bowl of delicious broth of fresh fish slices, tomatoes, fresh ginger, coriander leaves!...waaah i tell you... i think i can have it everyday!

Lambaian Kinabalu

Last night's performance was thrilling. I was dressed to the nines in the Lotud costume, courtesy of Erwan. Very beautifully stitched and embroidered. The make up was great..wah..stage make up is very interesting..

The first dance we did was the Lambaian kinabalu, a mix of traditional sabah ethic dance. I trully felt blessed to be able to dance with this group of dancers. I was nervous..almost felt like running to the loo.. but come performance time, see the smiles and confidence coming from some of the more experienced dancers made me feel a sort of pride in this art and I too smiled proudly.
Second dance was the Joget. This we did the night before but tonight we danced much better. It was almost fun doing this Joget! Especially knowing you are being watched by a hall-full of audience.
The third, Lolai..or something like that. Almost similar to the Igal-igal dance. Now this..was not fully rehearsed. But there was Jaafar who was the leader of this dance. We just took his cue and swayed and turned when he did. This dance needed a lot of muscle and body control..i was sweating buckets on stage..and I was in the first row!..
The next few dances were impromptu... accompanying Asmin Mudin who was singing on stage..and dancing with guests from the audience..
It was a night worth remembering.

And today is my birthday. I am only glad I am still around to enjoy what life has to give. 10 years ago I lived for the moment. I only hope I will still have my health to continue doing anything worthwhile.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Jojet kinabalu

i've woken up 4 times since 6.30am to the intermittent beep of my mobile phone alarm sytem. i wearily opened up my eyes, located the insistent beeping, pressed the snooze button, and slipped into unconsciousness again.. and again..
Still weary. the last two days of intensive dance practice for the MSKPM are quite something.. Tari rampai, jojet (as the term affectionately? used by the other pro daoncers).
Me? just very amateur, keep forgetting the steps or ragam as it is termed.
tonight's the first performance..tomorrow's the climax.
But i must admit, it's a different kind of bliss to be able to dance in sync with music IN a team..knowing which way to sway and turn.. So..this is what it feels like...
Off to practice..

Friday, December 18, 2009

Boliga day

Went rafting at Kiulu today for the nth time. The difference this time is that it's the Boliga side of the family going rafting. Mum's sis' husband's side of the family..mostly residing at Kg. Boliga. There were 20 of us including me.
Raft guides from Riverbug, Aming, Tiron and Edward. All campin2 raft guides.
Water wasn't that fast, quite low level..but the raft guides made the raft move and turn and twist and made the trip down from Pukak to basecamp a whole lot of fun.
Gareth was all sore and tired by the paddling and kept asking me if I experienced the same muscle soreness when I first had my rafting experience. I said yes. He's hooked...i can tell. :)
Note to self : must do a get-together with them (raft guides) of these days.. I owe them some Peter Vella at least.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Nin Jiom Pei Pa Ko

Been having this cough a few days now. It started out as a negative reaction to Salem lights. Long time ago in Bethlehem, that brand was my staple puffing cig. I've since (then) moved on to a few other names in this puffing world of inhalants. I quit a few times. I'm not particularly addicted to it. It's just a curious feeling of...control..over my own lifeline. Morbid. It's always fascinating to watch myself ( mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the smokiest one of all..) exhale to a swathe or stream of Dunhill through the corners of the mouth. Bizzare? I actually slapped on vermillion lipcolor onto these lips and stare fascinatingly the contrast of red and puffwhiteys. Cruel...
My poor lungs. always end up feeling slightly regretful afterwards.
After a few days of dry coughing without ingesting any meds or practicing safe inhaling. The cough progressed healthily into racking, phlegmy stage after ingesting Ubat batuk cap ibu dan anak. Nice.. something to hawk into the sink or toilet bowl. Disgusting?
Kisah seorang anak yang duka nestapa kerana ibunya batuk... uhuk uhuk..
Kasihan sungguh dia pergi mendapatkan ubaaaat...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

pawn and gambit

2010 is a coming..
another year to go through.
another phase to manage.
i am still not concrete.
a house i have. for that i am mollified.
still searching for that elusive something.
indescribable, indefinite.

bad i am at chess
though in gambit i try.
to offer pawn or be a pawn..
to invite the hand of fate.

i tire at times
this illness
this self-induced impairment
but i still have to make go the distance
to tough it out
tho the yearning to confide
is restrained by the
fear of the feedback

i am no giant
just a lowly fern
exposed to the elements.
building up roots
finding purchase in the soil
with hopes to grow

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Of velvets and butterflies

On the 5th of this month, the 4th makan-makan for my sis wedding was finally held. This 4th instalment of reception was held in kampung. Lots of preparation which involved a lot of logistic arrangement from my parents were done. I did what I could do to help. Tents were put up, catering was done, plenty and repetitive cleaning ups were done, tahaps (invitation cards designed mostly by my parents- since they already had this idea of how they wanted the tahap to be..and there were two versions of English and in Kadazan) were printed and delivered and etc.

My embroideries on my sis' kadazan costume were done on the eve of the day. Pricked my fingers a few times when ngantuks came over. Overall effect...sweet.

That morning, most of us ladies on the girls' side wore the kadazan costume, though sis wore it the longest time. Some of us changed into other dresses or attires after a while.

Will continue with the story afterwards. makan time.

Thursday, December 03, 2009


well.. cat cut my fingers.
Been all over the KK, keeping myself occupied. Gaining my weight as easy as ABC.
Didn't think paintball would come to me instead of me looking for it. Funny.
The next course coming up is the arus deras level 2. Quite tricky business this one.
My good friend Mona has finally got the okay to move to a school in the remote area. How remote can 4 hours of hiking from the nearest main road can a school be? Quite. In the district of Penampang, the school is proving to be a challenge geographically as well as mentally and career-wise for her. Tabik 10 kali ni! I'm positive she will bring much needed change and cheer to that new school.
My cousin Melvin has also managed to extricate himself from a position he'd started off as liking to in the end hating. The apple was good.. but the worms made it difficult to chew..and swallow. He's moving to an even more remote school. Naik pangkat jugala.. But still..I'm going to miss both of these two kawans.
Right at the now.. i'm taking a break from doing beadworks on my Sis' Kadazan costume. No stress on me doing it even though it's quite the last minute work because I know this artsy-fartsy thing is something i like doing (if i might say so myself). A cat here, a few butterflies there... dots here and there... voila! Canteeeqq...
Tomorrow going to get the 8 chocolate cakes from Sarimah. I thought of only ordering 6 but on second thought, why not 8? If there are leftovers, i'd just finish them off. Not a prob. So moist.. so delicious..