Saturday, August 03, 2013

Cheat Day

Went to PJ initially to get some tofus. Tofus only.  My mistake was going there with a grumbling stomach.  The smell of roasted meats and fish was still strong in the air.  Iftar was less than an hours time then.  Had I been fasting i might not have been tempted so much by the smell.  But i wasn't.  So, four blocks of tofu were soon in company of a slab of roasted ikan pari, a container of white rice, a tiny portion of rebung masak lemak, and a side order of kerabu brinjal. Cheat day my toochus.
   But never de mind, I didn't wallop abis the rice, finished the pari panggang and rebung though.  Tomorrow back to my oatmeal breakfast, some mihun soup for lunch, and broiled greens salad for dinner.  Lost about ..hmm... let's see.. 4kg since I began my much diminished calorie and hopefully cholesterol intake of diet, 6 weeks ago.  6 more weeks to go before I do another blood test.  I haven't touched a single udang and ketam since then.  My intake of red meat has also been greatly lessened.  Not much oil and goreng-goreng stuff either.
   Let's see if I can manage to lower my cholesterol level.