Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sore muscles

Is what you get for not paying regular attention to your muscles.
I attended the refresher course for paintball marshalling last weekend at the Likas field. After some revision session on technical sides of marshalling, it was time for in-field practice. Gawd I was huffin' n a puffin' on the first few runs. The two paintballer teams were also doing their practice run in preparation for the 1st leg of the Sabah Paintball League which is coming up in mid March.
I didn't bring my facemask and had to just borrow the Company's rental ones. What a mistake that was. The visor did not give a clear view as it was with scratches- no doubt from other many other players renting. The sky decided to let down a slight misty shower and THAT fogged up the visor too. What a disadvantage that was for me.
suda la calar-balar visor, foggy some more..
And..by the end of the training session, I managed to get just one visible bruise from the many stray pellets. But the muscle soreness.. sigh.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

feeling mighty bloated. Did exercises not at all since last December. and this heftiness is making me lethargic and not at all interested in anything remotely leading to excessive perspiration. A walk around the 1.5km lake? brain says yes please, body says maybe another day.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Untitled post today. Have nothing on my mind. At this very moment, the tv is on (while i am here at this keyboard typing away) channel 710 on NCIS. It's like listening to a movie or a story. Reminds me sometimes of days of yesteryears listening to the educational channel on radio. It helped me with concentration and of course, with listening skills. Loved the shows on radio.

It's cuti time again. Much needed time to calm my thoughts. I feel more out of it this year. I feel like i'm up to here (mouth level) with anxiety attacks. I have these lists of different agendas on different posts that I have to accomplish this year and i feel like i'm being tested for something. and with more posts, i am encroaching more and more into territories I don't like going into - office politics. Some people are just plain arses. I much prefer people tell things straight to your face than coming up to you smiling and all seemingly buttery and sweet and then go do something quite the opposite once you're out of earshot. Maybe I'm just not the player. It's a game- this politic - that some people just seem to thrive on.

So, it's sewing time for me. Tires yet relaxes me at the same time.