Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Raya time

Raya is tomorrow. I thought I'd drive to KK last night to pay some last minute credit card bills. The city was not as jammed as I thought it would be. It wasn't really a bumper to bumper ride. I managed to park just next to Standard Chartered and made my way to the atm and deposited some moolah into the machine. Next, I drove to Public Bank near Wawasan. Wanted to pay my Astro and Celcom bills at the atm but last last paid the Astro only. Too many people queueing up and since I'm not a pro yet with the machine, I decided to pay the Astro only. Nanti sala takan button, kan susa.
Here's wishing all the muslimin and muslimat of the world, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Kurung Pesak Riau

Finished my second Baju Kurung Pesak Riau today. I learned that the normal baju kurung, the original design of it is called Baju Kurung Pesak Buluh. Correct me if i'm wrong on this, anybody. And oh, finished the other projects on friday and have already given them to the tukang order baju. Tidak sempat ambil gambar. I have three more projects that I'm compelled to do. Marking papers...also a necessary task but so malas to do..

My two Kurung Pesak Riau. The neck and the sleeves I finished off with a type of sulam which I forgot the name of. A normal baju kurung would cost around RM27-RM30 to make. The cost of sulam or beadwork is another price. So I guess I just saved myself some RM30-Rm40. Neat...

Saturday, September 27, 2008


My wira 'pengsan' for a while yesterday. I had driven into the Petronas Gas Station to fill in the gas. It was morning. I was on my way to work AND it was the last day of school.
After filling in the gas, I got into the car to restart my car. Nothing. Uuk... ok. Turned the ignition off and restarted. Nothing. No sound at all. Not even a distress response from the alarm system. Uuukkk...ok. Waited for a while. Repeated the process. Not a thing. Aik... k.

CQ-ed for my friend Sierra70 on the radio. Huh...no response. Called Sierra71. Qso-ed (means chatted) for a while. He then asked me to standby while he called Sierra70. Manala tau, yang pakai Rig ni dapat tembus. He got through Sierra70. Anyway, Sierra70 called me. I responded and asked him where he was. He said he was nearly at the Bateri Panjang (our nickname for the Yayasan Sabah Building). Ok lah. Told him my problem ( I was still trying to turn on the car) but since he was already there, it didn't matter. We qrx-ed after a while.

Thinking..thinking...thinking. I thought it was a good thing my car pengsan at a gas station and that there was an Autoservis outlet just beside this gas station. So, I went out the car and went to the counter to ask when the Service Centre would open. She said 9. 9??! It was barely 7am! I asked her again if she knew the number to call for the Servis Centre. Maybe I could call someone to come early and look into my car. She didn't have the number since its not under Petronas management. Haha and hah. Very informative. She did suggest maybe I could have my car pushed to the side. Iya... Good idea. There was a Petronas man-person there who said he'd do it. So off I went to the car. I went behind the wheels and thought I'd give the car another try. Huh...the car hidup pulak. I waved apologetically to the man-person and drove off.

So, this morning I sent the wira to A to Z AutoWorks. My colleagues had adviced me on this and that about the engine. Hope it won't take too long to fix.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I could feel it coming. From mild insistent throb to an awful sensation of expansion of the girth of my head. Migraine. Sometimes the trigger is recognizable. Sometimes unrecognizable. Yesterday's? Late meal.
Terrible. Reached home around 5 and straightaway had a cold shower. After having my meal of fried mee hun and murtabak, I waited a few minutes before taking in 2 tablets of Caffox. Later, I sat back, made a few adjustments to the baju melayu which I had made edgings of a few hours before at Kingfisher's, and waited for the effect of Caffox to kick in.
But the meds didn't do its job. I had then developed a splitting headache. Had to go lie down. Felt my mouth slowly being filled in with saliva. Involuntary salivation...Uggh...felt a literal sinking of my stomach. Damn...mau muntah la ni...
Sigh! Which I did. 3 times. The first purge was deliberate. I stuck my left forefinger into my throat and let out the murtabak and some rice (I had to. It was going to come out anyway.) What a bigger headache I got afterwards!
the second purge let out some liquid. I could feel the acid taste of the vomit going up my throat and out my mouth. Oh the smell...the smell...
The third purge...I thought I didn't have anymore left in my stomach. Staggered back onto the bed. I had turned of the fans by then because I was having a cold sweat. The headache had moved to my right temple. Sleep was a welcome relief.
Woke up at a few minutes to 5 in the morning. Hmm... no more pain. There was still a bit of sour taste at the back of my throat though and my throat was sore from all the purging. Went to the kitchen and mixed some Uphalite in a glass and downed it.
Wished I could just stay home and rest. Hope I won't get another attack anytime soon.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Coming soon..

Ack...1 hour stress. I was enjoying my meal with pinaasakan tilapia (which Dad caught from the fish pond) when I received a call. It was the nurse which normally accompanies Doc Devi when I go for my Ortho treatment. She wondered why I was I wasn't around the clinic. Ah? I made a dash towards the study room to get my appointment card. After making sure that I was in the right, that I was only supposed to go for the treatment on the 24th, I told her.
She said " salah tu, ni hari tu."
Me : " alamak, macam mana la tu? Tidak ditulis di sini kad?"
Nurse : " Sempat ka pigi sini sebelum kul 4.30? Dorang balik awal ni sebab bulan puasa kan?"
Me : "ba sia cuba la."

It was 3.30pm. I finished up my meal and 10 mins later was already in the car. Drove all the way from Sierra to Luyang in less than 20 mins. If my car was any more powerful, I'd've been there earlier. Skaaali...I came to the wrong place. I was supposed to go to Queen's...and it's at the new wing of the hospital! Again, made a dash towards the car which was parked in the Luyang Clinic compound. Lucky me got parking. Unlucky me, went to the wrong clinic.
So, drove to Queen's. I was worried about the jam. It was already 4.05pm. I wasn't about to just give up! I can't afford to have a delay in my treatment/appointment.
Vroom Vroom and what the hey? was there at Queens 11 mins later. Didn't bother to go find parking at the parking bay and just rested my Wira near the curb, just beside the new building. It was just an inlet before the overhead pedestrian crossing. Went out the car and ran up the stairs, asked for a quick reference from one of the nurses at the nearest counter where the new dental specialist area was and continued my running.
Huff Puff... huh...they were waiting for me. At 4.25pm my name was called. As usual, I had around 3 0r 4 docs attending. Kiri kanan semua tengok at my mouth everytime I was asked to open and show my gnashers. Joint-Clinic...ginila. I've gotten used to it by now. Always feel like a specimen of sorts when I go for Joint-Clinic with the specialists. Doc Devi was there. Two other dentists were there. The Pakar Bedah Mulut was Doc Normah, a very friendly and hip doc. The last time I saw her, she was sporting this funky colored spectacles and I told her so. Haha..
So, the result? Tentatively my surgery is set on the 14th Nov. Hopefully the hospital doesn't have other ad hoc operations to perform that might push the date further back.
4.45pm I was on my way back to my illegally parked car. Lucky me again there was no police traffic on the prowl. Thus ended my 1 hour or so race (stress).
Tomorrow I'll be going for my usual dental treatment at Luyang. Maybe I'll choose brown or purple o-rings for this time around.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sew preoccupied

I have a few sewing projects. I have a dream...(quoting the famous line..) to sew myself three pasang baju kurung. and a few other baju kurungs. a pair of baju melayu AND pants. found myself trying to think, to remember the sewing lessons I had two years ago. Last night I went and had a look at my old sewing notes to find the pants pattern. Hopefully the measurement will match the wearers since I was only given the sample bajus only.
So, it has been a weeken of sewing for me. It's like that with me. Once I start with my sewing, I'll be compelled to finish. Time will almost stand still for me. And I almost loathe stopping until I finish a certain section. When I am away from the sewing projects, I'd be most certainly be thinking of them, waiting for me at home. Like now...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wet Wet Wet

It was a wet, wet day. I was awakened early morning by the sound of rain falling. Nasib baik ada heater, bole la mandi without shivering too much. Drove to school under light drizzle. But it poured and poured by the time I parked my car.
And it poured and poured all day. The wind was very chilly as well. I thought my head was going to freeze and crack in the chill. Suddenly I thought of the many headscarves and headwarmers I had tucked away inside my cupboard. It would be so comforting to warm my head just then.
The rain only let up around 2pm. Then I got word that the road leading to my place was under water. The Putrajaya traffic light was also flooded. So I decided to roam around KK with my other half. Roam...Roam... Roam...
It was near 4.30pm when I reached home. Puttered around in the kitchen for a while. Cooked my favorite easy-to-do lauk. Chicken meat fried with some mushroom, simmered with chopped cabbage and soo Hoon. Yumm..
Anyway, it was a cold night too. I am so glad my bed is such a comfy bed. So warm, so cosy, so....Zzzz.z....zzz...zz...zz

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Malaysia Day

Historically, Sabah and Sarawak joined Persekutuan Tanah Melayu on the 16th to form Malaysia. So, Happy Malaysia Day 2008. Let's make it work.

Monday, September 15, 2008

New Kid on the Block

Introducing...the proud parents introducing... Raphael Olivin Moosom. :). Here's Dr.Rachel Fran Mansa and proud husband, Melvin Moosom with their sons. Congrats!

Raphael Olivin Moosom

Friday, September 12, 2008

sewing world

I was browsing through the net looking for anything on baju-kurung and found a few interesting sites. One is Jurra's and through Jurra's, I got to janesfabrics. Jane's celebrating her 53rd birthday this coming 16th. More amazingly she's making a giveaway... Wah... so big-hearted of her. Those of you who are interested in clothes, cloths and making beautiful items from cloths, click on to janesfabric.blogspot.com.
Happy Birthday Jane!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Kantin Kem Malangang

After being over-run by wild running river during last month's flash flood, the canteen is now going under reconstruction. (clap! clap! clap! clap! clap!...)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Seamstress wannabee

After closing both my eyes, throwing caution to the wind and splurged on the shoes, I did my last splurge and shopped for a few meters of cloth. 2 different patterns. No seamstress would accept any kain at this moment (this being the month of Ramadan and most celebrants would expect their kain to turn into lovely baju kurungs or kebayas or what nots by the time Raya comes). So I thought of sewing my own baju kurungs. Not too difficult a task I think. Just time consuming. I've sewn a few kebayas and baju kurungs before. Not too shabby I must say. The right sleeve was of the same length with the left. Hahah...
Apart from sewing for my own, I also plan on sewing one baju for my Grandma. Just the top kebaya. She still goes to town wearing the style dulu-dulu. Kebaya top with a nice kain batik . Hope I can sew another good one this time.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Say what?

Saw these three tags on some plants the other day while walking around Gaya St.. I guess some people have different ways of pronouncing certain plants..
"Pokok Godungdung"
"Pokok Apal Hijau" and "Bulasan"

Sunday, September 07, 2008

shoes magnet

Shoes galore... Couldn't resist them. Had to have them..

My Marie Claires...

My first Vincii...

Friday, September 05, 2008

My Dell and I

Am blogging from my living room. Found out that the 3G reception in my study room isn't very good. Once I sat my Dell down on the coffee table and logged in though, speed was much better. And I thought mau buang this thingamajig into the South China Sea suda (or pigi complain to the Celcom Dept). Have been at it since 6 pm.
Had come back from 1Borneo with two new pairs of shoes. The last time I bought a pair of shoes was last week from Vess for RM29.90. I was in need of a footwear then and didn't have the needed moolah to get a decent one. Two days ago the straps broke. (d-uh..) Nasib ada spare in the car.
The last..really last time I bought some good pairs of working shoes was...more than 3 years ago. The faux skin of most of the shoes has been peeling off. Although I don't really mind wearing them- nevermind the less than presentable look the shoes present- I am surrounded by attentive and observant young people most of the time, and I guess it wouldn't look very presentable if I wear scruffy shoes all the time. (tehehe...). So...

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Kayaking with DBKK Part 4

So tired after the kayak outing, upon reaching home, took a quick shower and straightaway, drove to Kem.

Anyway, it took about 1 hour of kayaking to reach Promenade water that day. I paired up with Ashraf in an open deck kayak. His dad was using the single kayak. (Ngam ka ni term?) For some unidentifiable reason, some UMS students didn't have any transportation from UMS residential to Tg. Aru and so Fadhil had to speed to UMS, cart the remaining students, and send them to Tg. Aru. Which was why the whole lot of the Dayungan Merdeka kayakers didn't reach Promenade waters in one big group. Ashraf and I remained at the beach, waiting for Fadhil and the rest to come so that we could kayak as a second group.

Huih...1 hour to Promenade Waters, another 1 hour plus (paddling against tide and wind) to paddle back to Tg. Aru beach. All in all... it was a good outing. I'm all burnt now but who's complaining? I'm not.


Finally...my own laptop. Picked it up tadi at Karamunsing at TecAsia. It's a Dell. See the color? A deep red color to awaken the senses. There were a few other colors to choose from. Pink, yellow, blue, brown, red and the conservative black.

I also subscribed Celcom Broadband. Can be used anywhere with 3G connections.