Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kiulu oh kiulu...

It happens once in ten years, so the villagers say. Strong winds and heavy rain will come. So heavy that the river will burst its banks and overun everything in its path.

This happened just a few days ago in Kiulu. A friend and I went over to see Kiulu after the great flood. These are just some of the pictures of the aftermath.

The new store... if teda kena kunci, hanyut juga itu kayak sekalian...

Inside the former surau - sleeping area. The red arrow shows the water level.Even the tempat sinki pun hanyut. So strong the air sungai!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Leong Fun

Oiyo...still having the flu. Went to sleep last night without turning on the fan and was dead to the world except when the occasional fits of coughing that woke me (curses!!!).
Considered not going to work while I lay on the bed, coughing into the pillow... sakit dada oo. But, thinking of the hassles of going to the clinic, mau ambil mc, informing the orang2 berkenaan, the students without a teacher (kwang3)...finally decided to just up and get ready.
When the going gets tough, the tough gets going... bilang si sly tu hari. So, got to tough it out today la ni.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sniff Sniff


Not feeling so up to it today. Come to think of it, ain't feeling up to much things nowadays. Yesterday and the day before, macam gatal tul idung. Idung pun macam kilang kluar jelly ja. Hish... Today batuk batuk. Mau marah budak2 pun cannot. If sedang siok meleter and marah2 suddenly attacked by coughing fit, huh...hilang la effect..

The PESKAT is coming up next month. Last year I joined the bowling team. This year ada bowling tournament also tapi macam tawar sikit hati mau join. This year the venue is at Batu Pahat.

Masuk Kem also macam tawar hati. Have to think 10 kali before deciding yes or no. A few reasons la why I'm feeling tawar hati...Last Friday memang cadang want to go but found out the road near Telipok was flooded and the river near Kauluan had also overflowed. And how did I find out? By tuning into the Tango QRG la.... kwang kwang kwang....

Haih.... Dilanda kemalasan yang amat sangat dikala kerajinan dan kecekalan amat diperlukan..

Friday, July 11, 2008

Ekor Tikus

My friends at work, those who are very much into this radio amateur hobby, come up with interesting plugins and add-ons that don't seem to match but when put together, work well. This one for example (the picture below).

Left hand:normal Icom handy with SONY microphone plugged into
handy(right hand). Press the PTT and speak into the microphone
which so conveniently can be put on the collar ka mana-mana.
By the way, it's S68 hands.

Antennas... TC71 and TE68.

(original antenna from Kedai)

My ekor tikus (so says TC71).

'Home-brew' antenna.

The antenna is a filler rod, courtesy of TC71, the clamp; TB70,

soldering of parts; TE68.

Nii la ni kawan-kawan. Rajin mau tulung-tulung.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Kipandi Butterfly Park

It's yet another Sunday. Instead of going to the Lok Kawi Wildlife Park, i decided to go to Kipandi Butterfly Park. Lok Kawi zoo is having another open day. It surely will be packed with tourists local and non-local. Texted Mona if she was at home. She said she was going to the zoo with some kids at 2pm. Told her that I wanted to visit the butterfly park. She asked me to swing by around 10.

So, around 10.20 I arrived. Off we went to Kipandi Butterfly Park (KBP). From Inobong, it wasn't that far going to KBP. Very beautiful la the scenery!! The entrance fee is RM10 per person, and it's open daily (including public hols) from 9-4.30 (i think). A very helpful staff gave us a tour of the place. Quiet and shy, Moidi, his name was. A local from Kg. Kipandi itself. "Dakat ruma sia. Tidak jau mo jalan.' the nice boy said.

There was the insect museum where local and non-local insects were showcased. There was the butterfly enclosure. Then there were two orchid gardens. Hehehe... Mona went around saying,' ini di ruma sia ada, itu pun. Ini lagi gumuk di ruma.." heheh.. buli buat taman juga tu di ruma ko o...
Took some pics. Not as professional as I would like it to be but here they are.

Looks like something the Scouts tied together with sticks and strings...

Me: Sia mau trabang macam ni na..

Mona: Ko saja ka? Sia pun ba..

Birds' Nest Ferns (Paku Langsuyar) and Stag's Horn Ferns (Tanduk Rusa)

Orchids and orchids... Mona taking a closer look at the young orchids.

"Ni macam ada di ruma ja ni.."

View of the coast from Kipandi Hills

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Stress Free

Attended a bengkel on how to handle work stress today at work. Speaker was a pretty boy (counselor). hahaha... no offence on the speaker. Among his work exprerience was being a bank officer, a radio dj, a model, a steward and now, a much sought-after motivator. He's got the right package, I do admit. A major in Counselling and minor in English fron UPM, speaks well, speaks the right words. But, still...a pretty boy...(if you look closely, he's got this limp wrist thing going on.)

What did all us ninnys do? Sat through a session of bearable talk about what stress is, the symptoms, the this and that. Another session was cooperative games. The men (read: boys) acted like escaped zoo captives. Whooping and poking and making fun of each other. All in all it was ok. Not the usual sit and stare kind of bengkel.

Oh yes. Stress, who doesn't have it? Just gotta learn to live and deal with it.