Saturday, December 31, 2011

hello goodbye

so many
so many
so many memories made...

so many
so many
so many choices made...

so many
so many
so many more of both to make in the coming year..

Friday, December 30, 2011

Closing time

Aqua Babe report :
Today at Likas Aquatic Centre
Late arrival to pool = 900m swim in 26mins.
Pool cold as usual but i think my body was warmer than usual..hmm...
same soreness on the left shoulder socket.. a slight change in swim stroke countered the pain.

Yesterday at Penampang Pool
same late arrival = 850m in 28mins.
Warm, almost velvety feel water. A bit of soreness felt on my left shoulder socket.. napa tu ah..

Come next month, when school reopens,I will have to change my swimming schedule. Afternoon perraps...alternate with jogging days.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Aqua Babe report

Without the cumbersome swimming pants and top covering my swimsuit (which was how I covered myself during the 5-day Bronze Cross Course-for modesty sake), I did my 600m swim way below 18mins. Leisurely swimming I managed that too, I might add.

Cold weather it was, this morning. By the end of 1km swim, I already felt the urgent nature's call. Did a couple more laps before calling it quits.

The west coast area has been experiencing bad weather this few days. Effects of the storm from other parts of the world, experts say. Just got to be as careful as we can to avoid untoward incidents.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Red is the color

I love you, Red.Flywire.Take me jogging ya? Make me run. Make me sweat. Make me smile. Yea it's my birthday. Yea u got me.

I received more than 70 birthday wishes on FB. A few personal touches with text messages on my phone. yet a few more birthday calls on the phone. Hey.. how about that.. I'm still alive, (so far), still loved, and still on people's search list. Let the months ahead bring more life in this life. Plenty more to try, to taste, to savour.

Bronze Cross 2011

Towing with a Buoy
Managed only 18mins18secs on this... Coulda sworn I did less than 17mins during training... (must be the extra baju2 renang)
Doing the Chin Tow
Me and the other ladies
Resting at noon...kembang juga my triceps..

Just some photos I borrowed from Roni's album. Been training for the endurance swim..n on the 20th, managed 18mins 18secs for the 600m swim. Oh this course was interesting, energy draining but fun. The coach exposed us to many different life-saving situations for which to practice on. A couple of friends who were already rescue divers themselves gave a few tips on how to manage/ transport victims through the waters. By the end of the course though, I had developed cramped neck and shoulder muscles, and almost near exhaustion.
During these 5 days too, sis gave birth to Amelia, saw both mum and girl at Damai Specialist. A day after being discharged, Little Amelia had to be sent to LIkas Hosp cuz she developed jaundice. She was discharged yesterday. Hopefully she continues getting better. :)

Amelia Chua

Presenting, Amelia Chua Jing Wen, of Sandra n Ahleong. Born 19th December 2011 at Damai Specialist Centre. Approx 33 weeks.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Woke up an hour ago after trying to keep the contents of my stomach from spilling out.. the migraine came..and now hopefully it will stay out...for a while. Today (later this morning) will start the first of 5 days of swimming activities in the pool. Need my strength lah..

Swimming updates since previous post..
Oyea... finally managed to get past the 2km mark. Did 2.1km on Thursday.. and 2.2km on Friday. Was getting tired the last few laps of the swim.. swallowed some water too. nice, chlorinated aqua..

My arms look pumped.. dismally not so on my lower body.. *sigh*

*note to self.. come january..with new running shoes for a push start (hmmm...when did i hear myself say this before?) i hope my running days will restart.. gots ta git me some running soles first..

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Aqua Babe report

Calm and collected
an invisible charm wrapped around my being
smilingly and lovingly pushing
past previous limits

more please


I wish I could be totally frank and open about what's happening in my life. I've been very selective about what I write here that I think writing down anything at all defeats the purpose of writing.

You carry on with life, plodding through the muck and mud, breezing blissfully through the clouds and rainbows, each day hoping that the best has happened and that more will come, and that you learn something to make you a better person.

I am still not concrete. I still flit and flutter, hoping to find purchase on this unstable ground we call life. So many what ifs.. each day making a promise to be more grounded, to be more open and receptive, to be more courageous to do what's right. Not easy. Hearts will be broken, friendships run the the risk of betrayal, relationship irrevocably maimed and un-mendable.

If tomorrow never comes?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Aqua Babe report

made 3 different designed shirts...
long time endeavor..
haven't taken pictures of it yet..
love them.

on to other matters..
drove all the way to Penampang Pool..
to swim under the warm 4pm sun..
and did 1.2km only..
wish the pool was an olympic sized one..
no need to do 48 laps..

Friday, December 09, 2011

Progress rep

Trafik jem nenas at Likas Swimming pool after 5pm. Managed to swim 1.2km only...dodging oncoming swimmers is a hassle!

Monday, December 05, 2011

R.I.P Ah Mao

My AhMao is no more. I grieve for her as I would any beloved member of my family. She has been with me close to four months and has managed to bury her personality in me more than a four-months period of closeness would normally entail. My tears are rolling down my cheeks as I type this.
So, how long will I mourn her loss? As long as men can breathe and eyes can see.

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Aqua Babe( me la kono) swim report :
- today 1,200m. Last 200m done with breast stroke.
- yesterday 1,100m.

right... i think i can manage more than 1200m swimming distance..slowly though. Get the technique right, the speed will come.. i read that somewhere. So, um... patience is all I have now..cuz I just started swimming again less than a month before this.

Had lunch with mum, Gareth n sis at Hyatt. it's sis' birthday.. :) but we're having the makan-makan today as on the 5th, I won't be around. I have a course to attend at ol' Kiulu.. Survival Camp.

Made another visit to De' Mala Beauty Centre. fats hurt.