Thursday, October 30, 2008

yet to heal

What's the matter with me? Still having this tonsilitis thingy. I'd swallow and still feel the soreness even after eating the antibiotics...which on retrospect...i missed on a few schedules...
Have to gargle with the air garam la dis...
Tomorrow is the annual dinner for our staff. It's going to be held at Magellan Sutra. RM625 per table and the food (at least during the food testing/tasting) was in tandem with the price.'s supposed to be a formal event... and yet some opt to not come because the committee decided no children are to be brought. Find a nanny for a night, why don't you? Tis a silent yet ironically loud protest from their part. The particular persons aren't short of finance anyhow, if moolah would be the problem. What...cannot bring their kiddies so boycott the event issit?
(Tossing the head..rolling the eyes...)Paduli la. Yang penting important, I enjoy the food.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bunsit, Bandukan, Keningau

A day spent doing something different and helpful is a good day indeed.
The Keningau Scouts organised the Perkhemahan Ikhtiar Hidup dan Orienteering just Sunday and yesterday. A trio of us from Kem handled the O'ring part. Tn H did the talking while me and Mona did the legwork. No problem for us as I am still a novice in the O'ring presentation part. Morning was spent marking the surrounding areas of Taman Rekreasi Bunsit with o'ring markers while Tn H gave the intro, basic compass reading, bearings and such to the 51 students of surrounding high schools. Around noon, the o'ring 'competition' started. The area covered wasn't that big. It took us earlier around 45 mins to cover the whole area. It took the scouts 1 hr plus to finish. The last finishers nearly 2 hrs. We waited and waited for the last two participants who didn't turn up. Later we found out that they lost the control cards and thought that that didn't matter and never bothered to inform us and when they arrived, they just went to the riverside to bathe and have lunch. Grr.... made us worry for nothing...
One thing that stood out, really stood out
in Bunsit, especially at the taman bandukan..
were the amount of shit... ehem...
the cattle turds...
the piggy turds...
that decorated the paths.
The asphalt, the pathways, the padangs..
aiya... i even accidentally stepped on a fresh pat of green cake...
A 'pentauliahan' was done during the closing ceremony which
was held at around 4pm on Monday. I've never been witness to
such Scout ceremony. Interesting protocols. Appointments the new Keningau
King Scouts Caretaker was done. The former Caretaker was naik-pangkat-ed
as the Caretaker for the Kelana one. What's that in Scouts term in English, I don't know.
It's for those Scouts who have left high-school.
There was a Senior Scouts there who had been constantly
snapping away pictures with a canggih camera.
Later on, we found out that he's a Borneo Post
part time journalis. Someone said, tunggulah 2-3 hari,
the gambar of this camp will be out.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Broadway Parodies Lagi Lah!

Ever since reading and finding out about The Actor's Studio, a Performing Arts Studio founded by husband-and-wife team Joe Hasham and Faridah Merican, I've always, always wanted to catch at least one show. The iklan of the shows are constantly on the Astro if you can remember. When I was studying in UPM way back then, I didn't find the opportunity to watch any of the musicals or dramas or plays they did. I wouldn't know how juga I think. Jauh juga tu, from serdang mau pigi KL and walk to dataran merdeka(that's where the Studio was). Most of the time the shows were at night. So, go figure.
So, when I went to Dr. Kheng's for the tonsilitis meds, I saw posted on the clinic's bulletin, a poster of 'Broadway Parodies Lagi Lah'. It was to be held at Recital Hall, UMS. I thought, this looks interesting. I asked the nurse about it and she said, yes, the tickets are being sold there. The show was a charity show jointly organized by the Lions Clubs of KK and Dr. Kheng is the president of the Damai Lions. RM50...I hesitated for just a moment (ndakkan kalu bili kasut mahal-mahal tutup mata trus bili, tapi this one mau pikir-pikir?) and bought the ticket.
I thought it was going to be a musical done by the students of the Sekolah Kesenian at UMS. I was reminded of the days during my TESL degree days when it was compulsory for us English majors (ehhehe..) to stage a play in front of an audience of not just our peers but of any walks of life. I thought it was something like that. Hah...when I looked at the ticket, there on top, was the logo of sorts of a small caricature of a mask and right next to it, "The Actor's Studio". Huiyo..double la excitement.
My good friend Annilynette, was also in town, and I asked her if she wanted to join me and she said yes.
The matinee was to start at 3pm but we came at 2.30pm. Good, because I found a parking spot right in front of the Dewan.
Sigh... I tell you... it has been so long since I became part of an audience for a live performing act so good like this. ...(Lemme see, the last time was when Roger Wang and Faizal Mr.Gambus Man came to town, went there with si SaintisTandek and Badrogon and my significant other) ...Our local girl Mia Palencia was one of the cast and as always she sings wonderfully. What was the show about? It was a musical show. "A fun-filled revue of well-known song and dance number in which the lyrics have been spoofed to showcase and celebrate a range of uniquely Malaysian culture, characters and icons." (taken from the booklet).
The actors can sure sing and dance. I enjoyed myself thoroughly. Halfway through the show I realised something, all this while I was thinking, when will I ever fly to KL to watch Actor's Studio? And there I was, sitting just 3 rows away from the stage, enjoying them. Such providence!
A big thanks to Annilynette. She was a good companion who could and would appreciate such shows.

Friday, October 24, 2008

self destruct

Three nights ago, i felt this mild soreness whenever I swallowed and suspected that I might be developing tonsilitis (tonsilotis? muahahahah...). There were also traces of blood in the phlegm expectorated. (Bikin geli ka?) Instead of shying away from the edibles or smokables(no such word but what the heck) that will aggravate the symptom, I puffed the Sky brand ciggie that was gifted to me by Cuz Melvin. I felt quite the paduli-la with a-toss-of-the-head imp. Two nights ago, sleep proved almost elusive. I had felt like a really wilted flower that was left dehydrating under the scorching sun for days. So, I crawled into bed really early. Even in my restless tossing and turning I could feel as if something nasty was scraping against my tonsils. I know the ones in pain are my tonsils because I know where the tonsils are. Once upon a time when I was a little girl sitting at the doctor's being asked to say aahh... and told that my tonsils are swollen, I had, upon reaching home, searched for the mirror and aahh..ed.. wide, and with the help of the toslait (torchlight la) located the offending swelling.
I thought I had slept the night away when I felt the painful swallowing. I reluctantly woke myself up to get a drink of water. I passed by the clock and lo and behold, I had only slept for 1 hour!! (curses!!!) . Needless to say, sleep after that was also uncomfortable.
I received advice to just drink more water and gargle with salted water and blablabla... but me aa... i don't think I am the manja type. I can honestly say I have a high threshold for physical pain but any illness, migraine ka, i'll reach for the tablets, the pills to cast the pain away. Apalagi this tonsilitis thingy. So, went to Dr. Kheng's to get the antibiotics that is denied of anybody who goes to the pharmacy. Pharmacies aren't allowed to sell antitbiotics, you see.
So, three doses of antibiotics later, I'm almost ok.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Dear readers, I have decided to post anything that concerns my dental story to another webblog address. Click on to should you wish to read it. And oh, my much awaited ortognathic surgery has been postponed. My response to that is...
Drat! Drat!Drat!!!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008


I've been away for a few days in Kiulu attending Kursus Tali Temali for JU. We refreshed our memories on some basic knots and in groups constructed some low element obstacle courses. It was quite a relaxed course. No pressure at all.


Making the double figure of 8

Double figure of 8 follow through

Monday, October 13, 2008

Carrie-d away

I must be one of the last fans of Sex and the City to have watched the SATC movie.
Finally I watched it this evening and man.. am I sated. Cried when Mr. Big sat in his cushy car and left Carrie broken hearted on the altar (well, near the 'altar' in the beautiful library). Cried some more when they finally got back together.
Really laughed at all the funny scenes. Great scripts...
Grreat looking fashion, dresses n shoes.. shoes galore!!
I could watch it again and again and not be bored.

Friday, October 10, 2008


One of the many good things about Raya is...
it's celebrated for a month...
means I get to enjoy a month long
Raya munchies...
These are just some Raya cookies my friends have given me..
Momom sadap..
Also momom sadap...
a student of mine gave me this small container of cookies
(all good food fall under 'momom' ..eheh)

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Counting the days...

Well, i had another dentist appointment today. I was supposed to meet the doc at 4pm but awal lagi i arrived. I had managed to go to Karamunsing and have my laptop checked (the bluetooth thingy went pening). Had my lunch at the Singapore Chicken Rice outlet. It was just next to Rafflesia Chicken Hut but SCR had more customers I think since it offers no other frills, just your nasi ayam and drinks and the odd side dishes like kailan, taugeh and hati and kaki ayam.
Anyway, i digress...
By 3.15 I was already waiting for my turn to come. While waiting, I flipped and read three MAS magazine (going places). Hmm...there's a lack of reading material here. Although they ever so nicely tried to provide some outdated newspaper, mags and promo mags. I always try to remember to bring some old copies of mags but of course it always slips my mind.
It was near 4.10 when my name was called. Doc Devi was attending to some other patient on the adjoining room. I could hear her administer advice and give explanation.
I consider myself being quite familiar with the room already. (Almost three years I've been coming here man!!). I commented that if my o-rings were going to be replaced today i'd like to choose some other colors like blue, green or red.
My stubborn molar was further grinded a bit. The attending doc kept asking me if it was nyilu or not and I kept mumbling (Why do dentist ask you questions and expect you to answer when they have their utensils or fingers thrust into your mouth?) , no.
Doc Devi came by and checked my teeth and discussed something with the dental technician. Doc Devi will have to study my dental model and plan this and that. So, i'll probably be seeing the doc one or two more times before D-day. I'll need to have another x-ray of my jaws. That will be done on the next visit.
By the by, my o-rings are blue and light blue, set alternately between teeth.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

animal farm

Hmm...bluetooth device repaired. While walking around Karamunsing, I chanced upon this quaint kedai somewhere near the seemingly unfrequented Japanese eatery. Many kawaii animal miniatures and chest cabinets and quirky stuff..

The kedai is going to move somewhere near 1Borneo next week. A good place for me to find other mini animals to expand my 'farm'.

I bought a few wood whittled mini animals. I say whittled because the wood is of the lightest weight and i imagine they were just whittled into shape..

cute giraffes, hand-crafted from Indon

mini cats adorning my coffee table

magnetic butterflies on my fridge

(They're sold 6 for RM10 at Gaya St.)

Sunday, October 05, 2008


The angels trio...or charlie's angels...hehehe...whose the Charlie now?
Well, a trip with Mona's D-max took us to Tambunan and Keningau on Saturday. I wanted to see the Batu Gong in Tambunan but we missed the simpang. We have this one friend who said she was in Tambunan for 6 months but tidak pun tau where the Batu Gong was... We did have a brief visit to Datu Paduka Mat Salleh Memorial Park though.

When we reached Keningau, heheh... the same friend could point out the many happy spots to visit (nite happy spots) kan Mer kan?...
We had lunch at Permata Club for want of a good atmosphere where there was air-con. Unfortunately after we had sat down our tired buns then we were told the air-con was't really working. Anyway, the food was ok. I liked my carrot susu juice.
Later after lunch, we met julietpapagolf at RedBulls. He and Elizabeth(the Mrs) are apparently the regular patrons of RedBulls. They even won the men and women's dart competition recently. Huu....bestnya husband & wife sama wavelength.

julietpapagolf's jalopy antenna...really reaching for the sky oo...

I tried my hands at dart. heheh...ada jugala yang landed on the dart board itself. Played a couple of games of pool with Elizabeth. Punya lama tidak pigang pool stick... the balls were hit all over the table.

me--the beginner

sifu : gini baa...

It was fun catching up with julietpapagolf. He's taking KDP now. Found out also some other friends are also in the KDP.
We had so much fun catching up with old funny stories that it was almost 7 when we started our journey back to Tambunan to go beraya at Tn DJ's place. Somewhere simpang Sg. Monsurulung. Today I found out that it used to be the old road connecting Tambunan to Keningau. Adventurous road oo going to Tn DJ's residence. Tabik la sama Savvy Julietpapagolf.
Tn DJ greeted us open armed. It was so good to see him again. I bet Mona and Mer would agree too. It was such a homey atmosphere. There were already many visitors there. Chatting and laughing and enjoying themselves. And the food, chicken curry was just nice, the rendang I regretably didn't take as my gums were quietly protesting against it. I did take the Kelupis - a type of steamed starchy rice with santan. Almost like lemang but wrapped in a kind of leaf, not steamed in bamboo. I took two packets of Kelupis as I wanted to concentrate later on the Kuih Raya. Mer helped herself liberally with the kelupis and chicken curry. I know sadap ba tu.. I would have rivalled you Mer tapi tau la... gigi macam mana... hahahaha...

Kelupis.. sedap...
Oh ya, the kuih raya..makmur, ulat bulu, dahlia, kuih kelapa, almond london (tangan tidak sampai huhu...) batang buruk, kacang-kacangan, kek lapis... many types. All delicious i'd say.
Chit chat chit chat... Tengok tengok... it was nearly 8pm.. It was nearly 10 something I arrived at Sierra and 11 something for Mer to reach home safe an sound. All in all it was a good outing. Next plan. Sayap Waterfalls maybe?

Friday, October 03, 2008


  • Eiirrghh...3 more days of cuti for me and i have 1/6 more papers to mark. Do I consider that as an achievement? Can la.. When I should've finished them ages ago.
  • Went beraya at my friend, Zillah's, yesterday. Enjoyed the food, but I enjoyed the chat and the laughter more. Happy Raya to you again Zills..muax..Next time la makan tu truffles ko aa..

  • This cat ha... professional hustler...datang-datang trus pi manja-manja... I was doing my sewing last week and it climbed into the balcony and meowed its way into my time and concentration to seek attention, which of course it got.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

slow poke

Wuarghh... papers from 3 classes to mark. Going the distance man...going the distance. Have to finish..have to finish...