Saturday, April 20, 2013

Photo courtesy of Mr. Freddie A.J.

It was an interesting experience being co-emcee for a singing competition.  The committee had tried to a few famous local celebs to do the hosting but because of financial  constraints, the plan was scrapped.  So, I guess I should feel honored being chosen to be a host.
   I had no idea what to wear but I immediately knew I wanted to wear a hairpiece.  I went window shopping for something to wear and formulated ideas in my head as I passed by mannequins after mannequins on display. And I also decided I wasn't going to feel unnecessary stress going on stage. I decided I was going to enjoy being the center, well..almost center, of attention.

So, on the second half of the competition (which was divided into solo and duet), I donned a pink wig.  My get up was kind of drab so I thought a little color would liven up the atmosphere.
It did. And I enjoyed my 1 night of fame.  And the subsequent few days (can't be patting myself on the back too much, I'd wrench my arms out of their socket if I did) of compliments and admiration for my spunk.  Oh well.