Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm tired. More tired than usual. Some days my thoughts stray towards Kiulu and Tuan HHB ..and then I feel a pang of loss. I'm tired.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Haris Hj Baba

The last time I spoke to him was about 2 weeks ago when I dropped by Kem to enquire about the visit from the Singapore outdoor team. He was looking a bit down, now that I recall, but still trying to project this cheerful spirit of happiness. He's well known for his infectious laughter, see. We talked a bit about the Fitness test conducted just a few weeks earlier. He said that there was no swimming pool for him in his younger days. It was just the sea and the swimming back and forth from his house by the sea to the other side of the bay with a knife between the teeth to get some ..gosh i can't recall what it was he had cut down on the other side... and towing it back..while swimming. A fisherman's son, he was. Oh..he liked to tell us stories about his childhood. And so, he used to be a strong and competent swimmer then..compared to now.
As a mentor, he's the best. A skilled multi-tasker too. And very quick in decision making. There's never a dead end for him. There was always a plan B and a plan C or a plan D. All was done with a chuckle and a tremendously positive encouragement.
I am always compelled to give a helping hand to him, as I know, being his underling will definitely result in a wealth of experience and knowledge..everytime.
A joker with a soft poke at everyone else. My nickname as Gigi Besi- which is now my moniker at Kem..was given to me by him. I bear him no malice, none at all. And surely nobody else does either...(kalau ada pun...dihalalkan suda kan?)
It has been a privilege knowing him and working with him. His service to the community is appreciated and is trully priceless. Tuan Haris Haji will always be remembered, loved and surely missed by all. May your soul rest in peace.

Monday, April 05, 2010

SAC 2010d

It has been a full and tiring weekend. Being an RO in the SAC 2010 isn't as physically demanding as i'd anticipated it to be. It was strangely tiring being stationary. Mona and I were posted as timekeeper/helper in the starting and finishing and boy was that a blow.
The only highlights of being in the finishing line was being able to see how the medics handle some cases that needed their attention. For example watching how they stitched up some wounds of two of the participants who fell/ skidded on the gravel cycling down a steep incline. Mona wouldn't watch, said she may be able to slaughter ducks and chickens with ease but able to stomach the sight of wounds and blood and needle and thread being poked and pulled from gaping wounds. Me? Find it fascinating.
ANyways.. great to see the many different strong men and women being in their elements in the outdoors.
We were promised 3 work shirts per person..but somehow that did not materialise. Got only 1. So I had to wash them everyday for the next day. Some people had the promised 3...(grumblegrumblegrumble)..
Didn't take much pics as I'm going to borrow a few from much better camera people later on.