Thursday, January 26, 2012

The year of the Rabbit has scampered back into another 12 year hibernation, making way for the Water Dragon to rear its magnificent head. yadayada..

The biennial Ujian Kecergasan for the trainers at PKKS is coming up soon. Angkat beban, push-ups, sit-ups, 2.4km run and 300m swim. I think i've got the swimming down to pat, but doubtful on the running part. Swam a distance of 2.3km last Sunday morning. Came out of the pool with an unexpected sunburn, considering I've swam under hot 2.30pm sun before and only darkened my tan. I also went swimming yesterday. I managed a halfhearted 1.5km only. I figure it was because I had gone into the pool with a full stomach and swimming in such condition isn't fun a-tall. I felt like Shamu with skinny arms for paddling. Even turning my head for air was a chore. Swallowed some of the pool water too. Pathetic!

My Nike Flywires are still in almost pristine condition. I've only donned them twice, indoor, for home Zumba-session. So sayang to have them treading the outdoors just yet.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Progress rep

1 hour on Thursday afternoon was spent swimming at the Penampang Pool. At 3.00pm, the pool had zero occupancy!! I had the pool all to myself. Did 80 laps for around 1 hour and a few minutes. There is something not quite right with my swim stroke.. I feel it. And I can feel numbness creeping down my right hand from elbow down by the 1.5km mark. Wonder why that happened..

On Friday, I arrived at the pool before 3.30pm. My friend, Ooi wanted to try and swim 2km with me. As he hadn't arrived by 3.30pm, I started off on my own. On reaching the 12th lap, I saw Ooi coming through the gate. I paused the stopwatch on my watch and waited for him to join me in the next lane. Together we swam to our own tempo. Ooi's longer and more practiced strokes led him to quickly catch up with my 300m. We reached our 80th lap almost at the same time. I made 56minutes. Hurray for me!! I forgot what Ooi's time was. Hmm... having a buddy helped with the speed I believe.

Yesterday I arrived at nearly 4pm to an already occupied pool. No matter I said to myself, the serious swimmers intent on working out will stick to their lanes ( I hoped). I had been watching a few video clips on Youtube on correct/proper freestyle swim stroke and I was eager to try out the strokes. After some stretching, I started out in a fast pace, trying out the strokes I had seen on the video clips. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I had no problems keeping up with the fast pace using the slightly improved technique. At 300m mark, my watch recorded 7mins 15sec. I did 600m in 15mins 36secs. Upon reaching the 80th lap, I looked at my watch in disbelief...52mins 9secs. Interesting... I did lapse into my old swim stroke somewhere after a 1km swim. I noticed the lapse when I felt a strain in my arm muscle. I needed to visualise the swim as though I'm watching myself from above to correct my stroke.

I haven't fully quit on smoking though. Bad habits are the hardest to they say.

Friday, January 13, 2012

'Tis the second week of 2012. Endeavoring to maintain fitness will be a challenge..
Yesterday my 2km swim was done in one hour, though the last 5km was done with the help of a pull buoy. Must remember...speed doesn't come overnight.. (i do think though, my freestyle technique needs tweaking). I had reached Penampang Pool by 3pm to discover the pool with zero occupancy. Bliss!!
If I can't make it on time for swimming sessions, there's Zumba. Gots ta do it...just gots ta do it...

Monday, January 02, 2012

apocalypse said the Mayans...

until such global catastrophe happens..
i'll just have to deal with catastrophes closer to self..
if any crops up, that is.. (which comes with the territory of being me)

play with water, surely getting wet is in the agenda..
play with fire, then..expect to get burnt..