Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Today (technically yesterday) was a blast!
From the first minute to the last,
DMs crazy to the max,
but safety first without lax.

Here fishy fishy said me,
Cor blimey beautiful as can be,
Lots to see and lots to learn,
They're begging me for a return.

haish..ok lar.. brain not working.
Great day today. :)

The pics below aren't exactly what I saw yesterday, just saw a relative of theirs.

Monday, November 28, 2011

I am so dark now, my eyebrows look non-existant(so said Aunt Felicia when I met her last night).

Did my 600m freestyle swim followed by another 400m breast stroke. My watch MUST be defective. I registered an approximate 17 mins at 600m mark. *guffaw*snort*giggle*

My side stroke was much better too. Could keep my head much longer above water too..*thumping self at the back but not too hard now*

After the swim, went to pick up Sis n Ah Leong at Promenade Hotel. Ah Leong wanted to buy some computer thingamajig.. a gadget that will enable one to play any kind of computer-downloaded video file on the TV(saves time on converting files). He was thinking of browsing through the computer stores in Karamunsing, but then I remembered that there was a PC fair happening. I wasn't sure if it was still on. So I called up a friend to ask if it was still one. Yep, Sunday was the last day. So, off we went to Likas Sports Complex.

I bought a new headphone (the old one was still functioning, but the donlop was already frayed and tattered.. plus it only cost RM17).. and a Bluetooth USB dongle (dongle...that's what it says on the cover). My laptop's bluetooth is hangkang/kiok/chicken dead..but still haven't tried this new dongle though.

Ah Leong found what he was looking for. Nasib Sis went to take a peek at the box to look at the hardware. It was empty! Apparently the busy Ahbeng had mistakenly given AhLeong the display box. So, error rectified, we went on our way with our goodies.

Monday...pool closed... so.. no swim lor...
Less than 3 weeks to go for the Bronze Cross, leaves me ample time to get darker..n hopefully have better stamina. Amin...

Friday, November 25, 2011

5th in a row

Panas my badan... swimming 5 days in a row.

Today I reached 1000m. urrmm...the last 400m was done with the help of the float between my legs while doing freestyle swim.. still counts as 1000m ba kan?
Used my new goggles too.. the one with degrees.. Wah.. can see so clear underwater! The goggles still fogged up though..after the 10th lap..

And o yeaaa.... finally got the rhythm for doing sidestroke. Too bad.. won't be able to test whether i'm able to tow a victim with that swim stroke.. care to be my manikin/ victim, anybody?

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Had a fun time at Zumba Latin at Bodycare Event with Kala last night. There were about 10 of us only. The instructor is Ayo. A former dancer and choreographer, she led us through the steps for this Latin Zumba. Interesting.... cuz at first i didn't think it would be. Last week was Zumba Hip Hop apparently. Might go again next time.

Swam 700m today at Penampang without timing it. Forgot my swimming cap. Water was pouring into my mouth every time I turned for the breath-in, so I had to do the swim breast-stroke all the way. Felt good....
Couldn't do the 25m underwater one breath though.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Under the sky not so blue..

Reached the Penampang pool around 10.30am. Some kids were still swimming then. After setting my watch to time, i started the swim. With kids criss-crossing the length of the pool, making me stop midways sometimes to let them pass, it was a pleasant surprise to clock 19:46 for a 600m swim. Maybe the warm water didn't freeze my muscles so much.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sun vs the roof

Went swimming at the Likas Pool this morning. Cold, cold, cold!
Even after 10 laps, I still felt cold.
I had set my timer before starting the laps.
By the 12th lap, I had clocked 19:48.
*grunt* not good enough.

Will go to the roofless Penampang Pool on the morrow.

What the..?

As I watched in utter horror and disbelief the tv report on TV3 regarding the treatment of Indonesian football players and audience towards Malaysia's football victory against them last night, I wondered what happened to the spirit of sportsmanship in the Sea Games this year?

Titus Bonai, the Indonesia striker, should be commended for his comradeship. He was the ONLY player from the opposing team who went out to shake hands and congratulate each Malaysian player after the victory ceremony. I should add, he should be also be praised for his bravery. Who knows what lay in store for him. His own teammates and the Indonesian supporters might look upon his actions as a**licking and disloyalty.

Apparently, two people had died prior to the start of the game outside of the stadium. The ticketing counter was set ablaze by disgruntled fans who could not get tickets. In the ensuing chaos and flight from terror, two fans were fatally wounded. Terrifying! and what utter idiocy!

Furthermore, the 1km journey from the stadium to the hotel where the Malaysia team were putting up turned up to be a journey of almost warlike proportion. I could see from the news report how Indonesian die-hard fans had surrounded the bus carrying the Malaysia team, making it an almost impossible task in moving forward. Some are seen banging on the bus and making lewd gestures. Unbelievable!

The Tigers flew back early this morning. Thankfully, the Indonesian security had the Malaysian team transported to the airport using the Barracuda, which was a huge tank-like vehicle. or football.. and it's effects on people..
I wonder what else will happen.. from this Tiger vs Garuda affair? Gosh.. hopefully no more casualties.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Color me brown

Shoulda bought the burgundy. But no matter, i'm coloring my hair for the hols. light brown. ;)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Waterbug II

I was reading this early post of mine in 2007 and i had said i wished to go to Padas for a whitewater rafting trip. Well, i've since been there twice!.. the first time was last year in March, and the second time was on the 16th of July this year. How about that? COuld there be a third time?

Pics on my first trip, last year...

Tenom Pangi Dam

I fell overboard... and drank Padas water by the gulps..

Donno where I put the cd given by Riverbug...I could only find these..