Saturday, May 28, 2011

end of May..

Cuti oledi...
Flying to KL later today to attend Nizam's wedding reception. After setting the date of his nikah, he then formally invited me to come to the reception..and that was last year. Now how could I refuse that? and the date was conveniently set on a school holiday. Booked the flight only last month. Coulda gotten a cheaper flight if I had been vigilant enough of cheap online flight some people. I know of many.. who log onto MAS or Airasia or the new Fire Fly as soon as they get connected to the net.

Oh well.

Me and procrastination..a constant battle. Haven't packed yet. I'm planning to travel light. Very light. The only heavy stuff would be the make-up kits..and they're not that many.

Wish me safe travel people.

Photo of me taken sometime at the end of March. Finally after keeping long hair for 3 years? I had them shorn at A Cut Above, in Karamunsing. Two days ago, I had yet another haircut. This time it's much much shorter. No pics of this new do yet. Tinguklah if got time to take self-pic.