Sunday, October 23, 2011


Or kuih Ham Chim Piang...or Kuih Lingkaran Nyamuk (so named by people from other parts of this country)..

Learning how to make this kuih was one project I undertook a few months ago. There's this stall selling local kuihs and lauks in Putrajaya, Telipok. There are many other food stalls there, mind you but what made her an exception was that she (the stall owner) didn't sell the typical local Malay kuihs normally sold in food stalls like kuih Lapis, pulut panggang, wajid (wajit), kuih lenggang, ABC, Sugarcane drinks and many more. Hers was the only stall that sold Piang Masin, traditional kampung lauks like the stir fried Lemiding with belacan, young Yam stalks with bits of dried salted fish, and soto. Oh and of course HamChimPiang.
This HamChimPiang of hers sold like hot(cakes) HamChimPiangs! She would roll the dough and make them just behind the stall tables. Most of the time customers would order them while the HamChimPiangs were still being fried. Sometimes you'd have to book early just to get one or four.
She made it look so easy...making them. I'd ask her what the ingredients were...and she'd say..."Senang ja ba ni.." So, after a few weeks of contemplation.. I finally tried. Not so easy le...
My first attempt didn't go so well.. had to throw them out to the dogs...TOO crunchy (keras like anything!)for my taste..
The second try was...ok.. brought it to my uncle's place...and surprise! surprise! THey kind of liked the think crunchy texture to them...
Which led to a family project of making HamChimPiangs for all at Grandma's.
Finished (this was my Aunt Betty's result
What say you? Heheh... delicious..with Kopi panas..

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Bedtime Books..

Has it been that long since I last blogged? Yes'm it has.
I felt that I had nothing that was worth writing about. Having said that though...
I watched the whole Season 1 of this new hit HBO series, Game Of Thrones.. of course the ones showed on tv had certain scenes cut so I did the next best thing..and bought the complete Season 1 DVD - the complete scenes within..
Watching the last episode of Season 1 left me wanting more of the evilness that lie in the Seven kingdoms. I love the witty mishappen Tyrion. Such strength in that halfman in being able to accept his many shortcomings and wearing it like a badge of honor. wish i could be like him in that sense.
I couldn't bear the thought of waiting next year for Season II so I went to Times and bought the whole collection. I'm almost finished reacquainting myself with the characters in the first book. The people who play the characters in the book are so THEM. I understand why George R.R. Martin was so pleased with the casting.
oh well...