Saturday, January 12, 2008

que sera sera

hi again.
i've a feeling this year is going to be an adventure. last year i was feeling hesitant. but this year, due to last year's events, will promise to be a roller coaster. some events are almost predictable, like my taking off my braces. sigh....i just know smiling will never be the same. i'll sure be smiling and smiling and smiling my face off. hahaha... so will eating. ooh... the food that i'm going to gorge myself with!!!

i digressed.

come 7thFeb, i'll hopefully be scaling Mt.Trusmadi with a few close friends. The 2nd highest peak in Malaysia. And if there be no obstacle, if Trusmadi challenge is a success, we'll scale Tombuyukon (3rd highest peak in Malaysia) sometime this year too.

Will post pics whenever possible.

happy new year to all.