Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tax Tax Tax!

Finally submitted my BE form just now. It should have been done much earlier but urgh...
Read in the news this morning that those who failed to submit their forms by today will face a RM200 penalty. RM200? Aiya..
After filling in the cukai pelepasan section, i still had around Rm8+ to pay up to LHDN.. Sigh..

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Finish Kursus

Tn. Hj Zakaria giving comments..

Some of the participants.. masing2 dengan laptop..

Sabah representatives

Last lunch at Seri Malaysia Hotel.. semua sedap..

Alamak..wrong orientation.. on the right is the rojak buah sedap.. the plate on the left is a combination of ulam and sambal belacan, some sambal ikan masin and some kerabu.. all sedap...

My roomate. Koretti @Kori.. colorful personality

Going back suda.. we bought the bus tickets at this place.

Look at Kori's background her left. Those are ticket counters for so many companies to so many destinations.

The one place I love to go to when I get the chance to go to KL is Central Market. I could roam around for hours and still be short of time. I particularly love this Kedai Buku in CM. I bought a book by Ken Follet here. It didn't matter that the book was not new. The book would cost more than Rm40 new. I got it for just Rm28!

Where else? The famous air mata kucing stall at Petaling Street!

My RM9 dinner at KLIA. Notice the ikan keli goreng, ladies and gentlemen.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Kursus Time III

Was woken up early morning before 6am to hear Mona's current update on the situation at Kem... Almost wished I was there to see the man in question..


the room I was occupying overlooked this view. I gather most Seri Malaysia hotels are at the most 3 storeys high and look quite like a hostel from afar.

Mr. Chuck
moderator for the course
Took three servings of the Keli masak sambal..
the other lauks are
- pakis masak lemak
- some kari ayam
- ikan kering
Some soup delight..
Some ulam raja with sambal belacan
Rojak buah...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Kursus Time II

Started the journey by chartered van from KLIA around 3pm just now. Around 6.30pm arrived here at Seri Malaysia Hotel.. My head lolled here and there for a while during the drive.. ngantuks gila!..
One of the penganjur said it's going to be a bit relaxed tonight but for tomorrow.. Those with migraine better be ready with their ammo (ubatla )...

Kursus time

Am blogging from Kota Kinabalu International Airport. Took a photo with Mr. Rosyam Noor just now. Macam he had something, some show he was invited to at 1Borneo yesterday. Only after I boldly went and had a pic taken with him did the other spectators dared to minta gambar with him too.
He always reminds me of the late Nordin Ahmad..

:) Didn't feel the need to ambil gambar actually. Just thought I would.. remembering the episode with Ian Wright.
Hm.. going to Ipoh dis.. long time dalam bas lagi.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sabah Adventure Challenge 2009

More photos.. courtesy of Mona

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


The Kayak Star 2 Course for the Sabah n FT labuan Zone was held. This course was organized jointly by the Jabatan Belia dan Sukan Sabah and Persatuan Kenu Sabah. Around 32 participants took part. The hot and dry weather didn't help me not getting a migraine. Horrible this time.. been so long since I regurgitated my lunch at what was supposed to be dinnertime. anyway..

Pics will come later la.. forgot to bring the memory card from my camera.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Sabah Adventure Challenge

Spent a fruitful weekend with Mona for some introductory duty tours with SARS in conjunction with this year's Sabah Adventure Challenge..
Today my calves are feeling a slight soreness due to the hike they did on Saturday. Ascending and descending the trails at Kg. Kiau. heheh...

Day 1..
The race started at Malangang Camp with a run up along the riverbank to Pekan Kiulu (not by the tarred road..) Upon reaching Kiulu Township, participants built their own bamboo rafts and proceeded downriver back to Malangang Camp.
They collected their bike, their drinking water and cycled up to Kg. Pantok.. further into Pukak and further into the forest where they were to eventually meet up with Ranau-Tamparuli highway junction and continued to Lobong2. All in all, it's about 25-35km. Fuh!!

Participants descending the Kiulu river with their bamboo rafts..

pics..courtesy of Mona (skodeng from Mona's fb)..hehe.

(after reaching Malangang Camp-ending point for rafting)

Day 2 (Kg. Lobong-Lobong)
On the second day of race, participants had to cycle/run from Lobong2 to Kg. Kiau via the inland route.. winding into forests and over streams... braving the leeches of Kiau..(it rained heavily sometime from 11am to about 4 pm).. and back to Lobong2.

View of Mt. Kinabalu

Look at my non-4WD Wira..
surrounded by gravel-eating Dmax and Hilux..

Well done my friend... well done..

Kiau urchins.. peace y'all..peace man..

The trek going in to access the Checkpoints..
passing by hills that had just cleared after padi harvest

lawa 00..

one of the three bamboo crossings..

TYK = Tham Yau Kong.. Man of Adventure

within the Miki Survival Camp.. (5-star sites)

would you spend your honeymoon here for a week?

a Mat Salleh couple did.. a few weeks previously.

nice.. got toilet. (flushing toilet.. luxury..)

aa Mona... salasai suda?

participants sponging off

checking in with Rudy Boyou

(the tough-looking yellow shirted ex-racer)

Leech!! It was there just now! Really!!!! Get it off me!!

walking back

(checkpoints were closed around 4pm)

sunset at Kg. Kiau Nulu ( high on top of Kiau Hill)

Day 3
On Sunday, racers had to cycle down from Lobong2 to Kg Kiau again (Kg. Kiau is a village situated at the foot of the hill) and then cycle a steep cemented road up to the main road going to Ranau. After that, they were to cycle on towards National Park for the final leg of the race which was the orienteering activity.


On your mark..

Me first!!

Off they go!

Park your Mountain Bikes here..

After this..we go here.. and then run there..

mamat malaysia

This is Ed Arambarri ( I think), an American who teamed up with a UK toughman to join the Extreme Category. I asked him whether he was coming for next year's race. He said, probably not, this race was very hard. They won, as a matter of fact.