Monday, April 11, 2011

Movie time

Decided to watch this movie yesterday when Gareth and I went to Megalong. Best Rm16 i've spent so far. I love this movie! The lines were funny and hilarious, the soundtrack was uplifting and infectious, the romantic element was sweet. Wouldn't mind buying one for the album!

Before going back to my house, I felt like watching another movie. Went to Cathay for this. Bummer.. I actually felt like walking out the door when Baby Doll was about to shimmy her way on the second so-called dance scene cum escape to dreamland. The soundtrack was incredible though. i sort of felt that the heavy rock theme in the soundtrack overpowered the fighting scenes and not complement them. Yea.. too much of the fighting scene purist in me. Eye candies fighting the tough fight..machine guns and samurais.. too heavy for school-girly tweens. I endured the movie to the end..just to see how it turned out. Ok lar...