Sunday, May 04, 2008

What is this world?

What is this world,
if full of care,
we have no time to stand and stare..

Oh, I forget how to the rest of the lines go. Yupp, makin sibuk la ni dunia. Not sibuk dunia ni skarang. It IS getting busier and busier. The term used to describe this fastness of pace is usually 'rat race'. I think a newer term should be coined. Any ideas?
Your gaji naik sikit, the price of food naik juga. You get some itty bitty bonus, the price of this that also suda hike. Apala...
On another note..
What is this world? Just recently, a UMS girl was kidnapped and had terrible things done to her. A few days ago, a man had his neck, stomach butchered like a pig and left to bleed to death. Why the hell for? It's in the news. These and many other crimes are happening right at our doors. Oh, one can spend all day and all week trying to put a semblance of an explanation of the whats and the whys of it.
You come into the world, you live the odd happy sad life, and then you die. Terribly somber idea today. Don't worry, I'm not going to linger on the melancholic.
Yesterday, on my way back from KK after my mum's birthday lunch, I had used the KK-Lido-Donggongon bypass. Mum was about 20 mins behind. I reached home, and turned on the laptop to surf. When Mum arrived, she was in an agitated state, asking me whether I saw the accident. I saw none and so that meant the accident happened just after I passed the highway. Upon reading the papers today I realized why Mum was so stressed. Tsk..the Wira was flattened. How sad. Driving back after a happy event, minding your child sitting so close next to you, and out of nowhere, a car lands on yours and kills you. Instantly.
Sigh. What to say..
What to say...

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Portable Santut

Hehehe... pardon the pun. (Santut that can be brough here and there). I bought a portable handy the other day. "Portable" or transceiver being the more correct name for the more commercially or famously accepted term for 'handy' or 'walkie talkie'. The handy set which I bought was from the brand Spender. In our local term, spender is a euphemism for underwear, or heheh...also santut. (HAHAHAHAH....)
So, tada... my santut.

I don't have a callsign. I'm like what the handlers call 'Tango tidak jadi'- if ikut the TRANS term lah. So at the moment, i just turn on the handy and monitor what's going on out there. But since many of my friends at my 'cangkulan' or workplace (hahah...another funny term) use handy sets, we do simplex at work too.

Hello? Hello? Gini ka mo pakai ni?

Sejenak bersama..

The trainers at the camp had a program the other night. A "Sejenak bersama Pengarah..." program. There were to be speeches on the penganjur part and cultural presentations on our part. We had less than a week to prepare for the persembahan. The bidang terjun dancers pun boleh tahan jugak la. A belated congratulation to all the friends who gave their full commitment to make the persembahan possible. All in all, enjoy jugak. A few persembahan were scheduled that night, ours were the Sumazau. What else?
There were many that night with cameras but si Fred punya camera jugala yang cun. Later after I get the pics from him, i kasi lakat here ah?

Birthday Mum

Mum's birthday today. A big Happy Birthday wish to my dearest Mum. May you grow lovelier each day. Love you mum!