Sunday, February 26, 2012

Even though I went out jogging only once before the Fitness Test the other day, I think my stamina and endurance (minimal as it were) are due to the Zumba sessions I did at home. Thank goodness for Youtube and Zumba instructors who were generous enough to upload video clips of their Zumba routines..with lots of choices.. extremely fun songs to dance to.

Went swimming yesterday morning. Managed a clumsy 1.5km.. or thereabouts. My work schedule is so tight these days.. and is going to be more hectic in the weeks to come. Gotta keep on.. if not swimming, zumba-ing then..

Monday, February 20, 2012

Fitness Test 2012

Thank God for a misty, breezy, sun-less Saturday which made for an easier Fitness Test weather condition.

I partnered up with Ati for the push-ups (no problem)and the sit-ups(never was good at this). I later carried her on piggy-back for the 25m angkat beban slot. For the 2.4km run(read jog), I plugged my ears with some fast-paced tunes, the likes of Danza Kuduro and Jlo's Let's Get Loud, with the hope that the tunes will lull me into a continuous run/ movement. It worked well enough. *phew!* 18mins 23sec was the time shown on my stopwatch at the end of my jog.
Not bad..considering I hadn't actually gone on jogs. I relied on my Zumba sessions for the cardio side of my exercise repertoire. And oh.. wore Red Flywire for the jog. My feet looked daaammn pretty!! Love'em..just love'em..

Doing my warm down.. doesn't Red Flywire look pretty.. (ignore the dude behind..don't know who he is)

Note to self : Must consider doing jogging sessions at the stadium. Better running surface.

The 200m swim was done at a comfortable 5mins 41secs which was approximately 1 minute faster than the record I did 2 years ago. Didn't succumb too much on nerves and peer pressure (the swimmer next to my lane was a helluva swimmer, I could see him glide further and faster than me) and was able to do a regular pace without straining on the breathing.

Overall, I'm pleased with my performance this time. I coulda done better, but with the efforts put into the training, I am satisfied.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Took Red Flywire for a jog the other day. Felt light, felt like I could run and run..till my breath ran out.. *giggle*.. which was (suprising to me) farther than I had expected my first run to be. I'm sure it was just me but I felt all eyes on my feet when I jogged by. Oh I smiled.. and smiled..A teeny step to a longer mile..

My thigh muscles burned that night and my sleep was not a sound one. After tossing and turning for half and hour, I got up to find some ointment and rubbed them all over the front of my thighs. It felt much better afterwards but it wasn't enough to keep me in dreamland till morning. Yupp..that was expected. A little each other day hopefully will bring me farther the next jog around.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

okeh... apart from hoping to revive my diving hobby.. Moi would also (dare I?) would really really love to... do a bungee jump.. dive off a cliff on a paraglider.. do a 10k run on the Borneo International Marathon.. and ...die with a smile on my face.

All are do-able... 'cept for the last...