Monday, November 16, 2009

meet the heads

annually its done
a time to report, to voice out what's wrong,
what's right,
taking so bloody long.
the head's giving barely veiled ultimatum
"get outta here if u can't follow the norm"
"hundreds of other places for u to scram to"
in a nutshell..
too nice of a feller la..
to be taken that seriously
chortle, snickle, snack..

lookin' around..
heads are a lolling, eyes are closing
glad the head has funny bones in hisself
chortle, snickle, snack..
started at 7
food break at 10.30.(aayy doi dogo.. gastric naik odi..)
resumed half an hour after
as usual, there're naughty ones
who make merry at the slightest need
jejune day it has not been so far. :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Say when

i can't count the days yet because the doc hasn't given me an exact date. She just said that it could be early next year.
Hmmph.. be still my heart.
First on the list is : A Juicy, Crunchy, Cool, Red Apple!!!... The kind that you bite into and it snaps and crunches under the pressure of well placed bite..

Second on the list is : A Snickers bar. I don't care if you think it's ridiculous.

There. I will have these two things inside my bag the day I get these metals off.


Dare say I learned something in Shah Alam. Some restructuring will have to be done on the part of the higher authority if this Form 6 thingy is to work out well. AND the necessary circulars has to be passed on to the respective schools involved for it to be implemented well.

Tiny fried ikan sembilang, some bean sprouts and chicken curry.. tolerable..

on a brighter note.. managed to meet up with dear old friend N. Exhanged updates on life... more like he updated most of his.. he is such an entertaining character. And the characters that surrounds him sound bigger than life too. Didn't really notice the time (noticed the temperature - cooollddd) talking to him.. But had to make a move from the kedai kopi since I still had seminars to go to later in the morning. Said our goodbyes at 2am. My talkative roommate hadn't been sleeping in the room since day 1, so I had the room all to myself...therefor i felt very at home :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

hie away... would be what i automatically feel. to realise how this seminar will change some part of my professianal career next year and the years to come..
choice be mine.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

kl trip

Am here at the KKIA international airport. Going to Shah Alam with a few other colleagues. Was telling friends and families just a few days ago that i'd be going to KL for a course. When they asked what hotel i'd be staying, then i had to re-phrase the destination. it's not exactly Kay El... it's at Shah Alam. it's always easy to say (for us people here at Sabah) we're going to KL if the destination is to fly over to the peninsular, regardless whether the actual destination IS in KL or not.
How blurred can one get over what course one is on? very. i'm just not really into this. Happy to be chosen to go? not really. worthy to be chosen? right.. there was no other missy to chose from.
and to top the cap.. a bit short on the dough at the mo. next happy ATM moment will be 2 days away tho.. hope won't be needing to use any until then.