Friday, June 24, 2011

Bz bz bz... no time to stand and stare..

Sunday, June 05, 2011

June bug

Is it Sunday already? One more week of holiday left. Of waking up in the morning without worrying whether I'll be able to drive and reach work before the punch card turns red, of taking each minute doing just about anything without being aware that one minute has passed, of not having heavy thought processes going on each day of working week.. ya... till next week.

Nizam's wedding reception last week was a wonderful event. It was unfortunate that I did not have the chance to catch up with him. It was understandable though.. he was just so busy doing the arrangement for the reception. He and the bride did everything on their own. The akad nikah was performed at the Putrajaya Mosque on the 28th and the reception at Taman Botani, Putrajaya the next night. Where did I put up for the night? (Two nights actually.. I took it for granted that the reception was going to be on 29th morning.) At the Shangrila Putrajaya. What luxury!! To me..anyway. Loved the bed, Loved the pillow (goose downs), Loved the bathroom..and I enjoyed the breakfast spread. I wish I had four stomachs then, the better to be able to enjoy all the different sets of tables..all laden with all the food I loved to munch.
Anyways.. went jalan-jalan at Alamanda..met up with old fren Teresa, who's working right across the building opposite Alamanda. Wah..5 mins of easy walking everyday from your workplace to Alamanda. Too bad she's a workaholic.. If it were me, I'd be hanging out at Alamanda during breaks...but then again she's been there ages..maybe the thrill had run its course ..:).. Had lunch with her and traded stories about friends and updates about ourselves. She's a treasure..she's among a handful of friends whom I can be honest with and be candid about.
She accompanied me for a couple of hours of mani-pedi at one of the outlets there. The Nail Parlour's the name..but this kedai mani-pedi has apparently created a name for itself, being featured in a few local mags as THE Nail place to go to for a mani-pedi. Yea...having one's nails pampered once in a blue moon sure felt good!
Teresa was flying back to Kuching the next day so it was a wonderful pleasure to be able to see her. Don't know when we'll be able to meet up next!

Oh..haven't been taking photos. The camera's not a constant companion as it was before this. As mentioned, I stayed in Shangrila Putrajaya, as Nizam and Farah were. Since the reception venue was a drive away, I gleefully managed to hitch a ride with one of Nizam's entourage. Farah's sister's car.. I think.
Nizam was in a very ligth colored suit..It looked light grey to my untrained eyes, white shirt, lilac neck tie. All must've been tailored because they all fit him like a glove. Farah was beautiful. Dressed in white, with a sheer lilac selendang to cover her bare shoulders. What a picture she made with Nizam! And sure enough, there wasn't a moment where cameras were not constantly clicking and shooting away when they reached the reception area. Before they walked down the red-carpeted stairs (which were laid out for the special occasion), the DJ made the announcement over the mike. Lovely love ballads- a list especially compiled by Hashim aka Shima complemented the ambiance. I only recognised Anita Sarawak's voice but the rest of of songs were such music to the ears. Nothing harsh, nothing traditional. Very chic, modern, out in the open, night reception. I could go on and on and not have an end to this post.

Yusmaniza@Kechik was the only ex-coursemate who came at Nizam's akad nikah the day before. That night, there was me, Alias, Diane and hubs, Izah and Achok, Aina and hubs and perhaps other college-mates. There were shrieks of surprise and wonder from the other girls when they saw me. Met Diane just last year. Haven't met Izah and Aina ever since graduation. Izah was trying to pin-point what exactly was different about me..apart from the hair, apart from the fine set of teeth. I coulda told her about the surgery that I had, but I felt that it wasn't the right place and time. It was a mini-reunion with a time limit and plenty other things could be talked about. (I told Teresa about it and told her the blog address. The one I did about my surgery and stuff).

Nizam n Farah and us

These few pictures are ones taken from Nizam's facebook profile pics... They were wonderfully taken outdoor pics of them... I simply adore these!! (Sorry Nizam ;)..pinjam k?)

I love this!!

All in all..I'm glad I attended Nizam's reception. I don't expect a reciprocation on his part, if ever my day comes. Just not into that kind of celebration, I guess. Have I deviated from the social norm, thoughts and custom? perraps..

One more week. One more week..