Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sporty Saturday

75 year old uncle throwing the javelin

Yupp..nearly 6pm and prize-giving ceremony was still not done.

Saturday was the date for the 2nd Sabah Masters Athletic Championship.  It was an open event where anybody over the age of 35 (35 is now considered a veteran oledi..) could participate and

  • show off how even after the age of 35 you have managed to maintain your physical prowess
  • model your sports attire
  • defend your title (last year's event)
  • win some medals in your age category plenty of them 
  • just have fun (which was what I did)
Each participant can join up to 4 events and to register, you'd have to pay RM10 per event.  I decided to just take part in the javelin and shot put.  I had no ambition to win any medals initially since practice pun teda.. I just had two javelin practices before Saturday, and none for shot put.  However, after looking at the list of participants in my age group, I thought, ah-ha.. there's a possibility.

So, anyways, for both events, I managed to win the silver.  I am loathe to mention the throw distance since they were so pitiful.  But boy did I have fun. Even though we were only given 1 try and 3  throws, thus making the competition less than a half hour event, I enjoyed myself (cuz I wasn't in any pressure to outdo the others).  I enjoyed watching and cheering my other teammates running and throwing and jumping.  I didn't even mind the sunburn (which is odd cuz I don't sunburn easily).

I think I'll take part next year and this time, I'll come prepared.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

To better jog with

What was I thinking when I bought this pair of Lunarglide? That they looked dang hot on my feet and that I needed to replace the Adidas pair which was ruined during my trek down Gunung Tapis. Haven't ventured outdoors with these bluesis.. indoor jumps and Zumbas only..