Wednesday, August 26, 2009


My pegasus (moron : it doesn't fly lah!)
My soon to be companion (i'm bleeding for the imminent going of this current one)
My mobile office
My mobile habitat

Lynette, I understand now what you went through
leaving an old friend and receiving a new one.
Belasungka hati ku
membelai pergi teman seperjalananku
who's been with me through thick and thin
feel like blowing the bugle
to honor an outstanding comrade

silly you say?
to mourn over a piece of metal automation?
too much uncontainable emotion
damn this human heart

Monday, August 24, 2009

Penny for your thoughts

I remember this course that I took while in U. It was a course on writing. And Ms Theresa Heng (was it? my mind's a cloud of misty grey) was the lecturer. (oh..a good sentence isn't supposed to start with and.) but anyway.. this isn't exactly academic writing izziitt..?
In one of the tutorials for Freewriting, she said," All of you who aspire to become English educators need to be able to write a good piece of writing." or something of that effect. All the while giving this slightly lukewarm smile and sometimes insincere chuckle. She warmed up to the more mature (read older)in-service teachers i guess, since the content of their writings seem to touch a chord or two in Ms Theresa's heart. We'd be in class at BTP( i think.. so sue me if i forget!)and there'd be this two-way dialogue just between them. Them being the in-service teachers and Ms Lukewarm Smile. Except that the smile would be oh so cheerful and they'd actually guffaw with shared experiences. We the young and restless at heart would just look at each other, or look out the window, or the nice ones would just smile and nod.
It did make me think though. It's not easy penning down your thoughts. I have much admiration for anyone who is able to write and make people laugh out loud, fear the known and the unknown, cry over the silliest things, and feel so many other emotions.
So, i should write. What about? What do you suggest?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Ramadhan Al-Mubarak

I would like to wish a happy Ramadhan month for all my muslim friends. Surely one can't ignore the one event that goes along with this month.. Ramadhan food bazaar! I hope to be able to drive around and find the best food around. I miss nasi kerabu and all its splendid lauks. I still remember the deep fried 'Rangka Ayam' that used to be one of the main attraction in Sri Serdang Pasar Ramadan. Students and their limited funds...(or issit unlimited food funds?) I can't remember for the life of me the exact name the 'Rangka Ayam''s more famous name. Somebody help me out!!
What's this rangka ayam? It's the leftover of the chicken where all the other good meaty bits have been picked and used for other recipes. What little meat left is still good enough though... it's deep fried and sold as it is. Nice ..crunchy .. snack or meal.

Monday, August 17, 2009


noticed this stuffy feeling in my nose last night.. drat it. I'm going to have flu. Today is going to be a battle. I'm noticing slight changes in my voice also. Ugh.. snot-nosed me.

L 3

To the owner of this car, the story I'm about to tell is in no way meant to make fun or discredit you. :) ..the car is one of the 'character' in the story.

This story was told to me by my mum, who was told the story by my dad, who was told the story by some other friends. It's possible that the story is true since there's only one car with this plate number in KK. could've been a tall tale meant liven up a gathering. Or it was made up.. whatever the case, here's one version of it.

So, this story is supposed to have happened more than 30 years ago. Cars were scarce on the road since only the ones with more financial means were the ones who owned cars. Pedestrians were all around the roads too, giving no heed to the cars driving by and those who came down from the kampongs sometimes didn't know what to make of the cars that passed by.
This good fellow from kampong decided to go down town to KK, or Api-Api as Kota Kinabalu was called in those days (some people still call KK by that name now). He was walking down a road when this car with this plate number came too near to him. Or he might have gone too near the car. Anyway, this fellow was so indignant at nearly been hit by this car. He took note of the number and marched towards the police statine.
Now this fellow, who(in the story)reportedly only knew the numbers 7 and 8 in the Malay language. So, he indignantly went to this police officer and said he wanted to make a report. A car had nearly run him over! So the officer asked him for the plate number. The fellow then provided the number as best as he could. Mind you, he only knew the numbers 7 and 8. The officer asked him to repeat the plate number. Again the fellow obliged. The officer asked him to say the numbers one more time and the fellow who was getting impatient, repeated the plate numbers. The officer was almost near losing his temper when he suddenly realised what the fellow was saying. Comprehension dawned and he laughed long and hard.
The fellow had said, "Tujuh tabalik, lapan tidak siap." (seven upside down, eight half-finished).

Friday, August 14, 2009

Food, Glorious Food

Went for another visit to the Lokan Bakar area in kg. Salut with one of my best friends. We first went to this place which was right at the end of the rows of stalls (on the right side of the road if you're driving into the salut area). One tumpuk of small lokan was RM7. We also ordered cold coconut drinks and one coconut pudding. After waiting for some time, the lokan bakar came. Immediately I could see that it wasn't up to taste. It was a tad salty and the sambal was not fiery. We finished it though. ....and drove off to another stall. hehehe... which wasn't very far even. We passed by a stall and stopped at a place called Sri Menanti. Same price per tumpuk, RM7. A bigger tumpuk is RM10. We didn't bother ordering drinks. We were just there for the lokan. Verdict? Nice... Good enough for another visit. (Though I'll be going to another one next time to check out the taste.)

Senamrobik, kompang and seni tari malaysia

Just came back from a 3 day course on basic aerobics, kompang and malaysian ethnic dance. Enjoyed it! And used muscles on parts of the body seldom used..

Monday, August 10, 2009


Mr. and Mrs. Fawzi Leon Gregory Harrison...
Congrats to both of you..
Semoga bahagia sampai cicit and piut..

Kimaragang + murut (re-designed) costume

"Oiii..dayang sarina... ".. Roslee belting out a song.. representative from groom's side.

(selalu practice suda ni..)

Kota Marudu Gong players imported specially for the occasion.

Teen dancers entertaining the bride and groom and guests.

Thursday, August 06, 2009


And so...
Had my first kickboxing session today. Went there last friday actually but nobody turned up. Kickboxing is still in its infancy here obviously. But i so miss my shito-ryu classes and can't find a dojo that will accept very adult (read very old) student. It has been more than 10 years oo..

Perspired (more like sweating buckets) heavily by the end of the session. My legs felt like lead after 15 minutes of jabs, elbows, side kicks, back kicks, jumping jacks and scissor jumps. I think i'll try the jazzercise next session.

And then..
Shameful to confess, my purse was snatched last two nights while walking back from RHB bank. My car was parked at the sidewalk near Alliance Bank which was just next building to RHB. The sidewalk was brightly lit but I was preoccupied with my handset and d-uh... my purse was just resting between my right armpit.. very inattentive of me. I was just two steps from my car when suddenly my purse was snatched from behind. For a stupid split second I thought a cheeky friend was doing it! I turned and just managed to see a thinly built man in brown, short-sleeved, round-necked shirt fleeing. He was wearing a cap and clad in dark pants. I didn't and never saw his face. I shouted and gave chase. He ran towards the dark alley behind Affin Bank. I might have seen further where he turned had my car keys not fallen from my hands. I had to turn and pick it up kan? WHen i continued running, I had no idea where he went. I just ran and when asked just some people who i thought was in the man's running route. But of course they saw nobody... CURSESSSSS!!!... F**kety F**k!!!
What was in my purse? Everything except my i.c, driver's license.
Then of course i had to go through the ordeal of reporting the missing cards in the few banks around. OF all the banks that i had to go to, HSBC was the most friendly. Damn used up more than RM20 to call the other banks for reporting. Of course i went to the police too.
O snatch thief.. May you grow boils on ur butt for a long long time...

Sunday, August 02, 2009

near tragedy

poor khloe.. can't blame the dog. I blame myself!!!
The dog had Khloe by the jaw. I guess Khloe's claws and defensive spirit saved her.
Sent Khloe and mum's other pup to Sabah Animal Medical Center.. couldn't help but notice how the nurses' uniform looked like SMC punya nurses'.
When it was Khloe's turn, we went inside the treating room. The vet cooed and cat-chatted with Khloe. Her tum was shaved and that revealed the injury. Thank goodness the canine's canine hadn't done much damage. Just perforated a small hole near a fatty area. Just to be on the safe side, she was given painkiller and antibiotics. Poor baby!!
This happened yesterday morning. Gave her the medicine at around 6 pm. By 8pm she was almost her usual self.