Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pamper Thyself..and loved ones.

..whenever your pocket allows it.
It has been awhile since I last took out mum n bro for makan-makan. Yesterday at Oldtown IBorneo, saw the table laden with food..due to inability to stick to one meal and one drink. You know.. hungry stomach = rambang mata.
I picked the toasted peanut butter bread AND the kaya bread. And paratha with chicken curry, And two half-boiled eggs. and of course Oldtown white coffee kaw kaw.
Mum was undecided.. it was her first time dining at Oldtown Cafe. Later she chose the french toast and because she'd already had coffee at home, decided on the peach yoghurt smoothie.
Gareth, upon hearing that breakfast was on me, decided on the Western Platter (beans, sausages, eggs, toasted bread..the works), and the Kuew Tiaw Hor Fun, and being a newbie health-nut (*giggle*) , picked the Wheatgrass drink.
My paratha was the first to arrive, and so all of us nibbled on them. Yum...sedap.
Then the toasted peanut butter and kaya bread came. Then Gareth's wheatgrass, followed by Mum's smoothie and my coffee kaw. Wuaah....
Kuew Tiaw Hor Fun came and Gareth took a few bites..and decided it wasn't to his liking, saying that it was a bit bland... Um...yea.. I tasted some of it and agreed. The chicken was a bit tasteless, maybe it was left in the broth/soup too long.
Soon, the rest of the ordered food came.. and we ate those that agreed with our taste bud, tapau-ed the toasted bread that was uneaten, and ignored the ones that wasn't as appetizing. (Gareth's opinion : OldTown time no need to go)
Next, we went to Times Bookstore. I had already bought three books on Friday.
1) Dr M's memoirs 2) Robin Sharma's The monk who sold his Ferrari 3) The Secret History of the World.
Dr M's memoir, because of curiousity, and I have always been intrigued by this genius of a man and I just want to know the reasons he did the things he did.
Robin Sharma's, for the heck of it. Hopefully if I manage to finish reading it, I might be a better person (eyes looking sideways up..hmmm).
The third book, what can I say, I'm a lost soul.
Gareth (like most teens who grew up with Japanese anime), chose basic Japanese. i think he just wants to impress his schoolmates with some Japanese phrases. He says some of his Korean-mad friends speak a smattering of Korean- garnered from wathing Korean dramas, and this infuriates him..because he doesn't know what they mean.
Well, I bought another book. Basic cantonese. Something to occupy the noggins.
Mum didn't buy anything. She just browsed around. She thought of buying the 5th installment of the Earth children book, the Ayla story, written by Jean M Auel, but she was unsure if she already had that copy or not. Oh well, there's always a next trip. Oh ya...paid for Gareth's book too. I thought that was that until mum found this half-inch thick illustrated guide to cats. Bought that we did.
On to window shopping. And then Mum said she wanted to go to Daiso. Ok.
Now, Daiso is the place where if one were to go, would not go out of without having bought something. These Japanese people think of everything. I ended up buying 70ringgit worth of knick knacks of which some I haven't even sorted out today.
I bought 'privacy window plastic sheets' with lace design, some aromatherapy incense sticks (sheesh...I already have air freshener at home pun...), a water spray container ( the one that I had for spraying the flowers I had ignorantly filled with some cleaning liquid, thinking that the smell would go away after use- it didn't)..aiyah..and a few more things.
Anyway... what else we did.. we had us some massage session using the Gintell massage chair. RM1 would give you 3 mins of massage time, RM5, 15mins,and RM10, 30mins. Mum went for the half-an hour massage while Gareth and I went for the 15mins. Since both of us finished earlier, we popped over to the indoor Archery thingy. Robin Hoods wannabe we were, donning the smelly leather onto our fingers and arms. Ok lar... I wasn't aiming for perfect bull-eyes..not that I can..not if you count fluke shots, just an activity for sister-brother bonding. We finished in time to see mum rising from the massage chair. Smart la these people.. cannot sell individual chairs to people.. so they come up with this kind of strategy to get money out of 5mins, 15mins, and 30mins usage. Plenty money come...
We parted ways soon after, as I had another personal thing to do.
What is it? Yay...I went and got meself a haircut..a short do. Went to Karamunsing, at 'A Cut Above' with my significant other. I flicked through the hairstyle mag and pointed to a style. An hour later, voila.. a new me. My head feels so light now. A feeling of freedom..freedom from having to spend so much time figuring out what to do with my thick hair, from spending so much time washing it. Yadayada..I've had short hairdos before.. HE suddenly saw me in a new light..glad he liked it.
After we went our separate ways, I headed over to Damai for my much needed facial. I pity the skin on my face. So lama didn't pay much attention to it. Ramlah's expert hands gently scubbed off the dead skin. An hour or so later, I emerged from her secluded beauty parlor with a better complexion. Must remember to come next week for a lulur session.
Sigh.. that was my saturday. Well spent.
Next week will be another challenging week. Here's hoping it will be a manageable week.

Monday, March 14, 2011

SPL first leg 2011

Yea.. Sabah Paintball League was a two-day event from the 13th till today, 14th. However, I went only on the first day. What a day it was. As a novice marshall, I have a lot to learn. Not about the rules, but learning to make split second decisions when and where a fault occurs in the field. I am embarassed to admit that I may have let a few faults slip away because of nerve, of being afraid to be on the wrong. In marshalling aspect, I have high regards for Angel Bear and her crew. Apa gia saya.. macam once a year only turun padang..
The game started late so it ended late, way into the late sunset. The weather started to well but ended up raining. The rain had started at noon and it alternated between light showers and cloudy. But the game had to go on.
Some great teams, some funny novice teams, and a drama was the talk of yesterday.

It was around 7pm when everything wrapped up. One or two games had to be postponed to today because of the late hour. Too dark to see. I was super exhausted and could barely drive back home. I also could sense a migraine cropping up then. Reached home, had a hot bath. Ate a half-boiled egg, ate my ubat and went to bed.