Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fly Birdie Fly

The new flying fox tower was one reason why Mona and Me drove all the way to Kem yesterday afternoon. Before the Kem schedule starts, before the paint is scraped off by anxious feet and nervous hands, before young'uns by the hundreds sullies the magnificence(ehehe) of the the New Flying Fox Tower, we will first have a go at it!!

The old...and the new!

ala...gini tinggi ja ba..

mau ikut juga ba..

view of the old from the new

watch me fly..

second time ni..

Jafora..pun tidak mau ketinggalan..

Monday, January 26, 2009

4M Challenge

It was said that the number of participants for this particular event (which should've happened last month. Ergo making it K4MC 2008) was not as many as expected. Even though this event was included in the Sabah Calender for activities, I guess that's all where the advertisement was made. Publicity not that wide. Oh there were the buntings tied here and there...

Mer and I met up early morning at Tamparuli township for breakfast. She left her car there and became my passenger for the drive up to Malangang. After yet another briefing by T95 (for the benefit of those who didn't turn up yesterday), we proceeded to our designated checkpoints.

Our checkpoint was at the Kiulu town riverbank. It was the checkpoint where the participants for Categories Women Open, Men Open, Mixed Doubles, Corporate and Government Agencies, and the Media were to go and get on their Bangkar (bamboo raft).

Around 9.45am the first category was flagged off. By 1.30pm or so, it was over.
Verdict... I'd have much enjoyed being a spectator than being on duty...

The 'bangkar' ..arranged on the riverbank. (actually they weren't tied up properly, that's one of the challenges for the participants. They have to tie the bamboo as fast and servicable as possible before they could go into the water)

Mer..posing on the picnic mat...

grab a b.a. and go!

Gini ka ikat?

Ko pandai ka tu? Nanti karam di sungai kita yang kalah..


Gini pula ni aa..

Kalau sia tinggi gini kan bagus...

Elephant ride..

Kalau ya pun...janganla duduk di singki...

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Went for a short briefing at Kg. Pulou Kelapa @ Malangang just now. K4MC stands for Kiulu 4 M Challenge. Manangkus (running), Mamangkar (rafting with bamboo), Manampatau (swimming atop bamboo), Mararampanau (walking on stilts). The briefing is for the radio amateur handlers going on duty tomorrow.
So, it's going to be a whole day affair. Hope I won't be bogged down with migraine. I seem to get it so easily these days..

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Birthday Wish

It's my Dad's birthday today.

I remember...
When I was a wee child, following dad.. me, a short, small person walking behind dad, tall and steady..roaming around the kampung, woodsy, in hot weather or sometimes nearing rain.
Looking for bamboo stalks, looking for things I can't quite recall now..
Made me think back then, I should have been a boy, because tiring as it was, walking far and near, walking across green fields of buffalo grazing lunch spread, or muddy waters of paddy pathways, I enjoyed it. And mum would scold us when we got home because I would be all smelly and dirty. If I were a boy, dad would've brought me out more often to these outdoor trails.

I love you Dad. Happy Birthday.

Huff huff

Huff huff...puff puff...
Ran 1 and half round yesterday..with my Nike..
Had discovered that the bottom lapisan mo tebuka suda lagi..
Mau kasi gam la dulu tu..
Today I will have to run with Adidas la..(too beautiful to run with ba..)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Run Forest Run

Went jogging yesterday after the young'uns training session. Malu-malu la konon mau jogging sama budak-budak..
All this while I thought the Likas Tasik was about 1.5km per round..(ignorance was bliss...). It is just around 1 km pulak aa...
My fats didn't hurt as much as the first time round. After finishing just 1 round, I didn't feel any discomfort from my legs, what stopped me from continuing the 2nd round were my lungs. I felt that they couldn't breathe/ expand enough for me to go on. Apaituh..

Friday, January 16, 2009

Attacked again

Can't seem to figure out what's really the trigger for these migraine attacks. Puked out the bulgogi I had for late lunch (ah-ha..late lunch one reason) last night. I knew I had to let the meal out. Ate the caffox tablets..had lain in bed..waited for the pain tto subside..and yet I could feel the bulgogi percolating inside..yet undigested after more than four hours.

Caffox -Rm6/7 satu papan.. there's another generic (Cafergot)
same contents but don't seem to suit me.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Going the distance

Welly welly welly...
Tis 2009...
Had staff meet today...
3 major posts for me...
PIBG treasurer, Penyelaras Ting 4 n Penyelaras Unit Uniform...

On top of that..
I'm assigned a class of Lower 6...
Now this one's going to be interesting...

Aside from that..
Bought myself a new pair of running shoes on the last day of 2008..

I used to run when I was studying back in U. And my first pair of running shoes was of the Mizuno brand. They were good running shoes. And they were blue and white combi color. After a few years, when the sides and soles gave up, I had them stiched but having them stiched made the size shrink. So, running wasn't as comfortable... and made me leave running...(not exactly the true reason la..heheh)

My second running shoes were a pair of Nike. Red and white. I thought... now this would jumpstart my running passion. Uh...negative.... They looked good on my kaki though. A few weeks ago, while doing some light jogging while doing the morning exercise at Kem, I felt this flapping sensation while jogging. I looked down, lo and behold...aiya... the soles of the shoes had started to open up a little. A few days ago, I sent them for stiching... and so the story goes..di da di..didadidadidadi...

My newest running shoes... Adidas.. Dark grey and yellow... I had made a check on the Adidas stores around town and a few pairs had jumped out of their way to wave to me to say..Buy me!! I really loved this white and yellow combi... Unfortunately they didn't have my size! A red pair of Adidas said coyly..."U can buy me...".. Had to turn him down so.. Way out of my budget... So, I settled on this smiling pair of GreyYellow... Babe, I'm taking you home...

So, going the distance for work..
And going the distance for my running...
Wish me luck!