Sunday, November 30, 2008


JulietPapaGolf and his wife, Elizabeth participated in the recent Sabah Darts Open Championship recently. Mona and I were around to watch them, Elizabeth at least. This was held at Nexus, Karambunai Beach Resort. They didn't win, but dapat certificate la.
Mahal tu...

iklan minuman? or iklan gigi?

Elizabeth: Sedang membujak

Visitor sakai..

After that, Mona and I went jalan-jalan at 1Borneo. Mona, the Nike fan, bought herself a Nike water bottle. Ni la... fan betul.. sampai water bottle pun Nike brand.

For makan, Mona suggested we go to NewYorkNewYork. I wanted to try the Lambshanks...
no luck. The lambchops pun no luck. Ada di menu...tapi daging habis. Adaka...
So, I had the Irish potato salad and Spaghetti Bolognase with Giant Meatballs.
Mona had smoked salmon salad and Chicken Chops. For drinks I had Strawberry shakes.

Mona's main meal... Chicken chops

Mona ordered the Giant rootbeer float.

Ok la juga. I thought my potato salad dressing was a tad salty. Mona said her salmon was a bit salty juga. I couldn't finish my spaghetti oo... oiyo... sayang juga tidak finish. Very filling..
Next time maybe pigi cuba the Chinese food over at the other end of the same floor.
Introducing....newlyweds...Denis and Dorin@ Ann.
A small group of us from Penampang drove to Keningau on the 28th. After about 2 hours of driving up the meandering route of Moyog-Tambunan and the almost straight stretch of Tambunan-Keningau, we arrived at Keningau town. After a short makan stop, we checked in at Keningau Perkasa.
Around 7pm, Uncle Johny came to Perkasa to accompany us. I forgot the jalan ba. The last time I went to Patikang Ulu was early this year and it wasn't me driving. I was just the passenger, so... tidak ingat jalan. Upon reaching the venue... discovered that the whole(i think) surrounding kampung folks were there to make merry. The sound of bandboys could be heard miles away. Uncle Denis looked...almost serenely happy. Dorin...the nervous but happy bride. What was it the Ketua Kampung said that sort of tickled me? He was a bit tipsy but tried to be serious at the same time... he said something like this," ...Pada hari yang bahagia ini, kita semua ingin sama-sama meraikan perkahwinan antara Denis dan Dorin...Pada sesiapa yang mengganggu ketenteraman majlis ini, sama ada dalam bentuk pergaduhan..akan mendapat hukuman yang setimpal...atau disebabkan oleh pergaduhan atau apa-apa...yang menyebabkan kerugian atau kerosakan barang-barang perkakas di tempat ini juga... kamu akan menerima akibatnya...kamu akan dikenakan bayaran yang sepatutnya..."
Practical...I suppose. But I must say...this kind of wedding scene is the kind that has almost died a natural death in the Penampang area. The kampung style. The kampung folks seem to be really enjoying the food and the music. And oh...the music alternated from the modern (bandboys) to the traditional(the gongs).
When the gongs were beaten, a few folks would come out in the middle of the Kem - a 'dancing' space was made/cleared for that purpose- and dance. While the rest of the crowd would sit and drink and eat. What was yet another fun turn of even to watch was, when it was the bandboys' turn to play, Wah! almost all the people sitting would just stand up rush to the floor to dance. Kosong itu kem oh...
And the tajaus...sisiopon... two stations were made. All the tajaus..neatly arranged on long tables...with never-ending visitors. They flocked around the tajaus like bees to honey. No chance mau booking... If you want, you stand in line. I tell you...
It was almost midnight when we finally made it back to Perkasa.
To Mr Denis and Ms Dorin. I wish you happiness. My best to both of you.
It has been a busy, busy, busy week. I attended the Kursus Peningkatan Profesionalisme in Kem from 25th-28th. When I first took a look at the contents of the course, I thought to myself,"Uyoo...pretty heavy stuff here." But the first session of the night dispelled that thought. Kak Ram's 'ice-breaking' talk was hands-on and hilarious.. Plenty of alangs around to help with the merriment... What else... pengurusan Kawad... cooperative games... making paperwork... and learning the Seni Tari Malaysia from Mr.Erwan.
Penat I say... Penat. But in a
Next in line for kem activity...Kayak Star 2. I just hope I'll be fit enough for the water exercise.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Real kitties

Last Sunday, the stray pregnant cat that had been visiting my place finally gave birth to 3 kittens. Days before that, she had been making surveys into the my study and spare room looking for places to nest her youngs. Saturday saw her scratching the inside of the box in my study. I knew the time was drawing near.
Come Sunday morning, I prepared a box and put it outside the balcony and shut the door so that she woudn't come in. Sometime at 10am I heard the first mewling of a kitty. The third kitty was born sometime around 1 pm. Sigh...
People say if cats come to you, it's a good sign. Good signs for what, I don't know. Do you?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Helicopter at Kem

When I found out that three helicopters were going to make stops at the padang of the Kem, I decided that invited or not, I'm going to be there to see them land.
So, yesterday morning, Mona texted at 6.20 am. asking if I was already awake.
Heheh(baru mo bangun)...
She picked me up 7-nish. Later we had our Soto at Munawarah, Tamparuli
with Tn A.A.
Why were the helicopters coming to land at the padang?
Asiability organized "Kinabalu Challenge" for some 56 participants from the UK and Aussie. 'Twas something like the Eco-Challenge type race.
First came the 3-4 km run which ended near Pusatko. Next, they were supposed to go for a survival camp somewhere near the forest up Kiulu and the Helis were to transport them there.

mike lima checking out one of the 3 helis

Me - tidak mo ketinggalan

one of the Orang Putehs with Mandahan!! hehe.. Adidas Kampung

vest says - British Military Fitness, The Kinabalu Challenge, Malaysia Borneo

Today the events that are going to happen are the bicycle race and rafting down the Kiulu river. Would've been there to witness the race except that...
lambat dapat tau and anyway,
I am going to be busy.. sending my car to a friend's
workshopt to have the car bonnet repainted..

Monday, November 17, 2008

Pesta Kobis Kundasang 2008

Last Saturday, me and the girls were at Kundasang for the Pesta Kobis. Before we went to see the Kobis (Cabbages), we took time to watch the 4 X 4 Challenge.
So exciting pulak watching these cars going all out
in powerful modified engines.. Revving through rough and
slippery terrains. Mona was clapping hands whenever the
4 X 4 managed to get over the obstacles.

Mighty car stuck in the mud

the 'illegal' spectators atop the 'baku-baku'

Later on, we stopped by the Kundasang War Memorial. Beautiful gardens inside.

Mona and Mer in front of the entrance.

Don't know the name of this three.. unique though..
with batik-like bark..

'I'm dreaming of Australia, the land we left behind, Dreaming of loved ones-we could always bear in mind. Although its only fancy Our hearts within us yearn. But we'll make up for lost moments-When to Aussie we return.
There'd be sailing on the harbour, the showboat our first choice. Or maybe we'd be dancing-Listening to our sweetheart's voice. Although its only fancy Our hearts within us yearn. But we'll make up for lost moments-When to Aussie we return.'

'This memorial garden is dedicated to the memory of 1,800 Australian and 600 British servicemen who perished in the P.O.W camps in Sandakan and in the three forced marches from Sandakan to Ranau, and of the many Sabahans who suffered death in trying to assist them.
In Sandakan
From Sandakan to Ranau
"Let them not depart from thine eyes, keep them
in the midst of thine heart."

inside the English Garden


Charlie's Angels

tiang..sukar dilepaskan

fresh produce

bagus ni kalu buli angkat pulang

sebelah lagi besar
Uuh..bekalan 1 bulan

tukang peluk kobis

The Kobis Girls

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Kiulu River has been in a swollen, swirling, rushing state for a few days now due to rain. So I guess going rafting down the river is different from my usual outing previously. What company did we go for this outing? What else but Riverbug! The white-water specialist.
By 11.10am, we (all 51 of us) were rafting away. My team's raft guide today was Morse. We especially requested to have a mini-Padas experience to soothe our bruised (not battered) wish to go to Padas. Hahah... And that we did. One big capsize scattered the 6 of us like ants overturned in flowing water. I could feel myself rolling underwater and I think it was Deddy whom I treaded upon underwater..sorry kawan. hehe.
When I came up to the surface, I found myself near the capsized raft with Morse
already on top of the overturned raft. Try as I might, I could not swim to the left side
of the river and was steadily being washed towards the rocky part on the right.
I swam towards Morse and took hold of his arm. He was very calm.
He asked me if I was okay and reassured me and told me to just hold on
till we got through the bend with me holding on to his arm. I felt ok.
It was just that I felt myself slowly sliding down the B.A. Drat...too loose.
Now's not the time to think about why I didn't get myself that B.A. that I always wanted.
Anyway...Morse expertly flipped back the raft into the right position,
got onto the raft and proceeded to haul me up. It was only then I could
scan through the surrounding. Morse went into position to haul the other mates in
while I paddled forward in the bow. Wohooo!! excitement that seemed timeless for a moment. Soon the others were herded back in the raft. Hahah... nice...great paddling team that.
Can imagine Padas to be a much better river to be in!

Monday, November 10, 2008


Sigh... quite a letdown.. not being able to go to Padas.
Rasa almost kempunan oo..
but taking on this kempunan feeling is not good...bilang orang tua-tua..
So, instead of going to Padas tomorrow, we'll just be going to ole Kiulu for this rafting outing. day.. one day...

Saturday, November 08, 2008


Congratulations to my auntie Soon and uncle Bodeng...(I don't call them by these pangkat except on certain occasions... considering auntie Soon is a year younger and Bodeng was my classmate for 5 years back in high school..hehehe).

My baby cousin was born last two nights through caesarian op. Hannah.. welcome to the world!

Friday, November 07, 2008

Coming up

  • An article about the Scout's Camping in Keningau came out in last Saturday's Utusan Borneo. Heheh..Tn H, Mona and my face were in it. Minor glam at kem. heheh
  • Next Tuesday, 11th of November will be another day to remember. I am finally going to Padas to whitewater-raft!!!!!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Api! Api!Api!

I just came back from a 3 days 2 nights course on Safety and Fire Drill at camp. I know I should say something like I have gained a lot from this course, which I did most definitely, but I know I enjoyed the processess of the gaining of knowledge from this 3D2N course. Kumpulan 4 rocks!!!
I didn't manage to get pics on the first day of training which was held at the Tuaran Balai Bomba. We had our session of Kawat Basah there. We learned how to carry, unroll and roll the hose. We also learned the teamwork of attaching one hose to another, attaching the hose to the nozzle and then shooting water towards the target. Mona and I had fun carrying the hose, doing the whole work and shooting the water and later at each other. Kan Mona kan? Ahaha..

The pics below are activities yesterday. We were given the chance of going inside the B.A.Gallery room. It's where firefighters practice crawling through a maze of man-made twists and turns of possible building fire situations. The pros have to do it in full gear; bawa B.A., in full suit, carrying fire-fighting equipments- and in darkness. We sasing-sasing did it pakai helmet and sarung tangan only, first in partial darkness and then in darkness. Huh! At the second try, I thought it was so dark inside. Darker than night. Waktu merayap dalam kegelapan, rasa gumbira amat sangat when ada kawan yang already reach the end and opened the door because for a few seconds of so, light came in from the outside and in that space of a few seconds, buli nampak jalan!

Taklimat and warm up before activity
Start from the second floor --
end up at the ground floor
My fire buddy, JulietPapaGolf.

MikeLima : Dui... jadi si kurus la ni..

Daud : Nah! Mati kau!

Pendengar setia

Sunday, November 02, 2008

And so... the dinner at Magellan Sutera was held at the Rose Garden Dining room. 13 tables and 1 for spare. I was in charge of the attendance (last year too) and doing the table seating was quite a politic on its own. Who to seat with whom... who can mesh well with anybody...who can't sit with who...

Anyhoo... Set out from Sierra around 6.10pm. Sempat qso on the handy with a few colleagues while criss-crossing the traffic and arrived safely at Magellan's and lady luck provided me with a parking at the first row. Misty rain had started by then.

What costume did i put on this year? Sigh...i had thought of wearing some sleeveless black thingy with some black puffy semblance of flower petals on the front and pair that with black pants. But... the theme was Raya. With decorum in mind, I resorted to wearing a blue kebaya of mine with selendang in the side.. tia pa lah.

This was the menu. Very sedap. Which is why I am
glad I joined the food tasting/testing. If not..


the assorted cold dish
I had gotten up to take pics of the attendees and when I got back to the table
less than 5 mins later... All gone!!
There is no pic of the KingPow Chicken because the same
thing happened. Ni la.. duduk sama godoot people...
Sechzuan Soup ( I liiiike..)
This pic of this delicious steamed fish was actually taken
from the next table. The fish at my table was literally attacked! Nasib
partner tolong sauk sikit.

the mushroom with kailan.

If I weren't so full with laughter, I'd gobble this up too. I didn't take any pics of
the dessert because my camera habis battery.

Friends at the table, it's been fun sitting with you all, but eating with you all
was quite exasperating. Fun but exasperating.

I won one of the 80 lucky draws that night!! A 4 meter kain that I will make into a sweet baju kurung later on. All the members in Table 11 won a prize save for Pata. HEkekekek...

I wouldn't mind being an AJK for next year's Annual dinner. Can go for free food tasting again...(not a cheap freebie hogger... just so that during the actual night, I don't have to
embarass myself and makan like there's no tomorrow..)