Friday, November 16, 2012

Funny how sometimes opportunity pops into your door.  Danum Valley is one of THE place that I fancied visiting.  It is in my list of must-go.  I was offered a place in a limited Environmental Education Course participation from the 11th-14th this month.   Actually I was called in to replace a friend who couldn't attend.  
My luck.  
The planned activities were interesting, on paper.  However, due to unforeseen circumstances, most of the activities were not carried out.  There was early morning bird-watching session.  And oh.. the 3.2km hike to Tembaling Waterfalls.  

With Japora inside the hostel

At Tembaling Falls

(picture courtesy of Mona and her amazing Canon camera)


The Annual Staff Dinner was held in Grand Borneo 1B on the 2nd November.  I did my best scouting for a red dress to wear during the dinner since the theme for this year is Glamorous in Red.  Hah.. mine is color closer to orange.  This was the only 'safe' design I could find that fit my size.. (cuz dang.. I put on some unwanted pounds)

I had decided to go to Ramlah's for the make-up and hair.  Just felt like looking different that night.  And I did look different.  With the fake eyelashes and the curled hair, I felt like a retro HongKong artist. :)

There was lucky draw that night (which I think shouldn't be dubbed so, as all who attended went home with a gift).  The only lucky element in the lucky draw was the kind of gift that you won.  Some went home with tupperware containers, some with stainless steel cooking pans, hampers (foodstuff) and the most expensive was a night's stay at Berjaya Palace.  I went home with a hamper.

Oh well...