Monday, December 31, 2012

A brief snap of the great SM Mall in Clark.  After getting off from the airport cab, we got on to  the Suzuki Highlander belonging to Regore's Travel. Off to busy Manila! 
Couldn't resist. A Roxy boutique, all on her own.  Bought a few shirts of course. Didn't have enough moolah and time to drop by Quiksilver + Roxy store, which was only a few doors down.
Tidak sah go to Manila if I didn't try the balut. Ate two.  Taste-wise, it was not bad
if you can disregard the look of it.

My Christmas give-away to cousins .  Girl cousins only.  I quite forgot about the males when
I went shopping mad in Manila.  

Birthday and new year gift for myself.
Right. Forgot to realign the position this pic.  Birthday present from good friend Mona and Cody. 

2012 passed by so fast, blinking seemed like a walk in the park.
Going to be a hectic 2013.  Just hope I can keep my head above water.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

The Bicycle Story

At Spring Trading, Kg. Air was where I bought my second set of wheels.  Not another car, but a bicycle.  Who'd've thunk?

Now I'm not the best of cyclist..yet (yet.. mayhaps I'd grow to be a more competent cyclist).  I am not too confident of my motor balance.  I don't have any problem getting on one and pedalling off.. however, i have this fear that  I would embarrass myself in falling off a bike while applying the brakes to slow down or to stop.  Not enough hours put in the cycling process practice..therefore no perfecto..

So far I have joined my friend Freddie on two road cycling outings. I decided to venture out on my own and cycled in the vicinity of my neighborhood.

With XDS aluminium frame, Fork : Rock shox, Cassete : Shimano Deure, 10-speed. I'll try not to let this baby sit like a furniture in my house.