Sunday, December 30, 2007


A lot has happened this year. Some planned, some weren't. Frankly, i can't for the life of me recall (at the moment la), anything that had pissed me off. It could be because so many good unexpected things happened and they preceded and overpowered any real disappointments that i may have experienced.

We have a choice, right? We always have a choice. Between being angry and being happy. Being late or being early (or punctual). Being frightened or being brave. The choices aren't limited to what i just listed. Whatever choice one makes will of course dictate the outcome of events. And for me, I have always tried to live up to whatever choice that i have made. There is always a tomorrow to try and rectify any wrongs done. If there is no tomorrow, then, c'est la vie. We only live once. Oh we can die a thousand deaths, but we live but once.

um... some bad memories are trickling into my head and heart now... but i'm not going to dwell on them. The pain will always remind me that this is life. It can't be all high, psychedelic, idyllic, fun times. That the pain will remind me that i can still feel. It's being numb and bored that is a danger to most.

Ah... 2008. Have i any resolution for the coming year? naah.. no need for it being a new year to do that. But i do hope health and contentment (happiness is such a selfish state). Long term plan bukan senang to follow.. can be attempted though eh?

So, a very happy new year to all my friends and family. May it bring whatever it is that you endeavor.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

bitten by waterbug

I have had this fascination for water activities ever since i learned how to swim. The fascination started waaaaay early lagi i think. My mum and Ina' (grandma) had told me of the story of how i nearly drowned in the water drum (u know la di kampung, the dorom air used to collect rainwater, normally put outside the house). They told me that i always liked to play with the water in the drum. i'd get a stool or something and go up the stool to play with the collected rainwater. I'd use the gayung and just scoop the water and pour it out and scoop the water and pour it out, or just run my hands through the water.

One day, I had gotten on top of the stool to reach for the gayung lah. It hadn't been raining for some time. The water level in the drum was not up to the brim but only half full. Therefore, the gayung had floated somewhere halfway down the drum. So, i had reached down to try and get hold of the gayung. i must have reached down so far and fell headfirst in to the wated. i was alone. My grandma (bless her soul) suddenly became aware that i wasn't making any water noise and went out to look for me. When she didn't see me on the stool, she went to the drum and heard splashing from within the drum. I was flailing still with my kaki di atas. She reached down and pulled me up. So, i was saved, though i didn't realize it then.

-the dratted drum-

It is fortunate that i didn't develop any hidrophobia though. If i did, i might be leading a miserable life of being prissy and annoying and not wanting to get wet la, don't want to get into water la, takut la..

I always considered one of my greatest achievement in U was learning how to float, dive and swim. hahhaha... but of course graduating was nice as well lah. Any free time i had thereafter was spent swimming in pools of swimmable water. I even had this Benson & Hedges dream wish (remember the tv show?) to jump off a boat or jetty and dive into the sea. Quite a tame wish la juga kan? Haven't done that but jumping off a ledge near the sea suda la.

I especially lurrrvved to swim at the Likas Sports Complex before it was renovated with roof on top (yee... too cold for me). I love having sun-kissed skin. Being fair and pasty white isn't the top of my wish lists. Almost 3 years ago, i took SCUBA diving licence. Went to Pulau Sapi for the test and had a fantastic experience. I also was fortunate to go for Star 1 course for Kayak. And two days ago, i went to Kiulu for a river rafting course conducted by Riverbug. Couldn't i be any more fortunate?

Nanti lah.... pigi Padas. it'll be like the phrase on the t-shirt i got from riverbug, "paddle or die". Sigh!!:)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

time kici2

Way back when i was cuter..(koff..koff..)..

1 year old ++
Wiht me sis at a rumah panjang in sibu. I was probably 10.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Powerboat Race

woke up early this morning to the sound of Mona's msg ringing into my mobile (which is always by my ear).. kok..kok..kok... read the message. i replied... Uu..uu..uuuuu... hahahah... chicken talk.

mandi2, got ready. Mona came and picked me up afterwhich we proceeded to pungut si mel. Sampai KK, Mona parked in the Waterfront parking space. Off we walked makan TomYam for breakfast at Sinsuran. Not bad..

What's the occasion for the outing today? P tinguk Powerboat Race. Bukan juga minat sangat bah. Saja want to go have a looksee how this supposedly World Sporting Event is.

one of the hi-speedboats parked near the pasar ikan area.

Mona, nice shades... what's that di tangan ko?

yes... grand marnier filled chocolates (kana bawa dari Langkawi...)

siapa tu ah yang pakai tupi tu? Korean sasat?

mighty powerful lenses there camera-dude!

ada lagi power..twice the size and length oo.. but tidak terambil gambar.

time 9 something... not that crowded yet.

Go redboat go!

Naaa nah... me first!

Driver : err.. finish la the fuel, boss..

DIGI promotion in front of Warisan Square.