Saturday, February 14, 2009


Malas is the name of the game today.
But needs overcame wants..
Need to go to school and be the nice bendahari..
Need to chaperon the young'uns in the Stadium for the sukan..
the screaming was so deafening it made me wonder
how i could still tune off for some reason..

Wanted to sleep off the afternoon
after downing 10ml of prune-flavored cough syrup..
but needs overcame wants..
Went running at the Likas lake..
finally managed 2 and a half rounds..
mind you..
that's quite an achievement..
for me..

Wanted to eat a whole lot of food..
but malas being the name of the game
just had some kellogs and milk...
Carpe diem it has not been..

Friday, February 06, 2009

Rainy Days and Fridays

Tis' been raining since last night,
the planned activity today was cancelled so,
the unscheduled weather mocked the re-scheduled plan,
which was today,
as it was meant for another day,

some rainy days are a welcome
as a welcome one would mean drought-begone
or a day to sleep-in like a butod in a felled sago tree
or a trio of kitties curled up in a mess of warmness of sleep

Of thoughts unsaid
of feelings unburden-able
begone you wretched rain

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Home-made and lovin it

Last week I visited my Grandad (sebelah mum). Mum had asked Grandad (toing) to make her a small stool to sit on.. to make gardening more comfortable... lagipun since it's custom made, she could ask Toing to make it just the way she likes it. I also tidak mau lepas peluang... Oh of course there are many sold at a very cheap price.. plastic-made and colorful.. but this is Grandad's creation. Priceless!!

My 84 year old Grandad... old-fashioned craftsman..

No need ruler..

almost siap

Finished product...

(By the way, Grandad made 3 stools that day. One for mum, one for Gareth and for me..)

Ox, Bull, Cow...

As usual, the yearly visit to Aunt Agnes' residence for the Chinese New Year...
This year, the New Year was done in a much smaller scale. Only family ka... and close friends. Hung Pao? la some. hahah.. c gontua ni..

Youngest cousin (so far)... baby Hannah

Ah soon with Maybel (aka Molondoi)

Unc. Denis, flanked by Douglas and Melissa (liang cai and liang moi...)

kongsi kongsi..angpau..

Alwyn.. pasang fireworks..

wuuu... wa.....

place your bets!!