Monday, February 25, 2008

Whither art thou, o master mine?

Hehehe... care for a few archaic insults?

Thou ruttish hell-hated canker-blossom!
Thou froward boil-brained pigeon-egg!
Thou meddling plume-plucked harpy!
Thou mangled ill-nurtured haggard!
Thou cockered dread-bolted imbossed carbunkle!
Thou spongey rump-fed eternal devil!
Thou wayward clay-brained dewberry!
Thou shameless fool-born puttock!

Some insults taken from Shakespeare's work..

If thou wilt needs marry, marry a fool; for wise men know well enough what monsters you make of them.
Taken from: Hamlet
I throw thy name against the bruising stones.
Taken from: The Two Gentlemen of Verona
[Thou] hath more hair than wit, and more faults than hairs, and more wealth than faults.
Taken from: The Two Gentlemen of Verona

A weasel hath not such a deal of spleen as you are toss'd with.
Taken from: Henry IV, part I
[Thine] face is not worth sunburning.
Taken from: Henry V
[Thou art] as loathsome as a toad.
Taken from: Troilus and Cressida
You should be women, and yet your beards forbid me to interpret that you are so.
Taken from: Macbeth
Your face is as a book, where men may read strange matters.
Taken from: Macbeth
[Thou hath] not so much brain as ear wax.
Taken from: Troilus and Cressida
[Thine] horrid image doth unfix my hair.
Taken from: Macbeth


Mum sounded so excited today, calling me up early in the day. I was in the midst of a sporting activity so I promised Mum that I'd call her after my work was done. And so I did, afterwards.

What had gotten Mum in a tizzy was that she had received a letter (it was addressed simply, without proper post box num, without post code, to my dad), stating that he'd won a lottery worth hundreds of thousands of EURO. Aaahh... the hook. Well, that screams scam. Mum sounded sceptical of the scam idea as the letter was addressed to dad. Why don't I email the add given and do a check or something. Mana tau the moolah is for real! MMm.... the line. So I told her not to believe the letter and that I wouldn't do such a thing. Not email or enquire whatsoever.

Sis later advised mum on the scam-mability of the whole thing. I read the letter. The usual yak-yak-yak about Dad's name being chosen out of millions of names, winning the 1st prize lagi tu. That it's a Swiss based lottery company, and that Dad's winning had been deposited into an account in Spain. Spain?? Hah... And also that the letter was a final notice. Should we fail to contact them and do something about the winnings by next month, the EUROs would be returned to the Ministry of Economics. My *ss!

Finally both parents were convinced of the scam. Eheheh... funny what ideas came out of their heads about this scam. Maybe somebody from around KK yang kasi set-up la, wanting to con dad out of his retirement gaji la. hehehe..

Many a hapless persons already fell prey to this scam. You can read it in the news every now and then. It could be due to greed and desperation. To the scam companies of the world, may you grow boils at your bottom and have kudis buta for as long as you do this despicable work!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

lazy daisy

It's 12.30 in the afternoon. I know the time precisely because my Casio wristwatch just beeped it's pre-set alarm. Why I had set the alarm at this particular time escapes me. I think I was just testing the alarm function then.

I had woken up around 8 this morning. After opening my eyes, casting lazy looks through slit eyes (my eyes aren't the roundest of all, i tell you) at the window, feeling the still chill of the morning, i continued with my sleep. Mind you, sleeping in is a bliss for someone who needs to wake up at 5 or so every morning during weekdays and sometimes in the weekdays too.

It's election season. I have a few ideas on what's going on. All the news of politics that's going on are either ones that I read (absently) on the paper, or hear (dispassionately) from male friends who passionately debate among themselves. I'm not too worried though. Guess i'm just not concerned. What needs to happen will happen. What does that make of me? Or am I just being a lazy daisy today.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Le Tour De Trusmadi

Words fail me.

Trusmadi has been a trip worth going. The company was great, the porters extremely helpful and entertaining (Some say, some people say, life is sweety!), the guide couldn't be more generous in knowledge and expertise ( a big thank you to you, Boy ), the trek and trail... ahh.. really took my breath away. Not just because of the beauty of it, not because it was tiring, but something about the whole experience was incredible. Walking through the forest floor, all littered with fallen leaves from time immemorial, through the sometimes brown sometimes green moss-covered fallen tree trunks and stones, was a feeling surreal. I felt reptilian at times, snaking in between criss-crossing trees, and monkeylike too, scampering up or down small, barely a foothold to hold on to.
So, here are some of the pics taken on the 3D2N stay at Mt. Trusmadi.

no need to explain la kan..

cooking nasi himpit

Preparing for the night..

Don't be fooled into thinking that it was a well-lit nite. It was the flash of my camera that illuminated all. Inan cooking dinner, dibantu oleh 4 org assistant. Tukang pigang minyak...pigang toslight, pigang the paratha, tukang cekak pinggang...

Mona n me.. si inan n si auntie

nice trail eh?


resident Trusmadi

(it's a "hontugi" says my grandpa)

most delicious tuna sandwich ever!

going down Paradise Trail.. beautiful view, might surga look like this?

i believe i cannot fly...


huff n puff...

Made it to the top!

at the break of dawn...

this picture paints a thousand words..

view of Mt. Kinabalu from Mt. Trusmadi


angel's trumpets.

err.. does it remind u of something else? ...(koff..koff..)

some of the plants. pics of nepenthes lowii and edwardsienna and trusmadiensis and angel's trumpets and etc yang i don't know the names of but nevertheless beautiful. was raining by the time we reached our transport (Mona's powerfull D-Max) so all of us quickly hauled our bags into the trunk and ourselves into the supercar. After about 15 mins or so, i felt this almost ticklish sensation, something was wriggling on my shin. I looked down and lo and behold, i had this illegal immigrant trying to plant its muzzle onto my kaki. hahahah... it was a limatok, a pacat, a tiger leach. sempat juga snap a pic before Mona handed me some tissue. I gingerly picked it up (wah... no blood. i guess it had climbed its way up from my kasut and belum sempat cari makan), opened the window and threw it out into the Trusmadi hutan. Nah.. pulangla kau sindri! Tia mo drive hantar ko balik!

But ya... words fail me. I am just so amazed that i have gone up this Mountain, gone through the trails and then live to show the pics. I can't say "live to tell the story" because i'm not a very good storyteller. So, hope you enjoyed the pics.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Red Armies

Visited the dentist last thursday for another check-up. Another study model was made of my teeth position. I've got joint-clinic after CNY. So, the study model will be used as point of reference for Dr. N and Dr. D.

Seems the two teeth which were supposed to turn haven't done what they're supposed to do. Doc decided to change the position of the brackets. Had me teeth re-wired. The last o-rings that i had was light blue. I chose a reddish colored ones for this visit. Not exactly red la. tia tau how to describe.

i was so hungry that day. Got my meals prepared and boo hoo.... my gums were already aching. Couldn't eat so much lo...

But by today i think, i'll be able to eat just fine. I have another appointment to meet the dentist on the 6th.

It'll be quite some time baru i update this blog of mine. Until then, ciao babes!

Friday, February 01, 2008


sibuk nya....

These first few months are hectic. Meetings, meetings and sports and deadlines. So, i'm almost shivering with anticipation thinking about the trip going up Trusmadi. And it'll be happening in less than a week's time. I could already picture myself walking in a haze of wonder and awe at the surrounding. I'd be lying if i say i wouldn't be walking in a haze... no...more like waves of muscle aches and steady stream of perspiration. The plan to go for this trip only came about early January, so... no time to muster up real exercise plan. Not really crunch time. It'll be a battle of the will and the muscles ni.

In preparation for the trip, I bought a hiking backpack, a mini rucksack, a drybag, a really comfortable windbreaker, and some small important stuff. Argghh... i forgot to buy a pair of kasut mandahan. Aiyah...been meaning to buy a pair since 1945 (naintin porti paip if my friend boy marcel yang cakap la). Got to remember to get it tomorrow. Mona, my ever-knowledgeable friend, has recommended me a good place to buy one.

'Jan bili yang warna putih, cari yang hitam, yang hujung dia bulat", she advised.


She was the one also to encourage us and gang to makan ubat malaria. Asked if she could get them for me and she did. Untung oo kawan sama kau, Mona!!! Hehehe...

So, till the next entry. Au revoir, adios, hasta manana, ariaverdeci (wrong spelling ni), babai, sayonara and c u.