Friday, December 17, 2010

Almost the end

The games in FB are really hogging my time on the net.

Am in the process of my end-year project which is sewing school uniforms for my school-going cousins. For Jade, two sets of pinafore; for Leonora, also two sets of pinafore and also two sets of kurungs; for Amber, two sets of primary school pinafore. Joanne's mum have also decided to have two sets of pinafore for her. I'm not a regular seamstress so it took a while to get the hang of sewing again. Backbreaking work I must say. All the bending down, the alternate rests in between sewing and checking my FB games.. LOL..

I lose track of time when i'm in my sewing mood. What day is it today?

Haih.. a few more weeks and it's back to school. Tough year ahead of me. This new responsibility which I was given during the staff meet will test my capabilities as a leader. Humble I must be, to ensure I don't step on too many sensitive toes..and hopefully be able to accomplish all that will be planned.

Others go for cuti-cuti Malaysia..I'll be going for cuti-cuti Sabah only lah.