Sunday, January 31, 2010

Overworked pegasus

zoo lok kawi...
shabu-shabu suria KK..
Times Bookstore..
Karamunsing computer stores...
Apple Donut stopover..
Ma'ang pickup..
home send-in..
Back to KK bank-ins...
Back at nest...
nursing a mildly throbbing head ache...
a nice end to January 2010..

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Last week, I was contacted through the mobile phone asking me whether I'd be interested in a friendly game of paintball against the Labuan p.ko team. I was so I said yes. Even though the match was set to be held at 1pm, I still agreed because I knew i'd be able to fix my timetable that day..which was supposed to be today.
Yesteday, I received a text message telling me that the match was to be pushed to 4pm. In view of that, I thought I then didn't have to do the re-scheduling of timetable since I'd have ample time to get ready and be at Kem by 3pm.
Today at 1.33pm, I received a call, which I coudn't answer due to my being in class, and later a text message saying that the match was to be at 2.30pm today because the opposing team was afraid the weather (it was hot as hell) might turn.
Bloody hell.
A while later friend called me up asking me whether I received the said news. I said if this is how they want to set the game up, then I'm not going to be in the game.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fish fingers

Yes, drove over to Grandmum's around 5 just now. She knows how much i love fish..of any kinds. My aunt had texted me a few days ago telling me that Ina's(Kadazan language for mother) preserved sea minnows are 'ripe' for eating and that she invites me to come over for some.
I reached the house in 10 minutes only to find only Grandad tottering around. He said Ina was atas bukit with Kiki. What for? Oh..Kiki is surveying the grounds. Ok. So up I climbed to see what they were up to.
Seems Kiki wants to build their family house on top of that semi-leveled bukit. So her first step is to have the hill properly leveled. ;)..good...good..
After a while we slowly made our way down.. Ina is over 80years old(i think0 but she was as sure-footed as a mountain goat going down that incline. Amazing.
Anyway, both Kiki and i requested for some Talapia fish to bring home. Ina gave some to both of us..after giving me a small portion of the preserved fish or locally known as noonsom sada' or bosou. She had preserved the fish in a plastic jar which previously contained some wrapped sweets. My small jar was formerly a peanut butter glass jar. Grandad was mildly indignant at Ina for giving me such a small container. Ina said that it was enough for me. Which it was. I was already salivating at the prospect of tasting the delicacy. The pungent smell, the fishy taste and the sourness of the fermenting rice...ahh.
And sure enough, we had our dinner there as well. My uncle, Kiki and I had each taken some rice to the table..with some catfish soup. And then I decided to fry a couple of Talapias. Kiki smiled and announced that she'll wait for the fish before having dinner.. Hahah...pandai aa..
So, after frying the fish, we had a simple dinner of catfish soup (catfish with some winter melon), the fried Talapia and the magnificent bosou with some fresh lada padi. Of course, what better way to pick on the fried fish than the fingers? Best food in the world...

Theatre of a local kind

Wah.. My town has a theatre group..
The opening show was yesterday night.. n tonight is their second.
I'd booked the tickets online via FB two weeks ago..with plans to bring my brother along.
Audience were advised to come one hour earlier. Gareth n I stopped over at a market to buy some titbits..even though I sort of felt that we weren't going to be allowed to bring in food n drinks into the hall.
Anyway, i'm too sleepy now. I just have to say that tonight was quite interesting. The young'uns really did their best. Budget venue, budget props n costumes, but their effort was commendable. My salute to these budding performers.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Finally, after waiting for eons.. the Astro technician came.
Long story short, my decoder's the problem...n that will be the bane of my existence till i get the new one..which i gather will take eons as well.

Been plonking myself in front of the laptop for want of an entertainment..n to while the time away...n to better practice my procrastination skill...

Finished the first draft of the working paper for tbe language camp. I'm lost when it comes to this kind of project..having never done one.(how pathetic can i be?) I'll hand in the stapled pieces of paper come Monday to the KP..with expected correction and amendments..I shall need all the help I can get.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Food is me

I am happy when I am eating good food. Good food to me means the food is tasty, came from a clean kitchen, served by polite waiters/waitresses, and served preferably within 10-15 minutes of order. A happy me will make a frequent visitor of that eatery. And i will not be forced to eat in any eatery that will not make me happy.
That's why i sneak out from work whenever possible to go find food that makes me happy. Hmm... sneak out is too slimy a phrase. Means to try to get away from a place unnoticed.. and i don't actually do that. I couldn't care less being caught.
Today I drove to Damai to have breakfast. There's this place which serves fish mee/mee hun which fits my morning happy meal just fine. My order today was Curry Mee Hun and iced Milo. Bliss.. Parking was not a problem, I was meant to come here today. A parking was waiting for me just behind the restaurant.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cough killer

It's been raining since yesterday. It rained the whole night last night and the early morning too. Have to do laundry today.

The dance group was asked to do another performance for the Farewell Party for the Education Director at Pan Pacific. Those of us staying in the KK vicinity were given only one day leave while those outside given two. So, dance we did..amidst disappointment over the internal squabble which happened prior to the dance. the selfish wants of one person can change the dynamic of a group and more important, how the other members of the group reconcile with this selfish tantrum(selfish tantrum..oxymoron eh?)in order to go ahead with the performance. Sigh..

Finally my cough has subsided. A few doses of the strong cough syrup type Mucosolvan, along with Clarinase for the flu and Panadol Actifast for the fever did the trick.

Next week the ball will roll for the School sports. I need my health.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

movie fever.

Two and three quarters of an hour of Cathay Cineplex Avatar. The Na'vis noses certainly made them look equine..very interesting.. n Ms.Sigourney Weaver being there was almost perfect..being the gran dame of Sci-fi movies.. no-nonsense air about her.. love the scene where she demands for her cig the moment she wakes up from her Avatar ventures.
Asked a few friends to come along but only the Guitarman prevailed. Thanks for the company, you.
It has been a while since I last saw a movie. I think it was with Rachel n kids I went out for a movie last. Can't remember the title. I feel like watching sherlock holmes.. no time yet. I think i'm going to look forward to more movies coming this February.. something about some teens and them being demigods.. offsprings of Poseidon and other Greek Gods.. interesting..

Movie aside,I am puzzled.. my cough has subsided... but the annoying cough has been swiftly replaced by this flu n fever... it comes and goes.. i shall try to muster the strength to banish them away..

Friday, January 08, 2010

Been having a tough time waking up early in the morning...
Back to school mode i am not..
My astro connection has gone haywire again..n the Office management hasn't managed to get in touch with the astro cable-guy..
My cough has been snail-slow in decreasing..
tough 1 week..

the only drama of the week was this blow up that happened during Kokum meet. so ridiculous it's unbelievably hilarious..
for a PK to lose his cool n suddenly be all juvy-like in tantrum.. this establishment is really .. uncool..

Saturday, January 02, 2010

pooffy hair

A new year.. A new hairdo...
I do plan to have my hair cut short, verrryy short..but not just yet.
SO, i've just had them shortened..n.. permed.. now my head is a semi-fluffy puff of semi-ringlets..

Friday, January 01, 2010


Just woke up. Came back late this morning from Aunt A's New Year celeb. Uncle Michael didn't disappoint. Shortly before the clock struck new year time, Alwyn lit the first of around 8 fireworks. Nice..
I wish all a good new year. Might not be a happy one to all but hope it will be a better one.