Monday, July 27, 2009

Yasmin Ahmad

i shed quiet tears of grief
of immeasurable loss
of regret
Taken at the prime of her life..
i was in awe of her when i first watched sepet.
i thought, now here was a film worth watching not once, not twice
not even trice, but as many times as one could have the opportunity of watching.
my admiration grew when gubra came.
then mokhsin.
not to mention the commercials, especially the ones that
preceed festivals.
what immense will she must have had
to want to bridge the many sensitive distances
through her stories.
be it movies, or even commercials.
what stories she must have had
stored in that wonderful mind of hers and wanting to share those
stories with the world around her.
now we'll never know what other tales she would have told.
now that she's gone.
rest in peace, yasmin.

Sunday Feast

Amidst the haze of painkiller, I managed to get through Sunday.

Getting a much longed-for breakfast of Ngiu Chap from Loi Hin restaurant at Dongonggon. SImply delicious..

Sending a birthday cake for my beloved aunt and celebrating it simply with a cake-cutting ceremony. Simply sweet..
Yam Cake from Strawberry Cakehouse
Aunt Phyllis n Eve Sherie
Eve Sherie

Going over to my Grandma's for some Kempiala (Tilapia) soup.

Uncle Linus using the sizud to catch the Tilapia!

Grandma down near a patch of greens.. collecting herb ( i should think so) called sintaata'

sintaata'.. that's in kadazan. i know not in malay what it's called.

some pinaasakan basungan, the kempiala with sintaata'

SImply devine... simply heaven...

Sunday, July 19, 2009


New member of the house. Introducing Khloe @Unyuk. Such a cute name for such a cute being. Mum got her from a friend. Supposed to be of the Siamese breed, she has such a darling endearing quality about her.
Friday late afternoon when I went back to my parents' nest, I immediately searched for her only to discover she wasn't around. When I asked Gareth where the cat was, he said he didn't know and had been looking for her all day since morning. A tiny mewling she was, I wasn't worried about what catastophe might have befallen her.
I started looking in the pantry where her food, water and kitty litter were. So, I mewed around and listened to any reply. Nope, wasn't there. Mewed in my room. Nope, no reply. Went to Gareth/Sis room. Mewed some more..and heard an indistinct reply from the next room. Mum's room. Ahah.. Went over to mum's room and mewed softly and was rewarded with a mournful mewling sound. Uummm.... it sounded muffled and hidden. I wanted to smile.. and headed to one of the closet. I opened the closet door and when I didn't see her inside I meowed a little more. Still I heard the muffled meow. I opened the door to the other closet and saw little Unyuk sitting patiently inside. Poor kitty trapped all day inside!! Oyoo...

Friday, July 03, 2009

Elusive Cloud 9

It has been said, in countless different verses of how easy it is to 'find' ways to die, to kick the bucket, to end the suffering, to stop the journey, to lie down and never to wake up, to meet the maker, to run towards the bright light, to take the last breath...
and find it actually not easy at all to really 'live'.