Friday, August 29, 2008

Here Kitty, kitty, kitty

Went to the Borneo International Cats Show last Saturday. Beautiful.. but I must say, kasian some of the cats.. traumatised by so many cameras flashing at them. Not to mention self-proclaimed cat lovers who meowed and snapped their fingers at the whiskas-eaters just so that the kitties would look their way for 'nice' photo angles. So many visitors. Couldn't really have a close look at them. Many nice cat enclosures though.

Mr and Mrs Chefman

Introducing... Serena & Marudin. My beautiful cousin Serena finally got married on the 21st. If they had done the akad nikah the day before, what an occasion it would be! 20.08.2008. But 21.. okay larr...My best wishes to both of you. May both of you produce healthy and beautiful SerenaMarudin juniors..
Legally married!

Mr and Mrs Marudin

Ad hoc MC

1-2-Cha cha cha

Bodeng the singer

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kayaking with DBKK Part 3

In this third part of kayaking with DBKK, the venue was held at the Sutra Pacific beach. Dt Dr. Chua (one of the directors of DBKK) was around to join the activity. Bos Alimat was around to give the safety talk. Bos Fadhil was away in JB, participating in sports activity.
The day before the event, canoes lining up the beach..
Bos Alimat giving a safety briefing
Dr. Chua : Kita mesti beritahu kepada penduduk kepentingan menjaga kebersihan..
Kayakers getting into the water..

Kayaking with DBKK

Part 2 of DBKK kayaking. Came late oo... didn't manage to join the kayaking activity this time.

Rafting at Kiulu part II

I asked my sis, Sandra if she was interested in going rafting in Kiulu. As expected she

So, off we went. Glad she enjoyed herself.

My sis, smiling away while paddling. Our raft guide was Yadi@ si kurus..hehe..

Rafting at Kiulu

Went rafting at Kiulu last week with Mona and her sis Celestyne. Water level was low but me being the waterbug, the rafting was just as fun. Here's a pic of me which Mona caught.

I was in the same raft with a family of Koreans. Johny was the raft guide for the day. Picture taken by Riverbug photographer.

9w6 ***

Tn H called last night. Was actually groggy from sleep. He delivered the happy news. A while later, EDY delivered the same jubilant news.
Yay! finally passed my 3rd RAE. Now if i can only think of a nice callsign..

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pre and while braces

How long has it been? Almost three years of braces. I've had complete strangers asking me about me wearing them. I'm not offended at all, and why should i be? I remember wondering about people wearing them before I started on this journey of putting fences (or pasang pagar as some friends tease) on my gnashers. Au contrare, some of the questions are quite amusing and quite naughty. When're they coming out? The billion dollar question that...

Aaaanyway, these are some pics of me. One way of reminding myself how i looked like without the braces.

sometime in the mid 90's.

(Look at the style of the spec that the hidung also need glasses)

Amoi cina mata sepet pakai baju kurung

I liked to wear my hair short. I still do but for now, try kasi panjang first.

Monday, August 11, 2008


These are just some tickets that i've kept all these while. Some are interesting, of occasions and events never will be held twice, some are ones you will get if you visit the venue, and some are of old versions of tickets. Been to any of them?

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


People are trully mysterious beings. What is portrayed in the outward does not represent what lies inward. Depression is just a word signifying nothing to the ones who knows nothing its potential hazard. These sceptics cannot see how debilitating, paralysing and almost painful this D thing can be. Almost an uphill battle for one who suffers from this D thing. Siiiggghhh....
What is this world, if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare...

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Kenu-ing at Tg.Aru

Last saturday I went kayaking at Tg.Aru 1. PERKES (Persatuan Kenu Sabah) was working hand-in-hand with DBKK and the Sabah RA association and a few more persatuan to make this anti-litter campaign a success.
Had come early in the morning to the beach to help out.(not as early as i would like to...lambat bangun juga). The other Sierras had already converged at Sri Dewa(eheheh...S1 punya slip of tongue) for early breakfast.
Helped Bos Alimat to arrange the canoes. Fadhil, with his 11 year old son Ashraf, was also busy with the arranging. Punya my stomach lapar, i tell you.
Well anyway, had told Mel about this kayak thingy yesterday. So when the time came, we both changed into water gears and hopped onto the kayak. We took the doubles by the way. About 50 or so kayaks, singles and doubles, were paddled along the Tg.Aru waters, right up the Kg. Tg Aru stilt houses. Sambil pungut-pungut the floating rubbish, which we then deposited into the black rubbish plastic, we paddled slowly but surely.
All in all, it was a successful affair. Panas like anything!

Mel posing maut. Manja Waiting for the activities to start.

Kayaks lined-up before start of event

Tent (kayakers' store)

Ashraf, confident on the raft.

Before flag-off

DBKK director with supporters

Rubbish from the sea!

Bos Fadhil and Bos Alimat rearranging the equipments after everything's finished.

Ba...kita ramai2 trejun masuk laut la aa...