Sunday, September 01, 2013

Glad I didn't buy a DSLR camera.  I don't think I'd know how to frame any subjects. Thus begins my adventure with GoPro.

 I am quite delighted with this shot of Amber.  The frozen water droplets are wow amazing.  A single snap with the HD GoPro made this.  Of course the hand blurring the lower left portion of the picture is a bummer but the water effect? I like.

Aah... so called selfie pic. underwater snap.  not photogenic at-tall. 

Another selfie.  (who created this term selfie anyway?) An experiment in picture editing.  Simply picasa.

Oh. This one skodeng from EDY's instagram pic.  Yea.. Merdeka Parade in Likas.  I decided to try my newly acquired chest-strap for my GoPro.  On restrospect, putting GoPro on my chest wasn't a good idea.  Putting GoPro(henceforth to be named GP) on my chest didn't give a satisfactory angle.  Watching myself maneuver the bicycle handlebar was quite distracting. Next time I should try putting GP on top my helmet.
Oh.  This Lintas hormat for bicycle was under the Dewan Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu's Bicycle Club.