Sunday, February 14, 2010


The Golden Tiger year has come. The fengshui reading says it'll be a good year for those born in the year of the rabbit (moi). yeah... we'll be the judge of that.

Monday, February 08, 2010

My deepest condolence to a dear companion for the passing of his father. Words are not enough to express the sorrow. Time will dull the pain, though it will not be gone.
Some long overdue happenings..

Apparently it wasn't my Astro decoder which solely the problem, the electrician said that the decoder was in working condition, it was just that I hadn't managed to make an update of the current setting. So, he helped me on that. And brought the decoder home.. plugged the cables on and... still no signal. However, I am partly to blame for the no signal outcome... cuz.. so ASHAMED (not embarrased) to admit this..I plugged the cables wrongly. Found this out after the Sierra technician came to test/check on the Astro..I had made another call to the company, see... ahem. So that's that.
Sigh..Now that the Astro's been fixed, I don't really turn the tv on to watch the channels anyway. I'm halfway hooked on tv series already. Let me see.. i've watched the entire first season of Glee and finding out i like it. Watched the 1st and 2nd season of Dirty, Sexy Money (very saucy i might say). And now i'm rationing my Ally Mcbeal 3rd season. All these are in DVD's. Ration...for I don't want to run out of series so soon.

It's been a few weeks now since my last real puff, ever since I recovered from the long bout of annoying and irritating cough. I tried one a week ago and i stubbed out the cig only after a few half-hearted puffs. *bleaaggh*

Borrowed my brother's fitness cardio cd and tried one session yesterday. Nearly pengsan-ed from the workout. I swear I could hear my heart beat as if it were amplified from a double speaker just next to my ear. Tomorrow i'm going to join my colleagues for some aerobic workout at three.

And oh.. i'm thinking of taking Korean language classes in AMC (since it's free). I'm actually interested in taking Japanese but most of the friends I know are taking the other foreign language due to the class schedule. So, there is benefit in numbers, they say.. easier for communication practice. Hope my the wheels in my brain is not too rusted for language learning..