Saturday, November 13, 2010

Nary a worry please

Lemme see..
attended Kem's profesionalisme course and perlantikan watikah... i'm offically a trainer there (at least that's what the paper says).. met up old friends and new.. was one of the dancers for joget-zapin for one of the performance that night.. I danced ok.. took off my glasses for the dance and was nearly blind as a bat.. but that helped me a lot, i could just smile and smile and not see whether anyone was smiling back, or staring at me..*giggle*.. had a mini migraine that day..rested the whole day (minta excuse from attending the ceramahs).. found out Tn. Sabanoor was good at hair pulling..'sintak' we call it.. twisting small strands of hair and jerking it up to release pent up 'air'..

Last night was annual dinner for my school..theme 'black and white'.. not bad.. enjoyed the food.. got kulintangan presentation from Beaufort.. nearly did not get the lucky draw present.. this other person stood up to get my gift even though it was my number which was called..and the mc just called out his name..the people handling the hadiah didn't even check for the ticket.. I malas want to bising2..nasib I got a hadiah from the ticket that he had, and had given to me after realising he had mistakenly gone up to take My hadiah.. hmmph..

holiday's coming up...
gotta plan for it..