Saturday, June 28, 2008

Feline Visitors

I noticed this a few months ago. Memang there has been sounds of cats wowling the night away contesting their constituents with opponents but a cat surprised me (the first time) when it visited my laundry area and plunked itself on the floor. What was heart-tugging was it looked remarkably like a cat of mine that had disappeared a long time ago. Bubu, it was called. Took pictures of him I did. And he visited me on and off.

Bubu look-alike

Another cat surprised me one night as I was sitting on the sofa watching tv. A tiny face suddenly appeared behind the tv cabinet. It had come in from the back door and its curiousity had gotten the better of it. I think I uttered a cry of surprise as it promptly turned and bolted. No amount of meowing and 'tssissing' (hehehe) from me could cajole it back. if I know cat language.
The same cat came for yet another visit. We both surprised each other. I had come home from work. I would normally turn on the fan first. If it's already dark, the lights too. On this occasion, I turned on the fan and was about to go to the bedroom when a cat shot out from the bedroom, scrambling and scratching for any foothold to make it run faster- which made it funnier as the floor was tiled. I stood agape for a moment before moving to the kitchen, where it had headed. The cat, which had a necklace of some pearly thingies, indicating that it belonged to somebody, jumped on the cook counter and slipped out of the small window opening. Huih... After a moment's thought, I went back to the room and felt for any spot of warmth on the comforter. Hmm... ada. So this cat had managed to come into my house and found a comfy spot to nap. Ahahaha... the cheek!! Haven't managed to snap a pic of him though.

Huh? Is that idiot's box? (Cat looking up at the tv..i think)

Since then, a few more cats have visited me. Oops, not me, my house. This one cat visits me periodically to meow for food. She attracted a male the other day and the male had followed her into my house. She, looking for food, he, looking for affection.

The hungry cat

The amorous follower.

Day visitor.

Please ma'am, can i have some more?

The first cat had rubbed its scent in my house, which may have led the other cats to come and mark their own scent (if its a male kali) over the previous scent owner. Hih... i think the neighbourhood is home to loads more cats - still unbeknownst to me. Guess i'll just have to have my camera ready for the them when they come to visit.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Surgery soon

To those who know me and the how and why of me wearing braces, it won't be long now. Hopefully by this time next year i'll just be sporting retainers on my gnashers. The surgery which was tentatively scheduled early this year will most probably be done end of this year. I guess I won't look that different from how I look now. I'll still be me. Devastatingly cute I hope. Duii... minta puji!!! Hahahaha... I dare not use the word beautiful ba. Takut ada cicak pengsan terdingar I puji myself beautiful. One has to know one's limit ba kan.

Am I scared of the coming surgery? Nope. I am not. What needs to happen will happen. It was a decision I took about 3 years ago and the process is nearing completion. Yupp yupp yupp.

TE Lima Lima

Ok folks. As of 23rd May, I am no longer a Tango tidak jadi. My callsign in kampung Tango (hopefully teda org Tango marah if they see Kg Tango) is TE55. As of er... i forgot exactly, but sometime this month la, my callsign inKg Sierra is S55. Ni la nih... a novice, a beginner, a young'un in this world of handy talk.
Me and my big mouth went ahead and blurted my name and hp num on the 1st contact with another handy user this morning. Got the green look and treatment from the partner. Pedas telinga over....

9Wiki kik

Hello readers...(i don't think i have that many a readers yet)...

Went for the Radio Communication Course organised by the PKKS last week and duly sat for the exam on the 24th. Uyoo...nervous jugak o. This would be the 3rd time for me. I registered for my 1st exam (registration assisted by 9W6AI) but silly me didn't look at the date properly and went to look for the dewan on the next day of the exam date. Patut la there was nobody around. I would surely have failed also if i had sat for the exam.

The 2nd time for me was also heheh...tidak berjaya. oh i did go and sit in the hall and all. With me that time was Tn A (who is now 9W6MAD). Did not really prepare for the exam. Took a look at the questions and sighed and waited for the 1st hour to be up. Mind you, 3 hours ba kana bagi to answer the 100 mcq. After the compulsory 1 hour was up, i up and went home and slept.

I did do some preps for this 3rd exam. Better than my previous 2 tries. Harap2 my other comrades will make it and together buli la qso at 'kampung atas'. 'Kg atas' meaning the frequencies visited by those who have callsigns assigned by MCMC or yang lulus RAE. (huh..sounds a bit uppity pulak).

When i brought my handy home the 1st time, mum was a bit spooked by the voices coming from my room. I wasn't in my room, u see, and the handy was turned on. Dad, funny haha.. asked me just now, he was a bit tipsy coming back from a friend's place, whether i could tune into police frequency with my handy. I said no of course. It's not the right handy.

And so, this time around, it would be good if i passed. But then again, if i didn't, I can still sit for another exam at another time. Like what a friend said, sitting for RAE isn't like sitting for PTK. You want to sit for PTK to hope for a higher gaji. If you fail, you'd be compelled to sit for it again even if you don't like to. RAE is just to help you be a little bit advanced in your hobby. It doesn't hurt if you fail. Just your ego la... if you have one.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Wah... so long haven't blogged. Where to resume?

Went to see the DragonBoat Race last Sunday. Miles long stretch of cars parked along the road.

Saw these tiny (abis tinguk dari jauh giee...) boats with oars furriously paddled...looked like some insect with crawling appendages trying to outdo one another. Pics i didn't take as many as i normally would. young drummer boys (didn't wait for the show)

young girls wearing don't-know-what on their heads. supposed to make them look like sanggul singkung. The people kiri and kanan of the walkway, waiting for VIPs to limpas.