Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Performance Sportz organised this Community Triathlon Training last weekend. I managed to not allow my head to talk myself out of it and followed my heart to register for it. RM20 only what. I'd be getting a free Isaac water bottle, water supply, bananas and PSZ's service management of the whole thing. I asked Mary, the sweet lady in charge at the counter, whether I could use a mountainbike. She made a quick call to Douglas, who said as far as this training was concerned, I could even bring a Bmx. Cool.

Come 14th at 3pm I was parked behind the Likas Aquatic Complex. Unloaded my car of my XDS mtb, hitched my bag over my shoulder, put my cycling helmet on my head, and pushed my bicycle over to the entrance. Lo and behold, a few high end bicycles were already parked against one of the walls. I noticed some bicycles had running shoes already prepped neatly under the bicycles. Some had shoes attached to the cycling pedals.. wuuu.. those must belong to a real triathlete. Nice.

But I was nervous. Nervous and excited all at once. I was finally doing it! Yala.. it wasn't a real triathlon course. But hey.. I was doing it!

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