Saturday, December 20, 2014

Paragliding @Lohan, Ranau

We-fie with all who came for the thrill.  We were on one of the many take-off zones
designated by the Ranau Paragliders.  Behind us lay Ranau Sports Complex and the expanse of
Ranau high country. 

The four siblings.  Janice, Vanessa, Joanne and Brendan

Cikgu Jestinie was one of the pilot that day.  We found out that there were supposed to be more
Ranau Paragliders but only 3 were on duty.  The others were at Novotel, attending a luncheon
hosted by a client.

Janice, who said she was scared of heights, poses with a smile.  She was the jolliest of all, laughing
and giggling during take-off, on-air, and on landing. We could all hear her (except during landing, of course)

aah... the kakak and the adik.  Glad she could join that day.  Fun kan?

Cikgu Jestinie's wife helping sis with the helmet.

Yes I was excited.

So thrilled was I that I was also giggling and laughing.

Boy am I glad I have my own action camera. (taken with GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition).

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